Sonic Mania Confirmed for Nintendo Switch

Looks like that retailer listing was accurate after all. Sonic Mania has been spotted on Nintendo Japan’s official Switch website, as a confirmed software title for the platform.

No further details have been revealed as of yet – price, release date, etc – but if we hear anything we’ll let you know. You can find the website with the listing right here.

Update: Nintendo’s YouTube channel has updated with a Sonic Mania trailer for the Switch. I wouldn’t get excited as it’s the same reveal trailer that we’ve all seen before with a different end slate, but we’ve included it here for posterity (plus that trailer music is just TOO. DAMN. GOOD.).

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    1. Not entirely, seeing as it said 19/3 on that list, and the release date 3/3, BESIDES the fact most of the listed game will not even release on launch day (Mario is late 2017, Mania remains unconfirmed, Splatoon 2 is not launch, etc)

  1. Can’t wait to get this on whatever system I choose now. Also, I love the fact that it feels like Super Mario Odyssey is basically copying Sonic Unleashed. I mean, it’s not like Sonic owns the idea of traveling the world or anything, but after years of being accused of copying Mario, it’s kind of funny to see imagery like Mario running around a realistic looking New York-esque city when Sonic’s done this for years. I think that’s what makes me even more excited for this game, the idea that it reminds me of one of my most favorite games makes me excited for the possibilities.

    …the ENDLESS Possibilities. X)

    1. Dude that song gets me every time. Love the game it comes from too. In terms of switch news, I’m more than happy to see mania is more or less on all next then consoles, I’m not a huge classic fan but I appreciate those titles and the gameplay style. It’s still sonic at the end of the day.

      I thought Odyssey was quite similar to Sonic when I saw it but then again Nintendo and Sega are on pretty good terms now, so it’s not an issue and It’s nice to see them get inspired by each other.

      Now if I could see more on Project sonic, I’d be over the moon, but for the time being, I’m happy saying the trailer to see if it’s animation or gameplay. Marza animation planet’s real time demo is giving me all sorts of vibes.

    2. Years ago Sonic and Mario were sworn enemies, now they do crossovers and cross-identities as Sonic Lost World and Mario Odyssey now exist, hilarious times these are!

      1. Small steps till they eventually get the crossover platformer adventure game we’ve all been waiting for since 2002 I guess, lol. X)

    3. Because Sonic Unleashed had food land, Mexico land, a boomerang hat with eyes, a giant spaceship hat, Eggman in a pimp suit trying to marry Amy, bunny bad guys, a dopey bird, the ability to even go into the water at all, and open world/sandbox mission based levels. This feels more like Mario saying “If you’re going to copy me with your Lost World, I’m just going to do everything you’ve done over the last 10+ years, but 9000 times better.”

      I’m not trying to be mean or anything, I just don’t see the Unleashed comparisons at all. I do see a lot of Sonic-y stuff though. Like the main pose for the game is literally Sonic’s iconic finger waggle. Also, not only does Mario roll down a hill to gain speed, he also gains a bit of speed by running down a hill. Just try to tell me that isn’t Sonic gameplay lol. I just don’t see and Unleashed comparisons other than “Oh a cartoon character in a realistic environment” which I see that more as an 06 comparison because of the realistically proportioned humans, but there is obviously way more content in this city level than in any of the open world-ish bits in 06.

      Odyssey looks amazing though man. I have never been this excited about a Mario game ever. This is already a contender for my Game of the year alongside Mania, Zelda, and Project 2017.

      1. @Jelly Lord
        I don’t think you read the full comment and completely misinterpreted the point of it at that…
        When drawing the Unleashed comparisons they were referring to how Mario is going on a global Adventure. That and the logo’s for Odyssey and the Japanese version of Unleashed looking remarkably similar… The point they’re making is both games have a very similar premise. NOT that they’re the exact same game.

  2. God, I love Super Mario Odyssey.

    Now that it’s confirmed, I’m happy Sonic Mania is coming to the Switch. Also, the Collector’s Edition went up on Amazon. If I weren’t struck for money, I’d buy the Switch and Sonic Mania with it instantly! But for now, the PS4 version will do.

  3. I’m not surprised sonic mania would be on Nintendo switch. Sega does want to get its money’s worth when they know something will succeed. As for Mario odyssey I am excited but at the same time kinda annoyed reason why is cause sonic was in real world since sonic adventure and people complained and raged but if Mario does it bearly anyone does serious wtf?!

    1. Because Mario has very, very few bad games and Sonic has quite a few. People trust the Mario franchise more than Sonic because it is consistently good.

      In this particular case, yes Mario is going into the “real-world,” but is also keeping to cartoony environments and the general tone the series is known for. Sonic goes into a realistic environment and changes everything else with it.

      The “real-world” in Odyssey is one level that looks just as well designed as the others.

      No one complained when Sonic first made the jump to the realistic environments (Sonic Adventure), but with Shadow and 06, it just got bad for, I would say, a majority of the fanbase.

      Super Mario Odyssey just looks like an amazing game all around, so no one is going to complain about an amazing looking game (unless you’re a Sonic fan… ZING!!!), especially if it’s Mario.

  4. Saw it coming and thrilled it came to be.

    My fingers will bleed with all these games. In one year the Switch will get more game time out of me than the Wii U’s entire existence.

    It also seems very weird that Nintendo is producing a Mario game that combines the Sonic communities desires so well. You’ve got the dark/edgy/realistic stuff all mixed into the toony/imaginative/lighthearted stuff.

    It took Nintendo one game to do it, 15 years and SEGA is still trying.

  5. Goddamnit, I finally had a version of the game available safe to import (no idea if the Steam codes will work outside US), and it’s already gone from Amazon.

    SEGA, why do you hate us Brits?

  6. It shouldn’t be perfect Sonic Mania title for Nintendo Switch called Sonic Switch Mania this will of been perfect a lot!!!

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