Sega Releasing Limited Edition Art Prints

Sega has teamed up with UK retail outlet ‘funstock’ for a number of limited edition art prints. The prints will be based on a number of Sega franchises, not just Sonic. But since it’s Sonic’s 25th, there are a number of special limited edition 25th anniversary prints which are now up for pre-order.

Some are limited to 995 units, priced at £16.99, others are limited to 5000 units, priced at £9.99.

It’s not just new art either, there will be prints using the classic 90’s art, as well as artwork from game covers.

Other Sega franchises included are Shinobi, Streets of Rage and Golden Axe. For Sonic fans, here’s something to ponder. Is it just me, or does Sonic look at a tad different in the new 25th images? I can’t put my finger on it but something seems different.

Edit: It turns out the artwork is old, in fact it’s very old and not that common, it originates from the manual of Sonic 2… The Japanese manual!


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  1. I like how they used the Game Gear version of Sonic Spinball’s artwork. Very different.

  2. i love the artworks and i love how they used the SEGA console artworks yeah i think the 25th anniversary game will be the classic focus i’ll tell you what.

  3. Those look REALLY cool. I kinda miss Modern Sonic being the focus, but that first design is tops.

    1. Me too but it’s great that Sega isn’t forgetting about the Classics. Both Classic and Modern should have equal attention though.

  4. And yet, they used the AOSTH Robotnik, because it seemed more faithful to the design.

  5. I love these but I really don’t like how some of them look like old, cracked, worn-out T-shirt prints… It just looks shabby.

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