Sonic Boom Fire & Ice E3 Trailer


After months of inactivity, Sonic Boom Fire & Ice has finally got a new trailer. The trailer is a combination of game play footage and CG sequences. I’m unsure as to if there is anything really new in the footage, but it is nice to finally see the same after so many months of silence.

I’ll reserve judgement on what I think of the trailer for now, but let us know what you think in the comments.

Edit: I looked through both the trailers to see if I could find any noticeable differences, this was the best I could find.


There is quite a difference.

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  1. Meh, looks harmless enough, but after the bad taste left in most peoples mouth this won’t be enough. Feels like they’ve done the same thing with Rise of Lyric and incorporate so many different game play elements in to try and keep things fresh and interesting. Let’s just hope that over the past few months they refined everything rather than just letting it sit there waiting for the delayed release.

    1. It seems like Sanzaru has at the very least given the graphics a major upgrade and tweaked the level design, so the game hasn’t been sat on for the whole delay.

      Still, I hope a demo will be released too. While the core gameplay hasn’t been changed, it’ll be interesting to see how changes to the level design impact the gameplay.

  2. Looks… Meh TBH. But the thing that caught my attention was animated footage that wasn’t in season 1 of the show.

    Season 2 sneak peek?

    1. i think it was a cutscene for the game. If it is, then man the cutscenes are going to look Beautiful!

    2. The first game had some exclusive FMV cut-scenes, the fact that the clip of Sonic and Amy was so Fire and Ice focused suggests that’ll definitely be the case here too.

  3. Meh. Seems ‘exactly’ like the first one, re-using the same gimmicks and bonus stages with new skins. Only differences are the boss fights and a boat sequence that screams “not made for this game originally”. Let’s face it, the delay wasn’t about improving the gameplay, they waited the second season of the TV show for more exposition among kids.

  4. Of course, the YouTube comments section is still freaking out immensely. This trailer actually does feature a decent amount of new snippets. And, it includes one scene that looks to be an in-game cutscene instead of a TV show excerpt. Looking good.

    I will say, though… the corniness of this trailer really doesn’t help the already shattered peace of the fans. I can see how it’d offend the hardcore Boom haters.

    OH. Hey. Was that Madeon music in the trailer? Because if not…

    1. Looking in the comments section of a Sonic trailer on YouTube is like walking into a garden maze of thorns. It’s better off you don’t start combing through it.

  5. Uh, am I seeing things or does it have more speedy content to it then the last game had?

    1. That’s kinda the main reason as to why they delayed the game. I’m personally looking forward to it.

    2. The developers officially stated that they heard the critique for the first game and this one will be more speed focused and allow for progression without being forced to explore every nook and cranny of the stages.

      Whether they’ll live up to the statement we’ll have to see – not being pessimistic, just honest. If they were being honest it could be a fairly solid title.

  6. I still don’t see anything to peak my interest in this, also I feel grateful that Madeon’s music wasn’t used in this trailer.

  7. I think the lack of Madeon music (thanks to Raw for pointing that out) indirectly confirms the 25th anniversary game.

  8. Welp. Looks like Maedon’s music wasn’t in this trailer. Hopefully this is a good thing? Also, I starting to think that this might be a pretty decent, fun-to-play game. It definitely looks faster than the last game, which was one of my big complaints about it. So… Small hype train boards here!

  9. With the amount of time they’re spending on this game, I expected a little more than this. Nothing in here looks different or special enough to impress me. I don’t know why I thought it would be any better this time around… And, also, isn’t the boss at “0:49” exactly the same as one from the first 3DS game?

    1. In Sonic Boom he have always been their Best Frenemy, in the main series he could start acting like an evil genius again, hopefully.

    2. Because frankly he was boring as a regular evil genius. At least now, when he screws up it has a decent punchline. Before, when he screwed up, it was just a plot hole.

      1. I liked it better before, when he held the whole world hostage, he even had some wins like when he outsmarted Sonic and almost killed him in that capsule of the space colony Ark and when he screwed up it was mostly because Sonic pushed to do so or because he played with forces he couldn’t understand (Chaos, Dark Gaia) and what do you mean it was a plothole when he screwed up before? Care to explain?

        1. Because in the case where his role isn’t played for laughs, his mistakes are ridiculous oversights or plot conveniences. Hell, Ergo makes fun of the fact that Eggman couldn’t kill Sonic, despite having once already dropped Sonic from space and failed. And with messing with gods, it happens all the time, after a while a true evil genius would learn and stop messing with it. By the time he finally learned, Colors came around, and in that he was played for laughs which made his ego more passable. His mistakes are more viable now because he’s not made as ultra serious. Before, his screw-ups were classic villain mess-ups, and it’s awfully hard to take a villain seriously when they come up with convoluted ways to kill the heroes instead of just putting a bullet in their head and being done with it.

