Iizuka: We are Developing a Completely new [Sonic] Game

In an interview with Famitsu, the head of Sonic Team Takashi Iizuka has confirmed that sonic team are developing a new Sonic game.

Famitsu: Finally, our last question – please tell us about Sonic’s future.

Iizuka: We at Sonic Team – are developing a completely new game, as well as developing a full movie, actively done by Sony Pictures, and animation on Sonic Boom. We are also ready to improve sponsor ties.
The most important thing is not the fact the series survived for 25 years, but how many games was developed.
Our goal – add something new and overcome any potential hardships.

Are you as shocked as we are? That a new Sonic game is in development! Well… yeah cynical response aside, what’s interesting is the use of words here, specifically ‘completely new game’ suggesting it’s not a direct sequel or might actually be something new that we’ve not seen before.

Source: Famitsu Via SoahCityfamitsu interview

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  1. A new sonic game has been confirmed OMG It been Years we already know that XD

  2. if they announce the game on 3 consoles, it will be a prefect sonic game this year that we ever wanted for a while. i swear if the anniversary title gets announce on Xbox ONE and PS4, this anniversary game will fail completely like sonic 06 for PS3 and Xbox 360 yeah. people wanted a new sonic formula and combine the elements between sonic adventure and sonic lost world.

    1. Well “Sonic Generations” was released for the Xbox 360 and PS3 and it did great

      1. oh yeah that to and sonic generations did very well to. i love the green hill zone and it seems awesome to play it again and also, the game is one the best selling game in 2013.

    2. I tried to make a reply but your spelling was horrible. I take it you think Sonic 06 failed cause it was only one 360 and ps3? If so your so far from the truth not even chipp could help you.

    3. Not really.. It can make very good sells on next gem consoles including Xbox One And PlayStation 4

  3. Wonder what kind of tone the movie is going to have, I don’t think the latest games tone and duller dialogues can carry a full lenght theatrical release, also they said it would probably be pg 13 so I’m guessing they will go for a Marvel movie tone or something similar.

  4. What could it be?
    Would it have a completely new or revised gameplay format?
    Can we play as multiple characters?
    Is Blaze coming back?
    What is the plot going to be about?
    Questions, questions?
    Why did I use a question mark after the last statement?

    1. Actually I’m hoping Blaze could be playable again, I would love a game with the same playable characters as Sonic & The Black Knight, Sonic, Knuckles, Shadow and Blaze, I wouldn’t ask for anything else.

  5. I really hope he means it when he says they’re making a “completely new” game. Not to say that I want a departure from Sonic gameplay. I just want something ambitious and memorable, as always.

    Although, the idea of HD remakes for older games ALONGSIDE a new game is something I can get behind.

  6. This kind of confirms that it won’t be a sequel to Generations, since they stated it will be “completely new”. Generations relied on borrowing elements from past games, and since this game is said to be completely new, that means it won’t be a game that relies on throwbacks.

  7. I hope they’re not trying to change things again. Something they clearly aren’t seeing is that their changing of the series is what has given it such a hard time. They need to just STICK with something.

    1. They did. They stuck with Boost formula for a good while (Rush, Rush Adventure, Unleashed, Unwiished, Colors Wii, Colors DS, Generations HD, Generations 3DS), and then people complained about how they were “too linear” and “too boost-to-win.” And even I, despite loving most of those games, wanted to see something else. So, they changed it up with Sonic Lost World. That’s generally how it goes. When they stick to something, the fans will eventually crack, and find something to not like about it as time goes on, thus prompting SEGA to try something else. The reason they haven’t made Sonic Adventure 3 is because fans complained for the longest time about how multiple characters in Sonic didn’t work, thanks to 06.

      I don’t find a problem with change, as it isn’t an inherently bad thing. It’s bad when the change itself is something that was just not a well idea (Shadow the Hedgehog), or when the change tarnishes something once made good (Sonic Free Riders.) Sonic Heroes is not Sonic Adventure 3, because it was meant to be a stand-alone title and be more laid-back for new audiences. However well that went is up to interpretation, of course. People act as if the series has an entirely different genre with each and every game installment, when that’s simply not true. Sonic Lost World still has all the core aspects of a basic Sonic game, however, it has a new parkour system. But I suppose if it’s not purely Boost or Classic, people don’t want it these days.

