If you missed SXSW’s Sonic events, watch them here!

While all yesterday’s news came out of SXSW’s Sonic 25th Anniversary panel, that wasn’t the only thing SEGA did at the event. Three hours later Aaron Webber, Yuji Naka, Takashi Iizuka, Roger Craig Smith, and Mike Pollock all participated in an in-depth live-streamed Sonic retrospective on Twitch.


This retrospective is a lot meatier than the panel was, so if you’re interested in hearing a bunch of tidbits about Sonic’s history you should check it out.

Due to autoplay, I won’t be embedding either video. To check out the retrospective, click here and go to 6:24:30. To watch the panel, go here and go to 3:15:00.  Special thanks goes to GX Echidna for finding this stuff for me!

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  1. …WARNING. Angry Sonic fans converging on location. Shit Posts Incoming. Prepare Defenses in T-Minus 5, 4, 3, 2…

      1. Yeah, you’re right. It is eerily quiet for such a topic that garnered so much vitriol this week…too quiet.

        Have the fans gotten in touch with their inner Velociraptor? Nah, that is giving the fanbase too much credit. They are not clever girls in the least.

        Guess everyone just tired themselves out and decided to put this behind them. Well there goes my chuckles.

        Disengaging from Battle Mode.

  2. I wonder what Naka and Iizuka’s opinions are, now that they’ve exposed to the “year of Sonic memes” and “Big’s Big Fishing Adventure 3”.

    Also, they now HAVE to acknowledge SatAM, Sonic Jam, Sonic X-treme, Sonic X, etc.

    1. I think it’s pretty interesting that they were sitting there, just watching as a plethora of fans asked for Chao Gardens to return. Since normally they just ignore the topic of Sonic Adventure 3 or Chao Gardens all together, that moment right there was very interesting. I truly wonder if it’ll mean something in the future.

      1. Because its been pretty much thrown in their direction, and they can’t use the “we’re Japanese game designers and are too busy to worry about western memes and cult classics associated with our intellectual property” excuse. How would that look.

        At if they could, they would’ve mentioned the Archie comics, Penders, and Flynn.

        It would be interest to see so many famous people involved in so many different aspects and mediums of the Sonic franchise in one room together at a table, similar to The View, all adding their two cents in regards to Sonic’s future and the fanbase.

  3. Well okay that event of Sonic The Hedgehog 25th Anniversary Sxsw Gaming center was impressive to see it.

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