          It’s the same thing when people proclaim Knuckles shouldn’t be labeled as an idiot. The guy’s been an idiot from square 1, falling for Eggman’s misdirection not once, but twice, and he didn’t even try that hard to trick him in SA1.

          1. Well yeah, don’t underestimate Sonic either, he is not that easy to kill, and its funny because Eggman couldn’t kill Sonic when he threw him off to space because Sonic used Chaos Control, a technique he learned from Shadow (and probably due to his prision cell as well) all because Eggman set Shadow free, so Eggman kind of screwed-up but not because he was a bufonish villian who shouldn’t be taken serious but because of the unfortunate turn of events that caused that small flaw in his plan, being responsible for making Sonic learn the technique that would later save his life when Eggmam had him at his mercy, now that Eggman is the evil genius I always loved and that I still do in the comics (fortunately) and all in all is the kind of writing I prefer in a Sonic game.

            And don’t get me started with Knuckles, he was supposed to be gullible, hard-tempered and noble-hearted, not a straight-up idiot, again the comics make a much better job with him than in recent games.

          2. My guess would be that he’s moved on.

            Good points on both sides of the debate though.

          3. @Mad Convoy

            Yeah, most probably.

            And yeah, I think there are good points for each Eggman, personally I would love if Eggman was as menacing and smart as he was in SA2 for example but with his personality from Unleashed and Generations, just hope there aren’t terrible jokes or boring chats with Cubot and Orbot in the future of the character.

          4. I personally thought Eggman was a highlight of Pontaff and one of the few characters they successfully revitalized. Although I suppose that’s helped by Sonic Team’s insistence on him being the main and/or true villain. I found that Eggman tended to be underwhelming when he was being usurped by monsters all the time– in the case of Heroes, 06, and Unleashed, its because he has the intelligence to know better that summoning (or the case of Heroes, creating) these kinds of things tends to go badly; in the case of SA1 and SA2, its because the true villains were a heck of a lot more interesting than him and got more screen time; and in the case of Shadow the Hedgehog and 06 (again), its because he was a glorified cameo in terms of plot relevance. Plus I do think he can be manipulative– for example, he pulled off a pretty epic double-double cross in Sonic Lost World, manipulating Sonic and Tails into helping him when the Deadly Six no longer sufficed.

            But hey, that’s just me. I’m sure you see it a different way. 🙂

          5. @Mad Convoy

            Yeah, quite honestly it was pretty obvious he was going to betray them, the moment he threw that capsule full of animals from the sky at the begining you know Eggy doesn’t care about life at all, and I’m very dissapointed seeing how easily he tricked Sonic, he used to put more effort in tricking Knuckles! Not to mention that Pontaff fell on those cliches you mention by making his henchmen double cross him and making them a bigger threat than the good Doctor himself, all culminating in one of the most lackluster final bosses I have ever seen in a Sonic game, but as I said before I like his personality quite a lot, really liked him in Generations and it was great seeing him talk to his younger and more sane self rather than with Cubot and Orbot.

      2. “he was boring as a regular evil genius” Says who? I rather have a menacing evil genius than a comic relief idiot. “When he screws up it has a decent punchline” What punchline? He was never funny in any of the Boom games? And you must be a troll if you’re saying Boom doesn’t have any plot holes.

        1. Well…Boom doesn’t have any plot holes because the show doesn’t have much of a plot to begin with. Also cartoon tie-in games always sucks, but nobody listened to me the first time so…

          What do I win? Do I get a troll badge too? Huh, huh?

  10. I actually noticed quite a few changes. For one, the graphics look better, both in-game and in cutscenes. Although it looks like the core gameplay is the same, the level design appears to be a lot different– which, hey, I’m impressed. You’d be surprised how even small changes in level design can impact on how enjoyable a gameplay style is.

    I still stand by my view that Fire and Ice is going to be a decent timewaster type of game, but I might pick it up once the price drops.

  11. I’m impressed at the non-negativity here. Everyone has that “hey it’s a whatever but looks okay” mentality that they’re supposed to

  12. This looks like one of those like mid-2000’s movie tie-in game commercials. Which, after all the super-ultra-serious trailers recently, I’m fine with this.

  13. Sonic Boom Fire & Ice E3 2016 trailer my opinion has a best boss fight awesome exploration the graphics are gorgeous & wonderful CG Sequence cutscenes! so yeah I don’t see anything wrong with it feels like Modern Sonic games then Classic Sonic games in a past which is a best thing to see it I am not a Sonic Boom fan, I am just a normal Sonic fan of Modern Sonic Classic Sonic to!

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