Sonic Boom Season 1 to Hit Netflix in More Countries, Season 2 to Start Airing in 2017 across EMEA

For European fans looking to catch up on the Sonic Boom cartoon, the wait may not be much longer. The May issue of Licencing World was published today, and it had some new information on SEGA’s plans for Boom this year.

Firstly, Sonic Boom season 1 is to begin airing on Netflix in June 2017 for more countries. While some countries already have Sonic Boom on Netflix, there are several notable countries which currently lack it, such as the US, UK and Germany. As the magazine is primarily British, it’s a safe assumption that at least the UK will get it.

Secondly, it also confirms that season 2 is to start airing across EMEA┬áin 2017. While it isn’t any more specific than the year, France started airing season 2 just recently, so it’s already began in at least one European country. For reference, EMEA stands for Europe, the Middle East and Africa, so this covers a rather large amount of countries it could reach. No information on specific channels or time slots at this point in time, however.

So after a rather long wait, it looks like the rest of the world is being brought up to speed with the latest Boom content. Let’s hope sooner rather than later!

Source: Licencing World [pub.Toy World] (

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    1. Yeah it’d be nice to have a more legit way to marathon the show without having access to Boomerang. Of course, this could have been avoided if SOMEONE just kept the show on Cartoon Network proper instead of moving it to a channel that isn’t offered in every single cable package.

  1. For the record, Polish channel teleTOON+ announced back at the end of March that they will air Sonic Boom season 2 this spring… It didn’t start yet, though, and no word when it exactly will start either – and it’s already May.

  2. Season 2 has already been confirmed on the Arabic cartoon network, so i gues its 2-3 months before it starts airing.

  3. If Sonic Boom DOES come to Netflix in America, I will NOT cancel my Hulu subscription! There are MST3K Episodes that are on Hulu that you can’t find on Netflix, like “The Corpse Vanishes,” Three Hercules Movies, Hamlet, The Day the Earth Froze, The Castle of Fu Manchu, and my favorite of the first season: The Black Scorpion, with Special Effects done by Willis O’Brien, who was the teacher of Ray Harryhausen.

    Also, Ninja Turtles and Gigantor.

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