Sonic 25th Anniversary CD/DVD Revealed & Detailed

You might remember that a few weeks ago a listing was discovered for a Sonic 25th Anniversary CD/DVD combo, well Sega have published a number of images of the CD including it’s cover artwork, interior and event the contents of the DVD.



There will be a total of 50 tracks spread out over 2 CD’s covering the entire 25 year history, even Sonic Runners is included, check out the source for the full track list as it’s huge.sonic25thcd3

The DVD on the other-hand contains various cut scenes from previous games as well as trailers and other cinematic’s from previous games.

Source: Sonic Channel


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  1. A nice little idea, and I do like how broad the selection is, a lot of interesting track choices rather than just going for the MOST popular or iconic songs of every single game (which ultimately would result in the songs mostly being repeats of the True Blue collection album).

    Shame about Sonic Boom in there though. Granted the main theme is the most memorable track but it represents that game and all the foul business around it so completely that it has just become an “annoying song” and I’d rather it wasn’t there even though in theory I like the idea of Boom getting musical representation too. They probably should have just used the TV show theme from the credits to rep it, like how Sonic X and Sonic OVA have managed to sneak into past compilation CDs.

  2. Oh wow. This is pretty cool. Although, I will say, I was hoping for this CD to hint at the future game. XD

  3. I liked this selection quite a lot, and I love how the Blue Selection represents the joy, bliss and excitement of the Sonic games while the Black Selection represents the danger, edginess and adrenaline the series was known for, also there were several nice surprises for me, including:

    -Metal Harbor
    -Metal City
    -New Venture
    -For true story
    -Super Sonic VS Perfect Gaia
    -Planet Wisp
    -With Me

    Especially the last song, I like it so much that I think it gives Live & Learn a run for its money. Also would have loved to see some more obscure songs like Raisin’ Me Up, Vela Nova or Wrapped in Black from Sonic Rush or Chaos Angel from Sonic Advance 3 (you don’t know this last one? Go listen to it right now! Chaos Angel Act 3).

  4. Angel Island Act 2, Aquarium Park, High and Broken…
    These are surprisingly good picks!

  5. this is a good idea but its not a bad idea for SEGA to make CDs and DVDs for sonic’s 25th year history but all of us know that his birthday is getting close very soon and im sure they will announce the anniversary game soon.

  6. Somehow, this just make me go meh.

    Sure it a nice little thing, the tracks are a good selection but I can’t help but feel that this little CD/DVD is a consolation price to keep fans sedated. In other ways I view it as SEGA saying. “Sorry fans, no new game this year. But here’s a little bit of nostalgia to keep you busy until we can present the Sonic game we’ve made for the Nintendo NX.”

      1. 1: So far there’s been no info given, no real talks about a future game for 2016 or any possible game title domains purchased by SEGA.

        2: Sega and Nintendo have gotten so buddy buddy over the past four years that I can litteraly see the SEGA top brass deciding to blindly rush after Nintendo into the future fail that is the Nintendon’t NX. They knew most of their user base wasn’t on the Wii U, yet they still went with it for a cash payment. They fucked up like this before, they’ll do it again.

        3: ST didn’t really know if they wanted to make the 20th anniversary game, Sonic Generations, and it shows in the amount of stuff that is cut from the final release along with the staggering lack of support for the game after release. ST didn’t give a shit about Sonic back then and they don’t give a shit today.

        4: For Generations, Lost world and Boom there was a whole year for each in which the games were teased, information was dropped and trailers were released to keep fans interested. So far all we got for 2016 is memes, party talks and a game for a spin off series with everyone in the know not talking about any anniversary games.

        1. I’d say it’s bit too soon to call the NX a Fail or not. I’m personally waiting for the official announcement whenever it will be…

        2. 1. Yes, but that’s only indicative that the game hasn’t been announced yet. Just because they aren’t saying anything now doesn’t mean that they will never say anything about it in the future. Furthermore, we have seen the 25th anniversary logo and it uses a silhouette of Modern Sonic’s head, not to mention that Sega has never skipped an anniversary even when it really should have, so the probability is high that we are getting a new Modern Sonic game this year.

