Sonic Boom Episodes to be Removed from YouTube

SEGA will soon be issuing takedown notices to YouTube channels hosting full Sonic Boom episodes. Aaron Webber announced on SEGA’s blog that the company would be issuing letters to the offending channels before any videos are taken down, to give them all a chance to remove the episodes. Any channels that don’t remove the videos afterwards will have the videos taken down by a DMCA takedown notice.

This policy only affects the television show, so no videos with content from the games will be affected. Since the show debuted, YouTube has been the only place where most episodes could be found online, with Cartoon Network’s own website only showing a handful at a time. Hopefully, this move is a signal that the show will soon become available on other services…or at least get a DVD release.

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  1. Some countries have not aired Sonic Boom yet, and YouTube was one of the few places to watch Sonic Boom from. But I guess taking down the videos would have happened sooner or later…

  2. Aw. That’s sad to hear, I was about to watch a fair number of them again. 🙁

  3. As long as they are only doing that to channel that host WHOLE EPISODES of 11 minutes instead of just any old video that uses a bit of footage. Because if they actually try to pull that shit with anything that is only a clip of 5 to 10 seconds long, or even just a preview of a scene, then Where’s The Fair Use? XP

    1. If videos are getting taken down from 5 second clips, it’s because they are using YouTube’s automated Content ID system. If they do it manually though, they should acknowledge Fair Use. So it’ll depend on which route they take.

      1. Well with that in mind, we aught to be carefully observing how this plays out. Sega has had history with supporting anti-fair-use movements in the past, so I wouldn’t be surprised if this was somehow used for a similar reason later down the line.

  4. At least there’s still Daily Motion & Videmo where you could likely find full episodes. Mr Content Id usally does not shine his torch at those places…

    1. It’s like YouTube is this grand bustling but corrupt metropolis while other sites like Daily Motion are the outer suburbs or less attended to districts…or some kind of clever analogy, IDK. X)”

        1. I so wish I got that reference. I’m sure I would laugh at it if I weren’t such an ignorant millennial. X)””

          Maybe YouTube is Hell’s Kitchen while every other streaming site is Queens? IDK. X)”””

  5. yeah, can’t wait for that surge of purchased sonic boom dvds!

    …sega should stop lying to themselves, just let the show be on youtube for free or host it yourselves.

  6. Well this is a kick up the arse for me. Sonic Boom isn’t showing in the UK anymore. With these getting taken down, I’ll never be able to watch it again…

      1. Typically, those DVDs only have a handful of episodes on them. I’d rather wait for a full season box set.

        1. DVD 1 contains the first 13 episodes in US order, and I was actually able to pick it up only 15 minutes from where I live on a small main road, so that’s a damn sight better than, say, the Gravity Falls distribution (which is skipping episodes) or the early MLP distribution (random assortment of episodes, including one case of a Part 2 without a Part 1).

    1. I will be starting a blog soon. So there you will be able to download them when I get the download links.

  7. I hope that won’t happened to SATAM, AOSTH, and Underground because these cartoons are greater than Sonic Boom not to be mean about it, Yet there should be games for Classic Sonic cartoon series, Based on Sonic’s Origins, Why Sonic Boom get an game, why not SATAM, Underground, and AOSTH?

  8. I think Sega’s being reasonable about this. Lack of access or not, these videos do detract from the viewership of the show on legitimate means of access like TV and DVDs, making it more difficult for Sega to assess the popularity of the show and profit off of it. Plus it is sorta their copyright being used without their consent.

    But Sega is going to ask people nicely to take down full episodes before filing copyright strikes, allowing users to spare themselves from dealing with Youtube’s broken copyright system. I think more companies should have that approach to dealing with copyright infringement on Youtube tbh.

    1. What you mean like act like reasonable sensible human beings? PFFFFT, yeah right, WHY would we EVER want that!? Next thing you know you’re going to start talking about fair use of content and retribution for false claims or dealing with actual people instead of some clearly ineffective automated system that seriously needs to be looked at. What language are you even speaking my friend? X)

        1. OI! You’re supposed to put a trademark and 5 layers of watermark on that copyright name there mister! I’m flagging, reporting, and claiming you all at once! XD”

  9. Fandub too? I mean 2-3 minutes video from Sonic Boom episode. Please answer me.

  10. I guess we better start investing in another 10 bucks for monthly service from HULU Plus.

  11. Part of me doesn’t care because it’s Sonic Boom, while the other part of me feels that SEGA is removing content from the internet, and actually forcing people to watch the show on Cartoon Network’s shitty brand of a channel.

