Shun Nakamura is The Producer On Sonic Forces

If Sonic Forces is leaving you with a bit of a Sonic ’06 vibe, what with it’s burning, apocalyptic cities and all, it shouldn’t surprise you. After all, the producer of Sonic Forces is none other than Shun Nakamura, the director on Sonic ’06 as well as Samba De Amigo, Billy Hatcher and The Giant Egg and the well-reviewed, but often overlooked, Rhythm Thief & The Emperor’s Treasure. Nakamura himself posted his involvement on his Twitter account.

This news comes just shortly after the game’s title reveal as well as the announcement that Tomoya Ohtani will be composing the game’s music. An official gameplay reveal video is expected to arrive sometime tomorrow.

Sonic Forces is due on Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Xbox One this holiday season.

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  1. Ah what the hey. I’m fairly certain sonic team as a while have leather from 06. Plus that story wasn’t as dark as it was unengaging. This time it would seem the gameplay was the first thought with a story made for it, as opposed to the other way around. Plus there’s plenty of time to fix any existing holes. I’m sure it will see some success.

      1. No, I’m fairly sure they have leather for it to. Leather in this case being contempt but hey if it motivates them to actually make a better game this time…

        Though in all honesty, it’s not ST’s fault for 06 being so rushed, it’s SEGA’s for rushing it and running basically no quality checks in the first place.

        1. I’m glad someone found that funny even if it wasn’t intentional. Even though I think the worst things have merits, including 06, but I’m fully aware it is rushed and flawed.

          I always thought that game would have improved if they had time, even the story might have been better with a few revisions. Forces seems to have the years in development 06 didn’t. The story’s new but the game is using a tried and tested gameplay style and building on it. Using a revised hedgehog engine and a few extra bits and pieces, I have faith they can do well but as always, just have to wait and see.

          Thanks for the reply too. I enjoy talks like this.

    1. Don’t you think it’s bit early to jump ship? I’m pretty sure everyone involved with ’06 learned quite a few lessons after that atrocity was released.

      Too soon, dude.

  2. Welp. There goes what little interest I had in Sonic Generations 2…not that I was really hyped about this game. Maybe I’ll keep some cautious optimism – maybe they kept Pontac & Graff or they hired Ian Flynn or Bill Freighberger. Or maybe Nakamura learned his lessons and it’s more like “Billy Hatcher” then 06. Or maybe it is in the same vibe, but it’s just tolerable shonen shenanigans like SA1 & 2 and not the hot garbage plots from later games.

    I have a feeling that 3rd character won’t be a Sonic like Dreamcast or Boom, but it will be another character based on an anime stereotype (if Silver was anything to go by). Hope his gameplay will be at least phenomenal to compete with both Sonic’s.

    Well, unless SEGA starts proving me wrong, guess I’ll have to join the other old fogies in waiting for Sonic Mania…even if I’m not exactly hyped for that either.

    Sigh, can someone call me when SEGA announced they kidnapped The Great Lange and Murasaki Fox to create an official licensed version of Sonic Utopia….

  3. I’m still interested but am now cautiously being optimistic.

    I did not like the sonic 06 story at all so hearing this has got me a little nervous. However I am willing to forgive him and give him another go. Hopefully he an the others have learnt from their mistakes.

    Otherwise I still have sonic mania it’s not too bad.

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