Sonic Talk 42: The End of Archie Sonic?

Our first all video episode! Stare in despair at Jason’s fat mug and incredibly messy room! Delight at GX’s poor haircut and massive Wii/WiiU collection! Watch as……Alex is too shy to show his face, so he just appears as an icon of Vyse from Skies of Arcadia.

In this month’s episode, we bitch about Switch, regale about Sonic Mania retail, say our peace about One Piece (GOLD) and discuss in phonic about the possible end of Archie Sonic. With the inability to subscribe online and issues being delayed, is the end of Archie Sonic near? All this and much more!

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    1. Bad idea. We would end up with penders-type storytelling again, a bunch of real life agenda pushing and most/all of the current writers/artists scrapped. IDW or Boom Studios are the best options to keep the Sonic comics alive.

  1. I’ve already said this before in another post, but in case no one saw it and are still looking for at least a little bit of hope.

    I had the opportunity to ask Evan Stanley about the matter. While she couldn’t say anything directly about it, she is sure that whatever’s going on will probably work out okay, and she still has plans for future storylines, involving Silver at least. That much tells me that they aren’t at a creative standstill, they can still plan and write things out, so whatever this is is most likely publishing related only. That said, there’s still a chance it could be tied in to the court case or there’s some other corporate goings-on at play here, but point is that as far as one of the writers are concerned, things might not be as bad as we think.

      1. She doesn’t sound too concerned, though I don’t know how much she would actually be involved, being a student while also being an artist and occasional writer. She clearly knows enough to have to keep mum about it, and again, if she is still in a position where she can be thinking about future stories, it doesn’t seem like cancellation is the sword that’s hanging over their heads right now, at least to me.

        We’d probably get a better idea if Flynn had anything to say on the matter, but if there was anyone who is supposed to keep extra quiet about this, it’s likely him, so we probably won’t hear anything from him until later. But if he is still working with future stories in mind too, then I’d say there wouldn’t be too much need to fear cancellation, just probably more delays or even restructuring and rewriting. In my opinion, the worst we could fear for is another reboot, which would feel redundant at this point since we’re still trying to establish this new status quo.

  2. A bit off-topic, but why is the default theme still on “Hammered”? I don’t hate Amy or anything, but it just looks tacky whenever it’s not Valentine’s Day, and that happened more than a week ago.

    I don’t think this will give a good impression when some complete stranger visits here and thinks “ew this is a girl’s website” and have their parents give judging looks at them.

      1. Lemme elaborate a bit.

        I was implying that it was more fitting for Valentine’s Day due to the fact that the holiday is commonly associated with red/pink colors.

        By saying “girl’s website”, I was referring to the pink color of the theme, not the fact that Amy Rose is on the top of the page. Pink, if it wasn’t obvious enough, is commonly associated with “girly” things, like the stuff you’d find in the girls’ toy aisle.

        Even if I didn’t have any problem with the color pink, it’s still a bit bizarre to have this as the default theme, seeing how bright and tacky the color is. IMO it would just simply be a lot more fitting to have it be blue, as it is Sonic’s trademark color.

        No need to be so hostile, Hogfather.

        1. Thinking about it it would be cool to have different themes for each character, allowing users to choose their favorite.

          Don’t know how much work that would entail though.

          1. That sounds like a pretty good idea.

            Like you said, however, it can potentially be pretty hard to make one for every character.

          2. Yeah, they would need to write the code for the option to change themes and create at least 10 to cover the main cast only:

            Metal Sonic

            They already have two though.

        2. You guys do all know you can change the theme right? It’s right there on the bottom.

          Also if you don’t want people to misinterpret what you say, think more before you comments.

  3. How is this “Sonic talk”? They went from one piece, to dragon ball z, to 2ds, to fucking zelda… I’m still listening but so far I’ve only heard the word “sonic” in the intro.

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