2016 to Have Several New Sonic Games


Blink and you’ll miss it. If you read the article posted in ToyWorld Mag carefully, you’ll notice that Sega has finally confirmed that 2016 will get a Sonic game, or should that be ‘Games.’

Now you might think ‘they already did’ urm… actually, they didn’t, they’ve not yet confirmed it, this is the first time they’ve confirmed new ‘games’ for 2016, we’ve assumed that there would be one given all the teases, but it’s not yet actually been confirmed.

So far the only thing which we assume will come out this year is Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice, however that also doesn’t have an official release date, but this article states ‘new games’ suggesting there will be the sequel to Boom and at least one other mystery title.

Keep checking TSS for more news when we get it.

Thanks to Steve who spotted this.

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  1. Obviously we have Fire & Ice and Rio 2016, which you’d think have been out last year. 😛

    Obviously Sonic Team will be back with a main game, I mean they won’t skip a milestone anniversary.

    But will there be any more than those three (mobile aside)? Who knows.

      1. Because China and Japan are the only reason they are still in business over at Sega. They own tons of arcades.

  2. Maybe both of those 2 Sonic Team games are gonna be Sonic Games along with Fire and Ice and the Rio 2016 Onlympic games. That would put it at a total of 4 games this year!

  3. I think having a main anniversary title, another Sonic Team spin-off, Rio 2016, and Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice would be a pretty good anniversary haul.

  4. Sonic fighter please, at the very least if you pull another “no one playable but Sonic” SEGA, at the very least give me something I can enjoy that has every character in it that isn’t just the Olympics or an iOS game where everyone’s a near carbon copy of each other.

  5. How is this news? We already knew that at least Mario & Sonic Rio Olympic Games and Sonic Boom Fire & Ice were coming out this year.

    Is this site getting that desperate for news now? Because there is also a new uposted preview of Sonic Universe…

      1. No, we already knew from a long time ago that at least 2 Sonic games were going to be released this year, the ones mentioned above in case you weren’t told.

        1. Well in future we’ll just send you all future information to get your approval as to what gets posted and what doesn’t.

      2. yeah SEGA confirms that there will be several sonic games this year but this is too much for them i mean really thats way too many sonic games this year i mean sometimes they show 4 sonic games back in 2010 sonic free riders sonic colors sonic and sega all stars racing and finally sonic 4 episode 1. yeah those are one of the best sonic games that people ever played but i love how they did with the CGI cutscenes and the 3D levels. also i just wish SEGA could work on episode 3 of sonic 4 :/.

        1. Yeah, and is funny how they didn’t release anything past year except for Sonic Runners, the best part about this year games is that most probably every single game is being developed by a different studio allowing each to focus all their reasources on their game.

          1. i agree but SEGA does offer some studios help to work on some other sonic game like hedgehog engine and other sonic titles yeah there resources on the sonic games is very critical to my book also sonic runners having some huge problems now but i don’t know why because i never seen any problems with that game and people are getting much problems about the sonic games adventure style :/

  6. Well odds are they are referring to at least one new Mainstream title, and I’m certain that The Olympic Games and Fire & Ice are due this year as well. But who knows, there could always be another mystery title waiting beneath the surface that we didn’t see coming. Either way I hope this year really does deliver in terms of Sonic awesomeness!

  7. Throughout the year, eh? I guess this is going to be a big celebration for Sonic after all. I’m cautiously optimistic.

  8. I’m pretty sure we’re going to get another Sonic Generations (which is awesome!!) but with Boom Sonic and Co. shoe-horned in too. I guess that would make sense from the business side of things. Bring Classic, Modern and Boom Sonics all together in hopes of making a game that all three fanbases will purchase.

    I’d be all over that (despite having no interest in Boom).

  9. I’m more interested in what’s happening with the Sonic Film by Sony. I hope the idea of CGI + Live action got scrapped and just full on CGI.

