S&ASRT Item & Vehicle Concepts Found

The Sonic Stadium has discovered some concept art pieces from 2012 racer Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed. The highlight is the above collection of items and weapons featuring many that went unused. See more after the jump!

The other two images (seen in the gallery below) feature concept work on Dr.Eggman’s and Vyse’s vehicles in their various transformations. The images came from a portfolio from someone who worked on the game, linked below.

Source: Sean Jeon’s portfolio

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  1. Wow there’s a lot of unused items in Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed earlier development from 2012 & also I could see some items in Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing to didn’t add that in Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed 2012 woah Sumo Digital then Sega, that’s too many items in earlier development of Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed in 2012 chill man chill please!

  2. I really hope we get a new SEGA Superstars/All-Stars game soon. Aside from the first game, this has been a really great crossover series. Just concept art like this makes it seem really thoughtful and endearing.

  3. Somehow I manage recognize lots of familiar things in the second picture. Aside of Monitors, Springs, classic blue Shields and Egg Fighter’s Spring Shields, why do I see Item Boxes from Mario Kart and Big Bombs from Sonic CD with blue palette and eyes there?

  4. These games were great, especially the second one. I wonder why they haven’t done a third one yet?

    1. Keep in mind SEGA of Japan/Mr. Iizuka have the strong, very strong belief that anyone else but them being involved with Sonic is a disaster likely waiting to strike, and after the whole BOOM fiasco, this mindset has likely been empowered all the more, making the likelihood of SEGA/Mr. Iizuka putting the developers of this side series in charge of another Sonic/SEGA racer all the more unlikely.

      The studio has already expressed interest in making another game, but SEGA/Mr. Iizuka has yet to allow them to do so… I also blame the whole “mobile or bust” mindset the company has, which is already proving to be a bust for them since the more apps they release it seems the more negative opinion gamers have of SEGA…

        1. ….other than the sordid history of SOJ vs their western branches, and the fact that Sumo Digital hasn’t been given access to the Sonic series in a while despite being responsible for a great-selling sub-franchise, what type of evidence would you need to counter his theory?

          Frankly, the only hole in this conspiracy theory, is that SaSASR came out near 2012. Yet after Sumo Digital made not one but two profitable Sonic games, Iizuka chose the collective of Naughty Dog rejects over those guys for their big reboot/spin-off.

          That doesn’t speak of nationalistic pride and ignorance against Western developers, that just speaks of general ignorance. Or maybe Iizuka didn’t had a choice and he was just as victim to SEGA’s stupidity as anyone else. Chilli Dogs for thoughts.

  5. well the concept art was developing pretty good but SEGA need to work on the art development for the modern sonic games. but still, i think they post this so we can see what work have they done so far.

  6. I would like to see another S&ASR game since transformed was really good.

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