Mania OST Sampler: “Danger on the Dance Floor,” for Mini-Boss

Only six more days remain to Sonic Mania‘s highly anticipated release on modern digital platforms. To savour the wait even more, we now have yet another juicy sample from its soundtrack dropped from the Sonic social channels, following on from last week’s music preview of Stardust Speedway Act 1.

This time, the anthem spotlight goes to the mini-bosses that will stand in your way throughout the game. Coming to you hot and fresh from the talented Tee Lopes and mixmaster Falk Au Yeong, it’s “Danger on the Dance Floor!” Have a listen below.

By the by, if you’re from the UK or continental Europe and are wanting a Sonic Mania Collector’s Edition… did you know we’re hosting a contest?

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  1. Honestly, these original compositions for Mania sound more like combinations of short music clips than real melodies to me. Unlike typical Sonic songs (and songs in general), these don’t leave a tune in my head upon listening to them. I know this comment will generate a lot of rage, but I feel Mr. Lopes needs to learn to produce more harmonic and professional compositions.

    1. this track follows a melody just like the class ones made by dreams come true – it gets to about 57 seconds and loops, just like it should. Though this sounds more like a boss fight than Hi-Spec Robo Go does.

    2. Personally to me, these tunes are great, they capture the Spirit of classic Sonic and sound like the old Sega Saturn days.

      and they are quite catchy cause I still find myself humming Studiopoils since it was first revealed last year.

      Again that’s just my personal opinion, we all will have a different few on everything, nothing is perfect.

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