Weston Super Sonic 2017 Kickstarter Launches

It’s been all quiet on the Weston Super Sonic front, but that looks like it’s about to change! Weston Super Sonic is back for another year, this time the event will be held Saturday October 21st.

However, it needs your help to become a reality, the organisers have launched a Kickstarter in order to help secure both a venue and a wide variety of special guests for this years event.

The Kickstarter goal is £1000 and tickets for the event are available as pledge rewards, other rewards include goody bags, T-shirts and pin badges.

Source: Weston Super Sonic Kickstarter


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  1. It’s a great event to take teenagers too! The staff and attendees are all friendly and welcoming, there’s no hostility from anyone.

    PLUS!! if they do get a bit bored of the venue then the arcade on the pier is 1 floor down and is superb!! The indoor go-carts, the f1 simulator, indoor rides and countless slot machines and games are very entertaining. Also, if they want to venture off site the aquarium is not far away and is pretty decent…a good way to spend an hour.

    1. They got it all figured out with the venue choice, don’t they?
      I’m in the wrong country for the event, but I do wish it the best.

  2. Actually, I am from around that sort of area – Weston is a half-hour drive for me – so I’d like to give some knowledge for anyone not from around the area about Weston.

    Weston is a nice place, I suppose. The Pier itself has a number of problems – a lot of the non-ticket machines are old and broken, thus some of them don’t exactly work properly – House of the Dead III has its screen broken, for example. The ticket machines work normally, though, and it has a number of pinball machines and amusing rides and other items as well – a ghost train, F1 simulator, a go-kart track and a number of fairground machines. Also has a shop and numerous restaurants as well as some smaller shops on the boardwalk itself. Also a house of mirrors, a couple funhouses, a bumper-cars thing and so on.

    As for the area outside the Pier, there are a number of smaller arcade buildings, most of the general shops you’ll see (CeX, GAME, Argos and so on), a couple places to eat, a geek shop with all sorts of pop-culture merch, a shopping centre with a number of other shops and so on. It’s a nice place, really. Oh yes, and there’s plenty of parking and a mini-golf course. Like, right on the seafront.

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