Sonic the Hedgehog Confirmed for LEGO Dimensions

What the brick?! We can’t believe it any more than you can, but it’s official – Sonic the Hedgehog will be making a surprise playable appearance in the block-buster toys-to-life game LEGO Dimensions!

Announced as part of the title’s E3 2016 trailer, Sonic is seen racing in at the very end of the video, grabbing a golden ring away from the hands of Lord of the Ring’s Gollum who had mistaken it for his precioussss but we’re afraid there can only be one king of the ring around these parts! Gotta speed, keed!

Sonic joins famous franchises including Doctor Who, Back to the Future, Ghostbusters, The Simpsons, and Portal 2 for all manner of high octane thrills and spills in the ultimate LEGO crossover game. Other new franchises announced at E3 2016 include Harry Potter, Adventure Time, Mission Impossible, and even The A-Team… but I pity the fool who doesn’t want to play as Sonic!

It’s also worth mentioning that this isn’t the first time Sonic has starred in a title developed by TT Games, at least in its former guise as Traveller’s Tales. Can we expect to see some Sonic 3D Blast and Sonic R references in there somewhere, maybe…?

No details have been revealed yet regarding what form the content will take or when exactly it will be released, but we’re sure you’ll agree that this is certainly one heck of a way to get the 25th anniversary celebrations started!

So, will you be shelling out some hard-earned LEGO studs (or cash) to pick up the new Sonic content? Which characters and worlds are you most excited to see Sonic interacting with? Let us know in the comments, and stay tuned to TSS for more updates in the future!

UPDATE: We might have a Tornado, check out the square below Sonic.


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  1. Welp, RIP, wallet weight.

    I really hope that there’s a Fun Pack with Eggman!

  2. “Can we expect to see some Sonic 3D Blast and Sonic R references in there somewhere, maybe…?”
    if you have to hold the triggers to make him move left and right i swear

  3. Hey! That looks pretty cool!! Picture me excited! I may pick this one up one day, the Lego games are usually pretty good games and with this unbelievable cast this one is a must.

    Also is nice to see Sonic being multi-platform again, nothing against Nintendo fans, mind you.

    1. It’s a Toys to Life style game though, so if you want to play as the characters and travel through their hubworlds you’ll need to buy the actual Dimensions minifigures. And they’re not cheap either, Lego Dimensions is one of the most expensive Toys to Life games out there in terms of content and RRP.

      1. I remember hearing that one of them – I think the Portal one – is up in the hundreds.

        1. Portal is $30 MSRP. The base set is $100 MSRP, but there have been discounts up the ass wherever you look.

  4. So, Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Teen Titans, Adventure Time, Ghostbusters, Scooby-Doo, Portal, AND SONIC THE HEDGEHOG are gonna be in a game together?

    I just had a nostalgia-gasm.

    1. Also, I know for sure Roger Craig Smith is coming back as Sonic, but I’ll have a heart attack if they don’t get Daniel Radcliffe as Harry.

  5. Please for the love of God, don’t let this be the big 25th Anniversary special thing. Don’t get me wrong, it’s cool, but… Eh…

    1. No, they’ve said on twitter that this is just the tip of the iceberg for 25th anniversary stuff.

    2. Yeah, they need something bigger…….. but, something EVERY Sonic fan will use or whatever. God please no to a new video game, not because the new video games suck, it’s because I can’t actually play them because my parents won’t buy a PS3 or anything like that. I only have a PS2. The only games you can play -Sonic the Hedgehog related games that is- are:
      *Shadow the Hedgehog
      *Sonic Heroes
      *Sonic Unleashed
      *Sonic Riders
      *Sonic Riders:Zero Gravity
      *Sonic Mega Collection

  6. Man, that Goonies reference made me smile! First time ever seeing Sloth in a video game for me. Also, I second the opinion on hoping this is not passing as the 25th Anniversary Sonic game but I really don’t it is.

  7. I’m curious to see how they handle making a Sonic-themed level. Considering the fact that it’s Lego and Sonic stages are famous for being giant race-track-like playgrounds, I’m really excited to see how creative they get with this concept. Maybe you can actually have him race against Lego-Flash too, just to settle things once and for all. X)

    1. Oh my God yes!! That shoud be an actual mission, Sonic VS Flash!! How couldn’t I think about that sooner XD

      Just hope Sonic moves as fast as Flash, also I’m pretty sure Sonic’s stage will be 2D with a lot of ramps, U ramps, badnicks and scripted loops, probably will have cars available for normal speed characters and they would blast through the stage like in a motocross track.

