UPDATE: Sonic Forces reveals Modern Sonic gameplay

Sonic Forces has shown us a sneak peek of its gameplay, showing off an evolved version of the boost gameplay.

Boasting “three unique gameplay styles”, the title has been built on an advanced version of an existing engine exclusively for the new title – which Iizuka titles the Hedgehog Engine 2.

The footage showed Sonic blasting through a city under assault from Eggman’s forces, showing a clear evolution in visual fidelity. Iizuka also confirms Wisps will return, and there’s plenty of platforming to enjoy alongside high speed action.

The gameplay will be uploaded to social media channels tomorrow, which we’ll update our story with when available.

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  1. Looks stunning. But looks the same as Generations and Colours lol. Like literally the exact same mechanics!

  2. I need to see this officially uploaded on youtube. Watched it through the stream and the gameplay was cool but the visuals were square enix tier and that’s a low resolution screening. Sega have always been high up in the tech market but this gives me hope I’m honest.

      1. Obligatory “Except this has the Boost mechanics back in there too, so it may as well be part of the whole package” comment.

      2. It might as well be a gameplay engine. It was specifically designed to render high quality visuals at high speeds, aka when boosting through it.

  3. Seems to have some of the things I liked about Lost World and some of the things I like in general. Looking forward to it

  4. Aw yeah, BOOST IS BACK BABY!! While the Lost World assets kind of throw me off, I’m loving the return to speed-centered gameplay that only the Boost formula could provide us, and I can’t wait to see how beautiful the Hedgehog Engine 2 looks in a proper resolution. Gaining more hype! <3

  5. The be honest, the gameplay looks bland.

    I’d like more variety in a modern sonic game besides just holding the boost button down.

  6. I noticed it doesn’t play exactly the same as Unleashed or Generations, it is a mega upgrade on the visuals but, details like sonic’s poses being more dynamic and serious, as well as his speed not fighting the camera but being assisted, even the homing attack’s integration seems to flow well with the game. Colour me impressed, I was not expecting to see what I saw, and it seems to be coming along well, not to mention there’s supposed to be like two more gameplay styles so just waiting to see what happens. Anyone else happy or disappointed with what they’ve seen.

  7. Glad to see Sonic Team ditched the Lost World formula in favor of the Unleashed formula. Too bad they brought back the wisps. It’s obviously too soon to say for sure, but I was hoping for some innovation, and the return of the wisps feels too much like a rehash. Plus I was never big on them.

    Of course, I’ll reserve judgement until more gets revealed. Perhaps they have some surprises prepared.

    1. Wisps are becoming a staple at this point. With the exception of Somic 4, every game since colors has included them. They are the modern version of the energy shields.

      1. They would be if they stuck to how they were generally used in Colors instead of every game after that forcing their usage to get through areas.

    1. There’s still mania if you don’t like this but there’s also a lot more to show off. Sonic has always been used as a tech demo first, so this is just a very small demonstration of a new graphics engine and slightly evolved style of play. I’m pretty sure we didn’t wait four years for a concept piece and 45 seconds of play.

      If I’m wrong you get bragging rights and a back to basics in the form of mania. You lose absolutely nothing.

  8. I’m one hundred percent extremely hype for Sonic Force It confirmed I knew they have a boost mechanic back from past Sonic games I generally like this game a lot! And adding a new Sonic Engine 2 is spectacular in Sonic Force man, I’ve willing to try it in the future for Nintendo Switch!

  9. Just what I expected. I’m quite hyped.

    Loving the story where Sonic failed and Eggman has won. Curious how Classic Sonic will work in this though. and I wonder if the third playable character is an older Sonic living in a depression of failure.

    1. I’d rather not have treasure hunting and fishing clogging up my Sonic game, thank you very much.

    1. Story-wise, because Eggman won, he has full control over the Wisps, thus, he uses the Hyper-Go-On Energy to fuel his devious machinations.

    2. Why are there mushrooms and flowers stuffed inside blocks in Mario? The Wisp have become Sonic’s own personal power-ups. Sure, it’s not explained. But would that really change much?

    3. Because Sonic Team evidently thought the thing everybody liked about Colours were the cute aliens.

  10. This looks far too linear for my liking. Generations had large open spaces. This looks like boost 2 win.

    But then again this is only 40 seconds of gameplay.

    Please give up a proper ranking system thats not solely based on time like Generations.

  11. How is this “evolved”? It’s literally the same shit from 2011 with prettier graphics.

    “Not a sequel” my arse.

      1. Fair enough, but only Colours really focused on the Wisps overall. Lost World and presumably Farces will only have them as a(n intrusive) game play element.

  12. Can we ever get a Sonic game that blends the Adventure style with this Modern style? That way both sides of the fanbase can be happy and some of us can play something that doesn’t control terribly.

  13. The graphics look very “last gen” doesn’t look like a current gen PS4 and XBOX ONE title at all. Go back and take a look at Sonic Unleashed or Sonic Generations. Graphically this game doesn’t look much better…..

    Other then that I like this…..

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