The Sonic Amateur Games Expo Returns Next Saturday

The Sonic Amateur Games Expo—or SAGE—is finally returning for another round this year, as novice and aspiring developers from all over the web come together and share their efforts with the Sonic community at large. It is at SAGE where people enjoyed a wide variety of fan-made games and ROM hacks, such as Sonic: Before the Sequel, Sonic Time Twisted, and Sonic 2: Dimps Edition, or some intentionally awful and crudely put-together monstrosities at RAGE (Really Amateur Games Expo), which is also hinted to return.

Among this year’s lineup is the open-world 3D fan-game Green Hill Paradise which took the Internet by storm over the past summer, a 2.5D sidescroller with Sonic Incursion, and a Smash Bros. clone with a Sonic Boom coat of paint called Sonic Boom and the Smash Crew. There are too many promising gems to namedrop all at once, but you can check out the SAGE 2016 trailer below to see more fan-games in action!

SAGE 2016 kicks off Saturday, October 15th until the next weekend on the 22nd, with the official website going live as soon as it begins. You can also watch the SAGE crew play through several entries on a livestream via their YouTube channel, and the schedule for that is available here – be sure to keep an eye on it for more updates over the coming week.

Source: Sonic Retro

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  1. Hmm this is honestly quite event going on at SAGE 2016 I’m differently looking forward to this month.

  2. the 3D games look extremely interesting but the 2D is still something i could find at the Sonic Hacking Contest.
    Sage bought us Sonic World last year or the year before and thats still going strong.

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