    “Watch Sonic Boom only on Cartoon Network! And watch our totally radical promos for Regular Show, Uncle Grandpa, and We Bear Bears! #LOL-COMEDY-FTW! *loud whisper with bottom half-eyelids* We’re awesome!”

    1. Boom’s the only decent thing on there these days. We need good shows like Codename: Kids Next Door and Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends again…

        1. I don’t really need to. It’s pretty obvious from the ads I’ve seen that the entirety of the humor stems from how obnoxious and mentally handicapped they can make the main character. And shows like that just aren’t fun for me.

          1. Blu from Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends wasn’t as obnoxious as Rigby (the raccoon) from Regular Show? Ok then…

          2. I’m more talking about characters like Clarence or Uncle Grandpa, who’s only shtick is to act, for lack of a better word, retarded.

            Plus, it was really only Bloo who acted that way, and even then, his humour more stemmed from his selfishness, and how he doesn’t think things through.

          3. That’s the same for Regular Show, the majority of the plots stem from Rigbys selfishness and Mordecai and Rigbys laziness, basically.
            Kinda unfair to make such a sweeping statement when there’s only four shows on Cartoon network at the moment like what you described (unless America has more we don’t have yet). There’s also Steven Universe, Regular Show, Adventure Time, LEGO Ninjago, new Power Puff Girls (which is actually not as bad as the Youtube critics say, trust me), The Amazing World of Gumball, Sonic Boom outside of Europe, We Bare Bears, Batman the Brave and the Bold and there WAS Ben 10s assorted series until recently when it just kinda died.
            All of these shows rely on more than just, as you put it, “retarded” characters, nonsensical plots and just plain obnoxiousness and more on actual plots that work and/or the kind of goofiness that’s actually funny at times and not annoying, like the good old cartoons of yesteryear.

          4. Okay, in fairness, most of those shows are pretty decent. (though I personally think Adventure Time is a bit overrated. And Stephen Universe’s fanbase is utterly toxic, so I give that a wide berth.)

            It’s just that shows like Clarence and Uncle Grandpa stick out at the forefront of my mind because of how utterly obnoxious they are. Teen Titans Go, too. It’s not a recent problem either. Remember Flapjack?

            Kids should laugh at clever writing, not because the main character laughs like a moron.

  12. It’s fantastic that SEGA are issuing warnings instead of just going straight into takedown notices. Very kind and reasonable of them considering they have every right to do the latter – but doing the former respects that it is human beings who love their product that created these uploads, and these people may have other uploads of personal significance that they don’t want to see lost.

  13. i have methods of watching full episodes when i want – the show has been online for over a year so it will never fully disappear from the internet and streaming services.
    Really need season 2 to be soon ~

  14. Let’s all appreciate that Sega’s sending diplomatic warnings asking people to remove the full episodes rather than outright issuing copyright strikes to anyone who posts a small clip from the show.

  15. Daily Motion has a channel that uploads every episode, French and English/American, in full, as soon as they air. So like… use that? Far better quality than Youtube anyway and none of the annoying comments although they haven’t uploaded anything since it stopped in the UK, I assumed it was because it had stopped everywhere though, is this not the case?

  16. It’d be great if they at least put some up on, say, the Cartoon Network youtube channel. Still really nice of Aaron to give the heads up.

  17. So, is this going to affect your Sonic Boom commentaries, already on YouTube? Because I was planning on binge watching them.

  18. As others have said, Dailymotion and KissCartoon have them within 24 hours of airing, in at least 720p.
    It’s cool that Sega’s giving a warning before removing videos.

  19. Honestly, the show has low quality so it might as well be free to watch on YouTube.

  20. Cool I can’t wait to see Sonic Boom Season one DVD prepared already!

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