Sonic Forces Set To Feature Tag Team Stages

With Gamescom having only just commenced, new information on Sonic Forces is already coming to light. Alongside the solo stages for modern Sonic, classic Sonic and the Avatar, there will also be a tag team option available.

From early information, it appears that this tag team mode involves the Avatar character teaming up with either Sonic, allowing their skills to be used in conjunction with each other for interesting gameplay combinations. In addition, there’s a unique feature to tag team mode called the double boost, which allows you to go even faster than the regular boost will allow.

As always, The Sonic Stadium will keep you up-to-date on all of the Sonic news coming out of Gamescom this week.

Source: Revue Multimedia (site is in French)

Image Sources: kitkatfox1 [Instagram]

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  1. Oh boy, this harkens back to Knuckles Chaotix & Sonic Advance 3 – I absolutely love this idea (I doubt this would happen, but I’d be cool to have other Sonic characters as tag members, especially since Generations did something of the sort)!

  2. Ahh! Getting some Sonic Heroes vibes from this… not saying that’s a bad thing, actually, it gets me hyped! People want something different in a Sonic game and Sonic Team is going out of their way to spice this game up as much as they can. No more playing it safe, I love it!

  3. Forced to play as the lame create’o character stages.. swell.
    At least if we have to play as it the customisation better let me make it look like a giant dildo, that’s about how highly I regard the concept.

    1. Since you took the time to came here and post that I’m assuming you’re very excited about that concept XD

  4. Interesting… I also heard that the custom character will be teaming up with Sonic’s other friends as well.

  5. Looking interesting, I was hoping these tag stages would allow other non-playable characters to appear like in Sonic Generations but is still an interesting concept.

    I really hope we get some footage of these at Gamescon along with new stages!

  6. Don’t know what to think really. I like the idea and all, it seems good in concept, don’t know about execution. Is it going to be like Heroes where your teammate follows you and you change to suit the situation or is it more like colours or generations (multiplayer and time eater respectively) where you can switch on the fly or send your partner to fight for you. Heck, is it like the early Sonic boom concepts where you everyone has a unique ability but their are team oriented moves as well. Maybe it’s something completely new they want to try, I don’t know but here’s hoping it works.

    If it’s not a last minute addition and they’ve been working on this a while, I have good faith it’ll work okay, not too sure otherwise. All the same, I’m easy to impress so I’ll see how it turns out.

  7. I’m kind of glad the tag stages only appear to have Sonic in them. It’s annoying enough that Sonic’s friends aren’t playable in this game, so having them appear as teammates would have felt like Sega is rubbing it in. It would be like, “Ha, the others aren’t playable, and we’re just going to shove them in each level, to keep teasing you.”

    I still wish the others were playable… I really want another 3d Sonic game that allows Tails, Knuckles, and Amy to be playable again, along with others like Silver and Blaze. We’ve already had 3 Sonic games that use the boost gameplay, yet Sonic was the only playable character in those 3 games. Now we’re getting a 4th, yet Sonic is still basically the only playable character. Even the Avatars play similarly to Sonic, except they have no spin jump, or spin attack, and can only shoot wisps from their guns or use a grappling hook. It doesn’t really sound that exciting.

    So far, the gameplay only seems to contain controlling two Sonics, and a generic custom character that relies on using gadgets. Imagine how much more fun it would have been to be able to fly as Tails, punch as Knuckles, hammer swing as Amy, use psychic abilities as Silver, or burn things as Blaze? Instead, we’re once again stuck with 2 Sonics, and a forced upon mechanic that panders to one of the most embarrassing parts of the Sonic Fandom…

  8. It’s kinda disappointing, It’s been long since we got to play as Tails or Knuckles in a 3D Sonic game, too bad Sonic Forces won’t allow us to do that, another opportunity wasted.

  9. Let’s be real, is double boost *really* necessary at this point? I mean, it’s not like Sonic can’t go fast enough already, right?

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