Sonic Forces Day One Edition Listed – Includes Avatar Costume DLC

So if you’re planning on buying Sonic Forces on the very first day, it seems you might get some extra bonuses with your copy. According to retail listings on and, a Day One edition of Sonic Forces will be released later this year.

The Day One Edition includes 6 pieces of DLC, which are various costume accessories for the Avatar character which allow it to resemble classic Sega characters.

These include…

  • Jet Set Radio
  • NiGHTS into Dreams
  • Super Monkey Ball
  • Puyo-Puyo Tetris

Along with the digital bonus features, there are also a number of concept art cards included with the package.

Keep checking TSS, we’ll let you know if this appears elsewhere and if more editions pop up.



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  1. Yes, absolutely! Having the option to dress my character as Beat and NiGHTS is awesome. I can’t wait to see how they look in-game. Hopefully any other DLC they add will be more than just costumes, I’d love to see a JSR or Super Monkey Ball level.

    1. I assume the art in the article is just for illustration since we don’t know what the Forces costumes will look like yet.

  2. I hope The Switch gets The Day One Edition. Considering The NBA 2K18 Legend Edition got a Switch release and LEGO Marvel 2’s Deluxe Edition will be having a Switch release as well it shouldn’t be too hard to have a DLC Download Code for Switch eshop.

    1. I’m pretty sure that the Day One Edition will come to each console. It would be not fair if one console wouldn’t get it.

  3. Sweet im definitely getting this on the first day now i hope forces has a collector’s edition or as i would call it the resistance edition

  4. Is forces a physical copy then or is it a download only? Just by the way that the day one ver. has dlc it makes it sound like download only

    1. to be fair this is just free preorder dlc. Evolve was $60 and you still had $180 of day 1 dlc available for purchase lol.

  5. Any words on whether this dlc will be featured on digital purchases for the game? This is why I hate preorder dlc. I was hoping of getting the game for Switch first, and eventually PC, so it sucks to know that I will only be able to get this content on one port, but not the other…

  6. That’s pretty cool! I will add this to my custom character wishlist:

    -Create Archie comics exclusive characters with the character creation.
    -Create sport teams mascots with the character creation (especially Ace from Toronto’s Blue Jays).
    -And now create other Sega characters with the character creation.

  7. Once again Nights is reduced to DLC content for upcoming Sonic games

    I’m down with it.

    1. There was a sequel of Night for the Wii, remember? It was called Nights – Journey of Dreams.

    1. It depends, if the game is big and complex enough some non-free DLC would be understandable.

      Good game developers like to create experiences worthy of more than 60 bucks, sadly they have to eat too so they can’t give the extra effort for free.

    2. Again, it is just costumes. nothing that gives you a tactical bonus for the game itself. If it would be like in Mass Effect 3 Day One DLC, that would be a difference. But costumes? Come on. I bet there are some stuff to unlock anyway.

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