What Summer Of Sonic Means To Me : A Staff and Fan Tribute

At this years Summer Of Sonic, we gave you, the fans, a chance to express what this event means to you. We played a video showing the fans and staff’s┬ámemories and reflections live in the venue on August 6th. We are now happy to bring to you a super cut of this tribute!

Created and edited by: Pete Nethercote.

Featuring: Phil Sims, Lewis Clark, Kevin Eva, Pete Nethorcote, John Finlay, Dave Luty, Gavin Storey, Shadowkelsey, Peter Robinson, Dr Spudhead, Shadowmariogaming, Faz D, Tanner (Ewww), Mark Hugues, Kieran Gates, Monty Peter Sally, Svend

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  1. You uh… Couldn’t focus on kids instead of just late 20’s – 40’s folks…? Kind of seems awkward.

    Guess the majority are getting old I suppose.

      1. I guess…

        This just kind of makes my eye twitch a bit. I mean, kudos for loving Sonic for so long! But… Kind of makes me see the viewpoint of those unfavorable with the Sonic fan base. There’s gotta be a way to get more kids involved instead of everything having people past the prime of life geeking out over Sonic.

        1. Lmao late 20s is “past the prime of life”? I guess that depends on your situation and how you choose to live, but you’ll change that view point when you get there!

          Anyway, fingers crossed now they’ll treat the brand with a bit of respect and make some good games then you’ll get the kid fans engaged!

          But as someone who works with kids a lot, I’ve never met any who give two-shits about Sonic at the moment. Until Sega get their act together (which it looks like they finally are doing!) re-releases of the retro games and appealing to the older fans is all they’ve got! (And the extremely young fans with the Boom series I guess.)

  2. I couldn’t help but note that there was not many female fans in the video… I was thinking on doing a video to say what Summer of Sonic meant to me even if i can’t come to it because of me living in Sweden and am not the richest person in Sweden. I am happy that i could go two times before at least so i been to SoS before but it was some years ago now.

    The reason for not doing the video was i only have the cam on my computer to use and i am or have become more concerns whit how i look. I am over weight so i don’t have so mutch confidence. Other wise i would have said in the video that Summer of Sonic gave me a chase to meet people that liked the same thing and see the true person behind the screen you have been talking to on a sonic site or forum before.

    Get a reason to travel to a nother country! Hmm… that sound crazy probably but for me and probably for many others it is worth it in the end! Its a life experience that will be some of my best memory so when i am a scrawny old lady i can tell them to the newer generations! I thin i stop here i been rambling on like an old lady already! XD

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