Sonic Talk 36: Super Talk Bros

An episode 24 years in the making! But not really. Join Alex, GX and Jason as they talk about Yo-Kai Watch and Street Fighter 5 in “Stuff talk”. We also talk about the long lost SegaSonicBros arcade prototype, the Sonic movie coming in 2018 and why are Sonic comics facing such huge delays. All this, a comedy segment with GX and Reef from Spindash and more!

If you want to hear more of me and GX (with Evil Dr. Reef) chatting all things Sonic (and why would you?), you can listen to us on “The spindash” at while you’re there, check out GX’s other features including Straw Hat Quarterly and Horse Power.

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  1. Just want you all to know i have made a new video whit the Unstoppable Hedgehogs band!

    I think i did better on it then the first one but i wish i had a better video edition program then windows movie maker! The new version of it sucks! Its hard to edit in it… or i am to used to how the old one was. Well i hope you all still enjoy it! 🙂

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