Japan’s Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice Special Edition Is Making Us All Jealous

How do you get people in Japan to buy the American-flavoured 3DS action game Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice? Simple – just chuck in a whole heap of gorgeous-looking, limited edition merchandise!

Sonic Toon‘, as Boom is known in the land of the rising sun, has been a bit of a hard sell to local punters. So, in a bid to drum up sales of Fire & Ice, which launches today in Japan, and to celebrate Sonic’s 25th Anniversary, SEGA cheekily took pre-orders for a Special Edition package that includes a range of rare knick-knacks.

And boy, do they look nice.

The set comes with a snazzy-looking mug, a set of adorable plastic stand-up figures featuring a number of Sonic poses, and a 25th Anniversary crystal cube with an LED base that makes the 3D-etched Sonic model within glow in an array of colours.

Oh, and it comes with the game as well.

Take a look at the pictures here, taken by none other than ‘Sonic’s father’, Yuji Naka. Some of the staff here at TSS were able to buy a Special Edition set on pre-order and are awaiting them to arrive from Japan, but we dream of a time when things like this could be made available to Western fans as well. Dammit Japan, stop being so awesome!

Photos: Yuji Naka (Facebook)

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  1. For info.

    I have one of these on order. Will be giving you all a good look at it when it arrives.

    1. XD I’m pretty sure the tone of the article is that Japan doesn’t. Also, note that none of those bonuses are in the style of Sonic Boom/Toon. Amusing way to sell people on it.

  2. As a Kingdom Hearts fan, I can whole-heartedly say that you kind of get used to it…but not really. T.T”

  3. This right here really makes you hate sega of america. For crying out loud they made sonic boom, why is Japan getting better pre-order then the u.s. All we got was a DVD sampler, wow, Japan gets a led sonic crystal cube. To sega of america stop being so cheap on the preorders. Also, when I forgot to preorder sonic generation ps3 and lost world, sega is really good at not letting you buy the dlc for a price. I will end this with saying sega of america don’t love us enough to spoil us.

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