Sonic Mania Arrives on Steam With Bug Fixes And DRM

After a two-week delay, Sonic Mania finally sees its PC release today on Steam. As a reward for their wait, PC gamers can expect a version of the game that includes several bug fixes that are still present in the console versions, in addition to the Super Sonic transformation that can now be activated via a dedicated button (and allowing continued use of the drop dash once the player has collected more than 50 rings with all Chaos emeralds in their possession).

Along with Digital Rights Management (DRM), the PC game also includes an anti-piracy tool called “Denuvo”. Many users have already found frustration with these inclusions, the result of which requires the player to be logged into Steam AND be online at all times to play (and also means no mod support).

It is likely that all versions of Sonic Mania are set to see more patches and improvements in the near future – as always, TSS will keep you up to date!

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  1. Sigh. Really Sega? DRM? No offline play? Apparently Denuvo’s a form of malware and I wish I knew that before I installed it but I haven’t launched it yet so hopefully it doesn’t mess up my PC. I think we still got another week before the next live stream so I hope Aaron addresses this.

    1. To call Denuvo malware is, at best, inaccurate: it’s not actively attacking your machine, encryinting all your files, sending personal info to hackers or anything like that. Having said that, the presence of Denuvo is still a major concern, given how easily it can be used to infringe on consumer rights.

      Don’t know if this will allow me to post a link, but here goes: is a page listing all the genuine issues with Denuvo.

  2. Hopefully this isn’t the type of anti-piracy that is more trouble for paying customers than pirates, doesn’t sound good though.

  3. If I’d have known it would not allow offline play I would not have purchased it. What a let down.

  4. Wow dodged a bullet there. When the game was first announced I considered PC then the switch one was announced so I decided switch instead. Glad I changed to switch.

    Hopefully for PC gamers they fix this.

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