    1. It is still being made according to the Writer I think. Vin or Van or something like that.

  10. 3 games; 1 sonic for each. ‘Pixel’ Sonic gets a downloadable title for Android and iOS, Modern Sonic get’s a main release on PS4/XBox One/PC and Sonic Boom: Fire and Ice for 3DS. I’d be happy with that 🙂

    1. Pixel? What an ugly prefix lol…If anything, S3&K would be a god send despite it’ll probably never happen cos copyright and shit iirc?

  11. I want Sonic and Wreck-It-Ralph: The Day of Wreckoning! Gimme what I want Sega now or I’M GONNA WRECK IT!

  12. But could this also be interpreted as merely the ANNOUNCEMENT of a new game(s), though? Although everyone’s conclusions might be correct, which would be interesting to see what SEGA/Sonic Team turns out being as so many Sonic games have been all over the board in terms of playstyle conventions.. But if this is indeed a new game or games release in addition to Rio and Fire and Ice this year then this seems to me the biggest video game surprise since the Final Fantasy VII Remake E3 announcement that SE pulled last Summer: All that hush hush and then… BAM! New game that you weren’t expecting!

  13. I think new “games” could just be 2 or 3 this year.

    the new Mario & Sonic is set for this year along with Sonic Boom Fire & Ice so there could be 1 more which of course would be a 25th anniversary title.

    There’s already rumours the 25th Anniversary title will be Classic Sonic focused but who knows. roll on 2016.

      1. Can’t classic Sonic just be a series of one-off prequel games (before Sonic Adventure).

    1. I too had thought about that. A Kirby Super Star-like compilation with Sonic Adventure storytelling and gameplay. Each game is a SA reimagining of past titles from the classic era (minus the kart racing games, Spinball, and DRMBM).

      If Star Fox 64 (a game that was already decent) can do it, why not the classic Sonic games.

  14. This is quite surprising to me. I am also hyped for this announcement that has been presented.

  15. I am seeing Sega are doing amazing announcing more Sonic games on our way right after Sonic Boom Fire & Ice gets release in 2016 maybe were gonna get a another Sonic game by Sega around October,2016 for Nintendo NX to be releaseed the same day as Zelda U? It will be awesome as a blast to enjoy it for Nintendo NX by Sonic Fans, to get Nintendo NX Console & the new Sonic game with a bundle exclusive it will be a dream come ture the first time Sega ever done it in their lifes for it will be anyones favorite for all to see it!!!!

      1. He hopes SEGA will release a new Sonic game for the Nintendo NX which might launch the same day as Zelda U and believes said Sonic game will be popular.

        Seriously, what am I, the guys personal translator? Before having a go at him over his lack of English skills, maybe try learning to at least partially understand what he types as it’s not impossible to do.

  16. Sonic boom in my opinion is a bad game, id rather have the normal looking characters in a new game with new possibilities

  17. Make another shadow game (not a spin off of “shadow the Hedgehog”) that you actualy put some effort into. And the thing i hated about sonic boom is that sonic seemed to have lost his trademark ability, HIS SPEED! I remember those times when saying another sonic character was as fast as sonic (sonic adventure 2) was a big deal (shadow), but now it seems that every one and everything can catch up to sonic. I mean seriusly lyric, some fat ancient snake, can keep up with him. Whats next? Oh maybe eggman will challenge sonic to a race and win without his robots, or they’ll re-introduce humens and make the fastest man alive about as fast as sonic. I thought sonic had the title “fastest thing alive” for a reason. Sonic boom looks like a big flop to me, and I dont suggest taking away the main characters most known ability, and continuing with that serius. Oh and the new shadow acts alot worse then the original, he’s just some creepy backround guy just there spying on everything thats happening. Remeber when shadow wasnt a weakling and could, I dont know, ANNIHILATE SONIC IN BATTLE LIKE NO ONE BEFORE.

  18. Oh and another thing the new sonic doesnt look as good as the modern era sonic did. Get back to that look and stop with sonic boom. Also the new knuckles is simply an idiot. Knuckles was once one of the “cooler characters, but now he’s just that strong idiot guy just their for being strong and dumb.

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