  8. Umm.. if you look at the original article he never said the words “new” or completely new.

    He said in that first sentence, “Besides the game we are producing at Sonic Team, …”

    1. By the way, I should mention I know a decent bit of Japanese. And again in the first phrase there isn’t a word I don’t know for sure.

      1. I second you, Prowerboy.

        My translation is “Besides the games that we Sonic Team will create, …”

        1. Thanks for the back up! I hope Hogfather notices or if you could let him know.

          Because a lot of people are either getting their hopes up, or getting sour/negative.

        2. Thirded here. I was just cruising the comments section to see if any other Japanese speakers had noticed it as well.. (and to make sure I wasn’t missing something)

  9. It’s probably just a re-work of some kind on previous games. I don’t know if any other fans noticed, but… Takashi Iizuka has a few liberal definitions of what counts as “all new”, and such.

    Which is good! It keeps the imagination going well… As long as they stay away from excessive Genesis rehashing, and over-simplification, it’s looking good. They’ve had some time to learn and grow. I think they’ll do fine. Even if it’s not perfect, or quite what I want, I think it’ll be a good step.

  10. Well, it was sorta obvious that a new Sonic game was in the works. Sonic has never skipped an anniversary even when it should have. Plus I’m a little worried considering Sonic’s history with “all new.” Looking at you, RoL, 06, Shadow the Hedgehog, Lost World (though I still like that game, its hard to deny that there’s lots of stuff should have just been left out), and 1/2 of Unleashed.

    But hey, if its been worked on for five years, it has a good shot at being fully refined and polished Afrer all, a big issue with these “all new” Sonic gameplays is that even the fun examples tend to be decidedly unpolished and unrefined. But as long as Sonic Team thinks things though and provides good balance, whatever new thing it introduces should be good.

      1. Read the update on the article:

        “SEGA is yet to announce details of upcoming console video games for Sonic the Hedgehog or further details regarding the new Sonic CG TV series. The recent information coming out of Nuremburg Toy Fair was incorrect. For official and up to date news regarding Sonic the Hedgehog please go to http://www.sonicthehedgehog.com or follow Sonic on Twitter (@sonic_hedgehog).”

        Believe me, that sign wasn’t a new game announcement. I’m not sure what exactly it was for, but it was de-confirmed then proven false at the end of the year when mainline Sonic did not, in fact, release a new game come 2015.

          1. Yes, it is false to assume that Sega announced a new game back in 2014.

            All announcements would be posted on Sonic’s website and Sonic’s social media, so go to those places if you want to keep updated on what’s new with Sonic.

        1. sure dude but i did not know this was false many people thought it was a real thing but just to be honest do you really think SEGA might get a chance to put a sonic game on 3 next gen consoles?

          and i see the website have all the news and updates i guess but maybe your right about that so you want me to keep track on those updates on the website right? sure i don’t mind taking a look at that.

          1. It was really at a toy fair, but Sega said that it was not reflective of any real Sonic game and proved it by not releasing any mainline Sonic game in 2015. As for putting Sonic on next gen consoles, yes, it is likely, but there is no proof or confirmation that this is going to happen. Thus, we should wait for an actual announcement before making conclusions.

            And yes, do keep track of updates on the official Sonic website. Its a good source for game summaries. 🙂

        2. so thats why they can’t announce the mainline sonic game on next gen consoles maybe they rather put the game on hold until they raveled the actual announcement but maybe your right about that i guess theres no chance to get a sonic game on next gen consoles perhaps.

          and sure my friend i check out thot website and it seems pretty cool man all the updates and news right there wow thank you so much my friend. 😀

    1. 06 and Shadow the Hedgehog aren’t bad games. It sucks that people can’t get over stuff that shouldn’t be a problem. Sure, 06 had some glitches, but so did Fallout 4 when it came out. And everyone still loves it. And of course Shadow the Hedgehog is different from Sonic games. It’s not a Sonic game. It’s a Shadow. It SHOULD be different than Sonic games.
      And I have no idea what RoL is.

      1. I would actually agree with you that glitches do not necessarily ruin a game, provided that the game has enough redeeming factors that override any negative impacts of the glitches. Some glitches can even add depth to a game– look up how combo attacks came to be in fighting games as an example of that.

