Check Out Tee Lopes’ Fresh New Sonic Mania Remix for Green Hill Act 2

It’s no secret by now that Sonic Mania will be borrowing many classic elements from the Blue Blur’s genesis years to shape up for one hell of a throwback experience. One of these elements that will no doubt delight Sonic 3 & Knuckles fans is how Tee Lopes has been composing the game’s soundtrack, as SEGA already confirmed that each Act of a given stage will be given a unique musical score.

Today, we are finally given a taste of how the OST for Mania will be shaping up with this detail in mind. Surprise footage from the official Japanese Sonic channel on YouTube featured new gameplay for Green Hill Zone Act 2, and a brand new theme to accompany it. That said, mind the hosts’ commentary, but give it a listen below!

The new remix certainly reminds me of Palmtree Panic from Sonic CD, but what do you guys think of Tee Lopes’ new take on the classic theme? Do you dig it, or are you also as disappointed as I am that the footage coyly cuts off before revealing the Zone’s boss? Share your thoughts with us below!


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  1. For the majority of it, I definitely agree with that Palmtree Panic vibe. Also thrown in there, during one of the bridges (not literally, I mean in song terms), I got a bit of…maybe like…Spagonia? Hard to put my finger on it. Like some sort of Italian-inspired tune.

  2. When the footage in the boss room cuts out, I swear I hear the Genesis style charging/aiming sound for lasers and stuff like that literally the second it cuts back. Speculation ahoy!

  3. the green hill act 2 theme isn’t in the gamelay of it on the sonic youtube channel? in the raw version the theme is much clearer than here, if it is the same that is, but i belive it is, please someone correct me if i’m mistaken

    1. Green Hill Zone Act 2 was featured prominently on the western Sonic channel, yes! But it didn’t feature the same music, meaning it’s likely an earlier build that was shown off.

  4. Really I’m more disappointed that the commentators are talking over the whole damn thing, I could barely hear the new remix. XP

  5. Ah it sounds just as good as Sonic 3D Blast for Saturn music… Ugh we got less than three months possibly for this beautiful game…

    Also I got extremely excited when they went pass the part Sega didn’t want to show us…..

  6. What I’m more interested in, lovely remix aside, is a brief point in the video where Sonic hits his first globe post after he has a certain amount of rings. I think it was over 25? Because when he did a ring of stars formed over the checkpoint. Guess this confirms that check point bonus games are returning in a style ala Sonic 3 & Knuckles. Which is just fine by me, I loved that little aspect of the game.

    1. At about 1:30 in the video is where this happens. Sonic has about 32 rings, and when he passes the check point, the ring of stars forms over it. It has to be that the bonus stages are returning here.

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