Mystery of New Animation in Sonic Boom Fire and Ice Solved

You may have seen the new Sonic Boom Fire and Ice E3 trailer and seen a brand new cartoon scene mixed in with cuts from the first season. Many speculated that this new spot consisting of Sonic and Amy using teamwork together was from the “totally not confirmed” second season. Not so!


In an interview with Aaron Webber (which will be up on the site tomorrow) he confirmed that the CGI snippets you see from the trailer are from the game itself. This means Ouido! Productions has made brand new scenes not for the T.V. Show, but exclusively for Sonic Boom: Fire and Ice. This means that anyone who wants to see this particular “episode” is gonna have to check out the game when it hits stores September 27th.

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  1. Well, that’s pretty cool.

    A little disappointed that its not a sneak peek from the show, but its still good to see that Fire and Ice is getting good quality graphics. Now, how about some gameplay footage for Fire and Ice, eh Sega? 😉

  2. When they said that the game is going to follow more closely to the show, they weren’t kidding. Getting the animators from the show to make the CG cutscenes for the game was a great move on Sanzaru! Here’s hoping that the story and dialogue will be up to snuff too.

  3. So, in other words, the game has its own cutscenes that aren’t related to the show just like the first two games did. How is this surprising again?

    1. Neither RoL nor SC had cutscene quality that could even come close to show’s animation quality, and previous Fire and Ice trailers featured only reused animations from the first season of the show for cutscenes. Since the new trailer had new footage, it could be presumed that the new cutscene footage was simply taken from what OuiDO! had finished thus far for the second season. Therefore, the surprise is less that the cutscenes will exist and more that they are completely original and at the same time of miles better quality than those of RoL and SC.

  4. I like the new animation for Sonic Boom Fire & Ice honestly I do in my opinion love that so much!

  5. No…shit? Why would they use clips from the show to advertise the game? Better yet, why is this even an article?

    1. Since a lot of people like the show, why not use clips from the show to help advertise the game?

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