Rumour: Sonic is Coming to Lego Dimensions

Way back in September, a list of ‘Series 2’ characters for the game Lego Dimensions was posted online, however, the list just had a series of code names and product numbers. You can see that list here. On that list there is this pack “71244 S1.” Well…

Since then, one “Lego Insider” apparently commented “Hmmm S1, could that be Sonic? *wink*”, but then edited it to just say “That looks interesting.”

Now a second ‘reliable’ source over at Euro Bricks (reliable is their word not ours), has out rightly said that S1 is in fact Sonic. The source is someone named CM4Sci, who first says ‘Sonic is coming’, followed by “I also know for a fact Sonic is in if that confirms anything”

So yeah, this is a rumour right now, however the people over at Brick Inquirer insist that they are reliable. So if this turns out to be nothing you can blame it on them and not me. See that’s how you do a rumour involving Sonic & Dimensions, who let this elephant in the room!?


Source: Brick Inquirer 

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  1. I knew I got Lego Dimensions for a reason!

    That reason was Doctor Who, but now I have another reason!

    1. My reason was the Arcade Games from Midway! Not only is it easy studs, but it’s also an easy way to get a Compilation!

  2. I just started playing LEGO Dimensions. Maybe Sonic WILL be coming. Even if it might not be the Boom Version, they’ll use the Sonic Boom version just for a trailer where Unikitty delivers the LEGO Dimensions Vorton Computer set. Sonic could comment “Where’s the scarf, and why are the arms not blue?” I mean, it could be a cross-game system. Remember the Bowser and Donkey Kong Skylanders? With a turn of the base, you could use Sonic as an amiibo, or as a LEGO Dimensions figure.

  3. I highly doubt this is true. I mean what the hell would a sonic Lego figure look like. Especially his spikes, I mean how would they fit onto the figure. I don’t balme you Mr Hogfather, sir

    1. Think Ninjago’s armor, and The Simpsons minifigure heads, and you might have something.

        1. I can see what you guys mean, but whatever the case it will look very strange.

  4. Ah, so THIS is the Sonic Dimensions we were REALLY waiting for, I might have known. X)

    1. LOL! Never thought I’d see those two words together after all these years!

    1. Or maybe the S could stand for something like “Spongebob,” or even “Shrek.” Like Shrek using a ROAR to defeat enemies, or Puss in Boots being able to fence and use his cute looks, or even Donkey being a bit similar to Scooby-Doo.

  5. I’m guessing it would mostly resemble Sonic Lost World, since that was the cartooniest out of any 3d Sonic game, well, next to Sonic Shuffle.

    1. Or they could use Sonic Boom for the sake of exploring Bygone Island, Eggman’s Lair, The Crater, and other landmarks, and having Fastidious and others as NPCs in his Adventure World.

    1. Hmmm well I don’t know they said Sonic but not Sonic’s only just one Sonic in Lego Dimensions but they didn’t say Classic Sonic Modern Sonic & Boom Sonic in Lego Dimensions or not they have to decided to pick one Sonic character in Lego Dimensions game!

  6. I’m calling it not happening, however if it does happen I will buy the pack just for the minifigure. I’ve always wanted a Lego sonic minifigure 🙂

  7. Normally I’d say “I doubt it” but since Lego Dimensions already surprised me with Portal 2 and Midway Arcade, I guess anything’s possible

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