          2. Actually, up until the WiiU, Sega games tended to do really well. There was the the DX and Battle ports of SA1 and SA2 respectively for the Gamecube which came to not only be popular but define how people perceive those games, the popularity of the Advance series, Sonic Rush, and Sonic Battle on handhelds keeping Sonic alive during his darkest hours, and Sonic Colors for the Wii revitalizing interest in 3D Sonic as a whole. Not to mention the profitability of the Mario and Sonic series. Sega merely being allies with Nintendo is neither new nor unreasonable. Furthermore, if Sega’s patterns are any indication, the next title is likely slated for the XBone and PS4.

          And how do you know the NX will fail if there’s literally no info released about it except that it will exist and it will have Zelda?

          3. Actually, they did know. Gens had a 3 year development cycle, so it would have started development in late 2008. The reason a lot of content was cut wasn’t because Sonic Team was being wishy washy and lazy, but rather because, in typical Sega fashion, it wasn’t given enough time to finish every part of the game (though to Sega’s credit, three years is more than one :P). Rather than release a content packed, but disappointing and incomplete, title, Sonic Team elected to cut out what it could not finish in time so as to produce a short, but amazing, title. In other words, Sonic Team put quality before quantity, indicating that it does, indeed, care. And if people supposedly didn’t support the game after it came out, then do explain why Gens is amongst the highest rated and best regarded Sonic games, with some people even going so far as to say its one of the few (or the only) good Modern Sonic game. Then tell me why it developed a vibrant modding community after it was released for PC, despite the PC version coming a full year (if I recall correctly) after the console releases.

          I don’t see what any of this has to do with Sonic Team’s plans for the 25th anniversary title though.

          4. Refer to my response to one. I find it interesting that you bring up RoL though, because it actually wasn’t promoted throughout the year. While promotion did start in January 2015, new information suddenly stopped being released after E3 2014. You see, its not actually a worrying sign when no information is released about a game that hasn’t been announced yet– after all, why would you promote something that hasn’t been made official to the public yet? Lack of information only becomes suspicious after the game has been announced and a ton of other information has been released, as it could potentially indicate (as it did with RoL) that the marketers ran out of good things say about it. If a game hasn’t been officially announced, then lack of information is not only completely normal but expected.

          Does any of the above clear stuff up for you?

    1. Is the 25th anniversary man, I’m pretty sure they would have released this with or without an anniversary game, now I’m not going to buy this, I already have those songs but I’m still excited for this, it was a nice selection of tracks and a great way to musically educate newer Sonic fans and gamers in general about Sonic music.

  7. I kinda hope for a 25th CE of the game* like Generations TBH.

    This is nice, however.

  8. No one is talking about the significance of using Shadow on the cover of the “Black” Selection? I get that it works because he is black, but this is an ANNIVERSARY album so there must be more of a reason. Shadow’s first game was the 10th anniversary game: Sonic Adventure 2. Perhaps I’m reading too much into it, but I feel like Shadow is going to have a big part in the 25th anniversary game (which has been hinted).

  9. if the cutscene CD was full remakes in CGI of memorable scenes then that would be amazing on its own.

  10. It may not be the sonic they’d want to portray in a 25th anniversary CD, but I’d be much more keen if the DVD had the OVA too. 🙂

  11. Oh wow, this is awesome! Especially since I still play two of my all-time favourite games, Vib Ribbon and Monster Rancher (2 to you Americans and Asians), which sadly only use CDs to extend their lifespans, on a fairly regular basis so this will make a nice addition to my experience, especially in Vib Ribbon where the CD function adds new levels created from and featuring the music on CDs.

    1. Edit: I just hope it get a worldwide release since Japan often gets the coolest anniversary stuff while we’re left out. I mean, sure, we can import it but that would potentially render the DVD, a part of it, useless thanks to region locks.

  12. Only one track from the whole Sonic advance series??
    those games were awesome, high quality (only a few glitches) and most similar to the first Sonic games.
    Now, those games are almost completely forgotten…

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