Sonic Boom TV Development Footage Found

The Sonic Stadium has found some early animation from the Sonic Boom TV series in four developer showreels. The footage is from production on season 1 and was worked on by various artists at Infinite Frameworks Studios.

Source: YouTube (Syaiful Musta’in, Gemilang Rahmandhika, Putri Yunita Samsu and Try Eka

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  1. Oh wow, in Putri’s showreel. You can actually see Sticks’ feet from the final fight in Designated Heroes.

    1. Huh. I thought that the reason they hid her feet in that episode was because they hadn’t made a shoeless model. Kind of weird.

      1. its weird that they did not show it and also its weird that some sonic characters does not have toes on there feet but if i make my own sonic character or fan character or make my own character i can add 5 toes on there feet :/

  2. i really like seeing in-production stuff, it just amazesses me how its all done and what randering changes.

  3. Woah, Sticks’s feet aren’t cut out of the shot in Designated Heroes…and just like any depiction of Sonic character’s feet, they look gross and unnatural. No loss there.

  4. …Eggman Nega?

    Huh… Weird he looks like his alter ego in development stuff…

    Sonic BOOM exists in the Sol dimension confirmed.

  5. I love looking at all of these production videos. I know its just a placeholder color, but I actually really like Black Dress Amy. Makes her look like some kind of spy or dark action girl.

  6. How come the showreel DOES show Sticks’ bare feet, and yet the final project doesn’t? Either way, I can finally masturbate to Sticks and her feet!

      1. Which is why I got banned from the forums in the first place! The Sonic Series is just a breeding ground for fetish fuel, so I decided to join the SonicHentai forums; Ages 18+ Only!

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