Summer of Sonic 2016 Announced, Dated & Kickstarter Launched!

Following on from this mornings tease. Summer of Sonic 2016 has been announced, dated and a kickstarter has launched! Let’s get some of the big details out of the way.

Date: August 6th 2016
Venue: ILEC Conference Centre, Earls Court, London.

However, there is a big change from previous events. Whilst Summer of Sonic has previously been a free event, there will now be a charge to get in. As explained via the Kickstarter page, Summer of Sonic will now be a paid ticketed event.

Tickets currently cost £20 per person, however there are better deals if you intend to go with friends or family.

In addition to tickets, there are also pledge packages available which reward you with limited edition T-Shirts and for you die hard fans, there is a package available for a VIP Pass which will allow you to skip all the lines!


The goal of the Kickstarter is £20,000, details as to where that money is going is fully explained in the Kickstarter campaign.

Also, if you can’t make it to Summer of Sonic but would like a piece of it, you can pledge £15 to have a T-Shirt which will be shipped to your home after the event, these ship worldwide! But if you don’t want a shirt but still want to support the event, there are other options available (see the Kickstarter for more information).

More details regarding special guests, events and more will be released in the coming weeks.

Want to go? Want to donate? Here is the Kickstarter Link

Also, these are the official Summer of Sonic channels, these are monitored by Summer of Sonic Staff, so if you have any questions or need to get in touch, these are the best places to do it.

Kickstarter Page

Twitter Page

Facebook Page

Official Summer of Sonic Website

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  1. Where do I contact the staff if I want to participate as a DJ on this event? I’ve been waiting for this for very long time. How do I proceed with this?

  2. Welcome to Summer of Sonic #7 – wait, that makes it SUPER Summer of Sonic!

    And the super part has always been you guys, so please support the event if you can and I look forward to seeing all your faces (have I mentioned how fantastic you look today?) on the 6th.

  3. I thought it was always paid entry. It’s why I could never go, aside from the cost of going to London alone. I always missed out on getting a ticket!

      1. I don’t see how I wouldn’t considering whenever I checked the details, it said I had to buy tickets to go. That and a friend went and bought tickets to go.

        Even if all of this was untrue somehow, it’s not an unreasonable thought considering purchasing tickets is the norm for entry to these kinds of events and has been for a while.

  4. I been to SOS09 and SOS11 but since i live in Sweden it is not easy on your economy so i cant come this year… wish i could win on the lotto or something! I hope that you all that can go have fun! I guess i can get one of the T-Shirt at least! 😀 I think i can afford for that at least! XD

  5. One more run…?

    So does the event only happen based on personal interest in the franchise? I’ve asked this before but… It seems to be a trend based on those hosting it having enough desire to do so/seeing enough present worth in Sonic to make it happen.

    Kind of like…

    “It’s coming back, but yeah, just this once to test the waters…”

    I’d say either return to making it yearly or leave it be until that can be done.

    1. There’s a lot of factors that go into whether we can do an event each year. After the 2013 event there was a big turnover of PR staff at Sega’s UK office, including the main people involved in SoS on Sega’s side, so that played a part in the decision. It also gave the community team a bit of a rest after six straight years – SoS is usually the work of at least six months of preparation, and it does take it out of everyone involved.

  6. is Summer of Sonic still run by the fans for the fans with SEGA watching over the shoulder or has SEGA taken it over?

    1. T-Bird, a veteran Sonic fan guru extraordinaire who brought back sexy to hats, is heading up the funding effort.

    2. I’m pretty sure it’s still mostly fan-run, but SEGA does have a bit of association with it.

  7. Oh boy I can’t wait to watch Summer Of Sonic 2016 I’m excited to see it by The Sonic Show if they posted today on Twitter or FaceBook to record it live boadcast?

  8. I’ve just backed it! (My first Kickstarter back, too.) Really hoping to see one of my favourite conventions return. I’ve gone twice before (2012 & 2013) but this is the one I’m most looking forward to!

  9. I can’t make it but was going to pledge for this event anyways. Really cool to see they’re sending out shirts worldwide to those who can’t make it.

  10. This event used to be free. Now you have a kickstarter AND paid entry? There should at least be an explanation behind this.

    The rush to get tickets will be even more horrendous now too since people will likely have to frantically enter their details in record-breaking time just to be told “oops we’ve sold out in less than 30 seconds, too bad”.

    Bad form lads. This isn’t how it used to be.

    1. Tickets are the reward tiers for the kickstarter. So basically buy a ticket by donating. What’s so bad about that?

      1. Yeah and if you think on the cost for the place SoS is going to bee renting this time around it make sense. It is not cheap to rent locals and it is in a place easy to get to. The first times SoS was held in places were the rent was not the same as i think it is to get a place as ILEC Conference Centre!

        Everything has a price and i think that the SoS committee would have wished to still keep it free but the budget is the biggest problem whit this kind of things. When i went 2009 and 2011 it was so not cheap for me to go since i live in Sweden so i have to pay for the journey. I think many from outside the UK that traveled were probably as me, appreciated the it was free to enter.

        But as many others as myself probably understand that to keep having SoS and to take in consecrations on the popularity to it it have to at some point be able to afford the places it will be held at and as i said. To rent a place big enough to hold as many people as possible and be close and easy to fine. It will cost money so i understand the reason for it!

        Sorry if my English is weird i am a Swedish whit dyslexia!

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