SEGA in Talks for Sonic 25th Anniversary Party in LA

Following a report we brought you earlier this month from the latest issue of License Global which mentioned upcoming Sonic events, we may now know where one of them will be held.

Marlene Sharp, Producer, TV Series, Sonic, Sega of America took part in the above recorded debate about women in the film and television industry at The Digital Hollywood Experience event in LA. During the discussion Sharp (at 21:30) mentions that SEGA of America are in talks with YouTube Space LA to hold “a special Sonic the Hedgehog 25th Anniversary cocktail party or something like that”.

The License Global report spoke of an E3 event and according to Google maps the YouTube Space LA venue just happens to be a short 23 minute drive from the E3 expo in Los Angeles. Sharp states those with a high number of subscribers on YouTube receive benefits such as the use of the YouTube Space LA venue for free for filming and events, so this would be perfect for any E3 events planned.

Now, Aaron Webber of SEGA of America has already stated there will be no E3 party, but he could be excluding press events. It could also be that this is another Anniversary celebration event unrelated to E3, like the one SEGA has planned for July in San Diego. Time will tell. If we find out more, we’ll be sure to let you know.

Source: The Digital Hollywood Experience

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  1. I’m hoping we get an announcement of the game before the July 25th Anniversary Party. It’d be a crummy thing for SEGA to miss out on E3 Sonic coverage. Or, at least coverage around E3’s time.

    1. Agreed. It would make sense for them to announce the game before the 25th anniversary party. They could also have booths that have demos of the new sonic game at the party IMO

      1. Ooooh, that is very true statement. I didn’t even think about that.

    2. I agree, I mean if they really believe in the game they should show it off at the E3, that’s how they could really hype the 25th anniversary and turn it into a gaming event rather than just a fans event, if they don’t want to perhaps they don’t think the game is that good or that it may not interest the gaming community enough. Then again as some theorize the game could be coming to Nintendo NX and Sega can’t show anything about it until further revelations of the system are made.

      1. I would hope, then, that both the NX and this mystery game are at E3. That’d be awesome.

          1. Oh yeah, they did. Man, I totally forgot. I’m quite frankly confused by this decision.

  2. I hope the game is revealed before July… It’s surprising that SEGA would keep us in the dark for so long..

    If this game isn’t revealed at either E3, or the Anniversary party, then I don’t know what to think…

    If they’re taking this long to reveal the game, it better be good. I just hope SEGA won’t take the safe route this time (Though they probably will…).

    1. If it’s nothing then it’s going to come out with Sonic and his 25 looking like the massive laughing stock that is, and they’re still look like a joke after all this time and baiting by social media if it’s another Nintendo exclusive despite how that negatively impacted the franchise last time, those 2 games destroyed what Colors and Generations had built up. Even if the multiplatform game itself is a failure because of bumbling Sonic Team at least it wasn’t hiding behind Nintendo’s skirt.

  3. I would really hate it if this was another Nintendo exclusive. The Xbox One and PS4 base haven’t gotten a game since… well, never. The last non-Nintendo Sonic game was Generations, and that was pretty good. Though RoL was supposed to be Xbox and PlayStation. That was a relief, though one could wonder: With more powerful hardware and an already native engine for the console, would it have been less craptastic?

    1. Porting the game to Wii U is what killed Rise of Lyric. It looked like they had a pretty decent engine early in development, but making it compatible with Wii U hardware caused a huge amount of game breaking glitches and other problems. They had to scale back the graphics considerably to make it even somewhat playable, and the difficulties with the transition process proved too monumental to resolve before the release. Otherwise, they would have had more time for polishing, and the game probably would have been decent.

      1. A rather incredibly idiotic decision too. Boom was a media tie in game it was designed to be promote the TV show and vice versa, those projects are never console sellers hence why they tend to be on as many platforms as usual hence why they went with Cryengine 3.

    2. BRB could have finished Rise of Lyric by launch if they didn’t have to port CryEngine 3 to the Wii U.

  4. That was nice at Hollywood LA CA video talk about Sonic 25th Anniversary at 21:30 I like that one for Sonic fans. I was wondering is Sega not announcing screet new Modern Sonic game for us or Sonic Boom Fire & Ice new trailer coming today at Molcon gaming event later because it ends at May 30,2016! Maybe Sega decided to not announce it at Molcon first maybe their saving up to announced at E3 first of Sonic games?

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