SEGA and Cook & Becker Will Release a Sonic 25th Anniversary Art Book in Early 2017

sonic25thartbook_hdTwenty-five years ago, a blue speedster ran his first loop-de-loop on South Island and captured our hearts. Sonic the Hedgehog made a ton of friends and foes, and has travelled through a great many locales and environments since then, ranging from the colourful and fantastic to the familiar and lifelike.

To celebrate his silver anniversary, SEGA and art dealership Cook & Becker will be releasing a commemorative art book. The book will encompass the expansive history of the franchise and include a variety of design sketches, official character illustrations, in-game art, pixel art, rare promotional art and game box art, all on top of never-before-seen art and interviews with key artists and designers who worked on the franchise over the years.

We’re very excited to be working with SEGA on this official art book for one of video gaming’s most iconic characters. Sonic is such a great character with such a vibrantly designed world. Everyone that has seen our fine art prints and books knows that Cook & Becker is always a 100% committed to bring an outstanding level of quality to everything we work on. And with the Sonic the Hedgehog art book we want to raise the bar for coffee table art books on video games and showcase everything that is great about Sonic.–Maarten Brands, C&B Founder

The Sonic the Hedgehog 25th Anniversary art book will launch in early 2017, with preorders opening sometime over the next two months. SEGA and Cook & Becker previously collaborated with an official print by Paul Veer.

Source: Cook & Becker

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  1. I would love to get this. I’m wondering about that sonic x box set as well, it just kinda disappeared into nothing.

      1. Oh okay, thank-you. I live in England and it didn’t show up on Amazon. I didn’t realise until now it only showed up on the US one.

  2. That print’s official? Lol I’ve seen it all over the internet but never would have guessed that SEGA had a hand in it

  3. Looks cool but unfortunately no good Sonic games have been produced since the last time they released a book for his 20th

  4. If there is Riders and Riders Zero Gravity content, then i may give a look at this book.
    Otherwise they can keep it.

  5. If the collection of art is robust and not just limited to press assets or official art, then I’m in. You can only cull your references for the internet for so long.

  6. Man, can’t wait to see some of the content that’s in this book..! Hopefully TSS will do an article about it with some scans or something. Thanks so much for the coverage, Vizard!!

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