Sonic Boom Fire & Ice Delayed Until Fall 2016

Sonic Boom Fire Ice 2016

Well it took a while, but pics from Tomy’s booth at the New York Toy Fair have finally leaked out and they contain some news which nobody was expecting.

Some of this information I do not believe is correct at all, however here it is because it’s the most official thing we’ve got.

First of all, the most unlikely bit of news, that being the two game launches in 2016, I doubt these will be the only ones, but yeah there it is.

However the other bit of news is that Boom Fire & Ice appears to have been delayed to the end of 2016! That’s… a lot later than many predicted, but thinking about it, it makes sense given the lack of information about it since it was first announced.

Those expecting an early 2016 release, looks like it’ll now be a Christmas release.

Source: Idle Hands

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  1. Well it makes sense that the second 3DS Boom game would come out with Season 2 of the TV show. It’s a nice way to raise awareness.

    1. Agreed my fellow Falcon Limbed comrade. This is actually pretty good case for TV Show Synergy: most of the time being on date with a show unveiling brings about a crappy project, but Sanzaru delaying the game till season 2 not only raises awareness, but makes a good excuse for some quick quality control. Fire and Ice may wind up actually above average…maybe even good.

  2. This is only good news to me! Although I’ll admit, I was kind of wanting to play a Sonic game in the Summer. 😛

  3. Well, I guess they were serious about delaying it. Here’s hoping they use the time to make some serious changes– starting with expanded gameplay and good looking graphics please!

  4. I don’t care. Sonic Boom, even as a concept, isn’t the least bit interesting to me. Its pretty much a different series, it isn’t Sonic. I’m pretty good in all honesty. Nothing is lost here.

    1. You know, it always feels weird to me when people refer to Boom as “not Sonic”, when it pretty much is. When you get down to it, there’s not a whole lot differentiating the mainstream and Boom series, other than slightly different designs, and slightly tweaked personalities. The characters are the same, as is the concept. Blue supersonic hedgehog and colourful friends fight egg shaped mad scientist and his robot army.

      Be it Classic, Modern, or Boom, at the end of the day, it’s still Sonic.

      1. And depending on the region and your particular belief system, Sonic Boom is as much as a throwback to classic Sonic as, say Sonic 4 or Sonic Lost World. A throwback to a time where whatever lore Sonic Team was trying to establish was hidden neatly in the background while audiences were entranced with the spectacle of watching a blue hedgehog beat up an egg shaped scientist to save his animal friends.

        The best way to think about the show is as a more nuanced, less weird CGI version of The Adventures of Sonic The Hedgehog cartoon.

  5. Sounds about right. Imagine all of the fun Snow/Heat Miser parodies you could come up with on advertising! It just might be too much. X)

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