      1. The Flash is only an NPC in the game. I own the game, and I’m okay with this. What I’m not really for or against is the Teen Titans Go stuff. If there’s a TTG Cyborg to go with BB and Raven, then we might as well have either a Cyborg vs. Cyborg slap fight or the two Cyborgs actually sharing in an admirably awesome “BOOYAH!”

        1. You realize that in these kind of games any npc may become playable at any time right? If this keeps growing as it goes we will at least see the main justice league in playable form.

          In the meantime I hope they make beating the Flash in a race an actual Sonic mission, also I hope Sonic is at least as fast as Flash is in the Lego Batman games.

  8. I hope this also means we’re getting Sonic-themed traditional LEGO sets in the future.

    1. That’s what happened with Doctor Who, so this may actually be in the future!

  9. I am so surprised that nobody has complained about Sonic’s design this time. Well done fanbase, you’ve grown up. Mind you, Sonic needs to lay off the chilli dogs

    1. I don’t think the fanbase is that inmature really, there have been a lot of legit reasons to complain lately but this is not one of them at all.

    2. Oh don’t worry, people/journalists outside this fanbase will point out this to be a sellout move from Sega’s standpoint and comment on how cool is to hate this franchise. Just a small mention about the cold reality.

      1. I think you’re talking about Sonic Boom, so far not a single serious journalist have complained about Sonic being introduced in the Lego dimension, now if you now someone please present at least some evidence, also there are people outside the fanbase that will complain about everything, even about Sonic when they don’t know jack shit about what he has been doing so don’t take those comments too personal.

      2. I think you’re talking about Sonic Boom here, so far not a single serious journalist have complained about Sonic being introduced in Lego Dimensions, now if you now someone please present at least some evidence, also there are people outside the fanbase that will complain about everything, even about Sonic when they don’t know jack shit about what he has been doing so don’t take those comments personal.

    1. Well this trailer was pretty cool and actually exciting, that should have given you a clue that his arms couldn’t be blue 😉

  10. Nice! Lego Dimensions is pretty cool, probably my favorite of the toys-as-dlc games. That being said, there’s still not really enough actual gameplay content in Lego Dimensions for me to justify shelling out hundreds and hundreds of dollars just to see Sonic and Mr. T beat up GLaDOS. I’m excited to look up videos of how all the characters interact though.

  11. Holy shit, all that shit talking was real?!

    But – LEGO = Blocky and Sonic = Not Blocky (unless it was Sonic Colors. Badoosh.)

    How is this even going to work? I can’t even imagine a shuttle loop made of LEGOs. And just saying, but LEGO Sonic looks kinda fugly. He should’ve been a a Mega-BLOK instead.

    That being said, i always said Sonic and friends should hop on the Toys-to-Life bandwagon, he’s one of the best franchise to thrive on that. And there’s no bigger Toys-to-Life than LEGOs, so good on him (Suck it Amiibos and Skylanders. R.I.P Disney Infinity)

  12. Sonic’s abilities include the following:
    Super Speed = Naturally, he can run at a set speed that is the same as the Flash, or the Gamer Kid after activating it.
    Speed Build = Comes with the Super Speed.

  13. My name is Richard Burton and I was the creator and editor of Sonic the Comic in the UK. I have just found that you are organising a ‘Summer of Sonic’ event in August and have a couple of the artists I used to use on the comic. Have you thought about getting the story of the comic directly from those who were there at the time? If I can be of any help please feel free to get in touch. I live close to London and Earls Court.

  14. I really don’t get how people are thinking this is the anniversary game? Like did people think Rush and Riders were the 15TH Anniversary games before 06 was announced?

    I just really don’t get how anyone could think a third party game featuring Sonic is the Anniversary game.

    1. Well thats just a few people and you never know who is behind the monitor, perhaps there were actual angry kids saying that, when people like that is being so absurd with their demands/complains I prefer just to ignore them, is probably better for the fanbase and for oneself.

    2. Yeah, I don’t get that either. I mean, how on earth can a game that features Sonic as what’s basically a cameo, not even a proper appearance that influences the overall game be an anniversary game for him? It makes literally 0 sense.

  15. Please add more sonic characters such as tails,blaze ect in a team pack. I really hope you read this:)

  16. Honestly I was always kinda hoping Sonic wouldn’t get dragged into Lego anything, as everything Lego is expensive :s Guess it was only a matter of time, though I hope they keep it to Sonic/tails/Eggman/Knuckles and don’t make too much else xD

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