Takashi Iizuka Is In The U.S. To Oversee New Sonic Games

Well… many suspected that there might be more to Mr Iizuka’s trip to the US than just the SXSW panel, and it seems you were right. The head of Sonic Team Takashi Iizuka is in Sega of America right now, and according to Gamasutra, he’s there overseeing development on new Sonic games.

Shortly after this was discovered, all around community hero Aaron Webber confirmed that Iizuka is indeed at SOA, but stopped short at the reasons as to why.

We cannot wait for Bigs Fishing Adventure 3 to be the first one to be announced.

Source: Gamasutra & Ruby Eclipse 

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  1. Hype for BBFA3! 😉

    As for real games, well, hopefully this is a sign that SoJ and SoA are starting to respect each other again, and that a lot of care has been put into the next game.

  2. Don’t think I didn’t notice your little April Fools stunt, TSS. I literally yelled “OH NOOOO!” about 4 times.
    That was hilarious.

  3. Funny how simply saying Big’s Fishing Adventure 3 can make you instantly question whatever you’re hearing. X)””

        1. There’s always more than one Sonic game being worked on at one time man. Sonic Generations started work as soon as Sonic Unleashed was finished, and Sonic Colors was still in mid-development by that point. The production cycle isn’t always like an automated factory of one product after the other, a lot of games in a franchise tend to overlap in terms of development cycles.

          1. I know that. I was just under the impression that the 25th anniversary game was being developed in Japan.

  4. Considering how TSSZ had the same article before switching into full-on April Fools mode, I guess I can trust this one too. I swear it’s so hard to take anything seriously this time of year.

  5. Hahahaha Bigs Fishing Adventure 3 rising today on April fools days perfect Sega just perfect is here which is so hallious when I wake up at morning is that I saw Bigs Fishing Adventure 3 is here today & I laugh so hard it announced today I can’t hold that long because of the game is better than Sonic in my opinion!!! So yeah anyways I will give this game 10 out of 10 best Sonic character game or maybe I will give this game over 9,000 out of 10!

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