Sonic Comic News to be Announced at SDCC, and The Story So Far

Perhaps this mystery will finally be solved.

Today, it was announced that there would be news this week on the Sonic comics. During the usual fortnightly stream that Aaron Webber hosts, he finally addressed the question that had been asked session after session. While he had no news right then and there, he had this to say about the future;

There’s going to be news that will be coming up this week, so we’d like to thank everyone for their patience, and we want to let you know that all of that silence is going to be broken pretty soon. So stay tuned for that.

With the San Diego Comic Con coming up this week, and with SEGA being a big presence there this year, it’s safe to assume that the news will come during SDCC. The nature of the news is, as of yet, unknown. We will get more information on it as it become available.

In the meantime, here’s a recap of what’s happened in the previous three months;

  • There have been no Sonic issues present in Archie solicits since we last reported on it. Not even in the October 2017 solicits, which were released just today.
  • Only one issue has been listed as cancelled since the last update; Sonic the Hedgehog #292, following on from the prior month’s cancellations of StH#291 and StH#294.
  • On the day the last episode of Riverdale premiered, the Archie Twitter account finally started acknowledging the lack of Sonic comics. They haven’t said much though, as they’ve only repeated the information that SEGA and Archie are in ongoing talks. This was known at least two months prior.

It’s been very quiet, but it seems that will very soon change.

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  1. Archie & SEGA have most iekely made a deal to keep the main book going but Sonic Universe will probably be canned after issue 100 for a pure SEGASONIC style book akin to megadrive

  2. Good, good. Let the comic end with a whimper and a foul taste.

    Only from its cold ashes will a new, superior Sonic comic arise to rule all.

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