UK Retailer Claims Sonic Mania to Get “Physical Copies for All Platforms”

For the past month we’ve had a lot of retailers listing what appears to be a physical edition of Sonic Mania on the switch, so far Sega has been completely silent on the subject despite multiple retailers listing the game for pre-order.

Well, UK Retailer Argos has now joined the Mania Physical edition party, only it’s gone one step further, twitter user Blue Paradox first noticed the physical listing on Argos’ website for the switch, he then got in touch with Argos’ customer service team who not only confirmed that the listing was indeed a for a physical edition of the game… but that Sonic Mania would be getting a physical release for all platforms that the game is released on.

If true, this would mean that Mania would see a physical release on the PS4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch.

We’ll keep you updated with more news as we get it.

Source: Argos via Blue Paradox

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  1. Well now I feel like I’ve jumped the gun on the collector’s edition. Still, I haven’t gotten enough Sonic anniversary swag before, so I’m still fine with that. Maybe some day I’ll just get a physical copy for shelve’s sake.

  2. Dunno if I buy it’s being physical on the other systems when they haven’t listed them aside from Switch. Not to mention every other site that has a listing only shows Switch.

    I say lower expectations on a physical release for PS4, XBO, and maybe PC until Sega confirm it. To me it’s more like:

    Switch: 90% likely
    PS4+XBO: 10%
    PC: 5%

    PC’s lowest because most don’t bother with a physical PC release (if they even come with a disc at all and not a code in a box). Makes sense since don’t almost everybody just buy from Steam then anyway on PC?

  3. That must be one hell of a good metallic card to justify the Collector’s Edition’s lack of a physical copy, especially since collectors are the ones that would want a physical copy.

    Disappointed, but at least I was able to pre-order the PS4 version with a 20% discount. The game, a statue, and cartridge replica for $56 was pretty good.

  4. I would love to see a pressed CD for the PC version so I don’t have to use the DL card on Steam.

  5. Maybe the collectors edition will ship with a disc on top of the card? Who knows? They could ship the disc and the card could be used for as yet unconfirmed DLC content???

  6. I have figured out the release date for sonic mania. It will come out on this date. Now don’t start saying I’m dumb. Because I have three sources of proof so here it goes. 4/30/17. These dates have been let out by GameStop, amazon, and sega themselves.

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