        However, I do not believe that Sonic 06 has enough redeeming factors. There are about 15 unique gameplay styles– way too many, meaning that none ever got the focus and time needed for them to be refined. I also feel that the concept of Silver’s psychokinesis actively combats momentum– inexcusable for a momentum-based platformer like Sonic. Speaking of movement, the characters are for the most part pitifully slow, emphasized by the oversized playing fields the game offers. Not to mention that the characters are often brought to a jarring stop with combat sections, which are tedious in their own right with button mashing and health bars. The only times when the characters are fast is when you use the right glitches with Omega and Sonic, and during the mach speed sections, which makes poor Sonic run so fast and control so loosely that its incredibly difficult to dodge the obstacles, which drains rings like no tomorrow. There’s also the loading screens. And I’m only giving a brief discussion about the gameplay. If I went in depth about the game as a whole, we’d be here all day.

        I would expect a Shadow game to different, true, however, I feel that the game is out of character for Shadow, reducing him to a flat, angsty edgelord. The levels are tedious, and stuff like gunplay and vehicles (that your character can run faster than) in general really don’t fit the Sonic franchise. And yeah, I expect a spinoff to be different– but not so much that it misses what makes the games its based off of great!

        RoL stands for Rise of Lyric. Its a pretty infamous Sonic spinoff that was meant to be the center of the new Sonic Boom sub-franchise… but believe me, there’s a good reason Sega’s trying to push Boom TV as the center of the sub-franchise now. Its just a really, really boring game with plenty of bad ideas and some engine compatibility issues that result in lots of lag and occasionally falling through floors (though that doesn’t happen nearly as much as people tend to claim it does).

  11. While this is interesting, I just can’t see to give a damn at this point. Not after the last six years of “innovative” game design from Sonicteam.

    Somehow I just know it will have all the things I’ve hated about the modern Sonic franchise ever since Sonic Colors came out. In short it’ll be more Wisps, more Solo Sonica, more cheesy dialogue and shitty jokes, more zero gameplay challenges and more little to no replay value.


    Lol, yeah not much of a shocker there, but at least he’s being forward about it now. I guess this will count as our 25th birthday announcement til July. I will say though, I never really know what to think when it comes to IIzuka’s phrasing. On the one hand we could interpret it literally and take it that way, that this will be another original title not directly tied to any previous game (ie no Sonic Generations 2, Sonic Adventure 3, or Sonic The Hedgehog 4 Episode III, etc.). On the other hand though, this could just mean in the simplest way possible that they are making a new Sonic game.

    I think out of safety I’ll just take it as the latter, as really, even if a game’s title doesn’t have the word “adventure” or a number in it, each game is kind of a sequel to the previous ones in it’s own right. Plus, we could be wrong, it might actually be a literal sequel to a previous game (or more likely an obvious, though they would never admit it, indirect sequel to a previous game, ala Sonic Lost World/Colors 2). So until we get a title drop, I’m just going to assume that this means that we’re getting a new game period, regardless of nature or affiliation.

    Also glad to hear that the movie and Boom Season 2 are still in production, it’s been a while since we’ve heard anything from them!

    1. I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who thinks of Sonic Lost World as a semi-sequel to Sonic Colors. 😛 They just have so much in common… if Sonic Lost World had boost gameplay, I’d argue that they should have just called it “Sonic Colors 2.”

  13. Ahhhhh I just want a trailer already :'(
    So excited for the movie, can’t wait for 2018!!

  14. So the movie IS still a thing. They went silent on it for so long, I thought they’d just cancelled it and decided to pretend it never existed instead of just telling us that was the case (it’s happened with things from other companies before).

  15. Interesting news. Since it is Sonic’s 25th, I’d be OK with a proper Sonic 4 remaster. Sega (not Dimps mind you) could make a single game combining EP1 and EP2 along with the material from the scrapped EP3, fix the engine, remaster the music, make the graphics uniform, and end up with something really nice as a thank you to the fans. Not to mention it would do something about the current stigma against Sonic 4.

  16. I just don’t want completely new Sonic game like Sonic Boom games in the past I want a new Sonic game normal is to be please like comparing to Sonic The Hedgehog 3 is a soild Sonic game & perfect Sonic game will be better compare of that new Sonic game be perfect!

  17. I’m genuinely excited. Especially if this new title isn’t getting a console exclusive release.

  18. I just hope the new game is on either the Wii U or NX. I feel Nintendo fans have been a bit hard done by with the 3 games deal ending up with Lost World and Boom. Hope it doesn’t mean we miss out on a really good one.

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