A Little Look At The Sonic X Sanrio Blind Box Figures


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Blind Box Figures seem to be the new hot property when it comes to Sonic, Kidrobot started the trend with it’s new classic themed toys and now Sanrio wants in on the action.

So with a full retail box in my possession, I decided to take a look at what you get inside one, and provide a brief write up on one of the more original merchandise offerings in recent years.

Sonic X Sanrio combines the characters of Hello Kitty, My Melody, Chococat and Badtz-Maru with Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy. A consequence of which made a lot of people at last years 25th anniversary part say ‘aww’.

As you probably expect, they’re made of heavy duty plastic, no risk of breakage here. But what you might not have expected is that the paint job is really good! A lot better than KidRobots figures, not seen a single paint error on the figures and the level of detail is also really high.

Presentation wise the packaging is really well done, some of you may end up buying a box just to keep in mint condition it’s so nice to look at.

There is however one problem and it’s a collection and storage one, the glue used to prevent people from peeking inside the boxes is very heavy duty. Even when using box opening tools and sharp knifes, the packaging just get’s destroyed when opening, one box was beyond repair.

Take a look at the video above to see them i

Is There Any Way To Tell Which Figure Is Which?

Well…. kinda. Odds are you can minimise having to buy a large number of these figures if you use your head a bit.

First of all, there is absolutely no way to tell which figure is what from the outside of the box. No markings no hidden numbers, nothing.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t figure it out.

First of all, a complete retail box appears to contain 3 full sets of figures. So unless someone is very unlucky, a full retail box should never contain more than 3 of each figure.

The second big point, when I was unboxing the figures, I started at the bottom left of the box and went to the right. After the 4th box was opened I had 3/4 figures. By box 5, I had all 4.

My thoughts, if you happen to find these at retail and want to buy, do not pick randomly from the box, choose from left to right.

Another way would be the weight, the weight of the boxes is very different for each figure.

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