Three More Sonic 3DS Themes Are Now Available in North America

Those who like to deck out their Nintendo 3DS with fun themes were pleased to find that new Sonic themes were released on the Theme Shop last month. Each paid tribute to Sonic’s 25 year legacy with a Classic-styled theme, a Modern-era theme, a Boom-inspired theme, and a simple—and free!—anniversary theme for just a few bucks when bought separately or together in a bundle.

With that, three more Sonic series themes have been quietly released for the Nintendo 3DS in North America just last week. Two of these are based on Shadow the Hedgehog and Silver the Hedgehog respectively, with a third theme that’s too cute for words alone.

The names and associated songs for these themes are as follows:

  • Sonic series: Cute Style – (Music: SONIC HEROES Main Theme – Music box arrange)
  • Sonic series: Shadow Style – (Music: SHADOW THE HEDGEHOG System Screen – Option Menu)
  • Sonic series: Silver Style – (Music: SONIC THE HEDGEHOG – “Theme of Silver,” an instrumental version of “Dreams of an Absolution”)

Each theme can be purchased separately for $1.99 USD, or together in Sonic Bundle #3 for $4.99 USD.

Special thanks to CrossForte on Twitter for the tip!

Source: Nintendo 3DS Theme Shop

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  1. These look so good! I love it. Ugh, SEGA. Please stop reminding me of how much I love these characters and just use them to their fullest potential already. D’:

  2. I got these last week when they released! Really took me down memory lane, especially the Silver one. I’m just glad to know that they remember Silver. I just wanna play him in a non-spin-off game again!! He’s becoming Sonic’s Waluigi!!

  3. Makes me wish I had a 3DS now. All three male hedgehogs in the same place. Haven’t had that since generations five years ago in terms of a game, wallpapers will suffice though.

    I have a feeling these guys will make a comeback soon but we’ll see. Thanks again sonic team.

  4. And yet again, Brazil is not contemplated when it comes to the release of said themes. SEGA is making me sad, not releasing the themes in Brazil.

  5. Wait a second… Shadow was just confirmed to be in LEGO Dimensions; now they give us a theme of specifically him…. But also one of him grouped with Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy, as if it’s something natural; something to just to be normally expected…

    Me thinks Shadow is going to play an important role in Sonic 2017…

    1. nah, that just means he’s popular enough to be hanging with the main characters. The sole reason why he’s in the Boomiverse and those SEGA Crossovers.

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