New “Christmas With Sonic” Released

What better way to get into the festive spirit than with Sonic and pals? As part of Balenaproductions’ annual “Christmas with Sonic” series, watch as Sonic and his friends try to spend the festive season with Tails’ family this time around. But as usual, nothing ever goes quite as planned.

“Christmas with Sonic in Paradise” is the fifth installment in the festive series, created by Steven Page. He’s well know in the Sonic fanbase for making animated 3D videos with Sonic, with popular hits such as “Sonic in Jaws”, “Sonic in Scared Stupid” and the parody series “Sonic Zombie” which recently came to a close. You can check out his channel here.

From all of us here at The Sonic Stadium, have a Merry Christmas! How are you spending the festive season? Hopefully better than Sonic and his buddies, if the above video is anything to go by…?

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    1. What part of any of this implied or said “25th anniversary”? I’m genuinely curious, how could anyone come to that conclusion after reading “New “Christmas with Sonic” released”?

      1. He always manages to bring the subject to the 25th anniversary. And he also has not once used the shift key or punctuation.

        He’s kind of quirky.

  1. Eh, I typically feel insulted by these videos with how they treat Silver and some other characters (though Page’s attitude is usually what irks me most of the time), but at this point it’s kind of a year-round tradition, and at least somebody is being creative and expressing themselves. So even if I don’t agree with a lot of what he says or thinks, at least he’s made things that a lot of people enjoy, so I think it’s still worth celebrating. And again, I can usually get behind most of the jokes he puts in right up until he makes Silver look and sound like a joke. It just feels so childish compared to how well thought out everything else is. But in any case, may as well watch the special and see if I like it any more than the others or not.

  2. Ok, kind of what I expected. Everything was nice and funny and touching and all that, and as usual the only thing wrong is whenever he went out of his way to poke fun at Silver. I have to say the only “insulting” stuff I came across from this was that middle part where he’s literally just patronizing anyone who even likes Silver. There’s better ways to address viewer complaints than being a huge dick Steve. Ugh, I’m not much one for the whole punching bag joke thing, so maybe that’s why I don’t care for much jokes at the expense of characters like Jar Jar, it just feels unwarranted and needlessly cruel. But whatever, these have always been a bit of a mixed basket with me. It certainly doesn’t help that Silver is one of my favorite characters, but at least literally everything else but those scenes I actually liked. But boy it’s gotten pretty predictable at this point.

  3. Pretty much on the same lines as everyone else here; It’s always great to see one of these, but I’m always fed up with how Silver is portrayed as having no character traits beyond being the outcast that no one likes for the sake of forced punching bag comedy. Other than that, I felt everything was on point.

  4. On the same boat as everyone else here, save a couple, really. I love these and everyone is portrayed pretty much perfectly aside from Silver. He’s literally the only character they ever portray really badly. It just seems like he’s literally just attacking the character purely because he doesn’t like him instead of actually trying (or caring enough) to make a decent running gag out of him or do what the fans, the viewers, would like which, at this point in time, would be the smarter way to go about it.

    I will also say, however, I do find the whole Shadow the chef thing cringeworthy. I thought it was an interesting idea to start with but now it just feels very forced and overly silly, to the point he loses some of his own character and charm.

    1. In my own opinion I love how Shadow is. It’s a different take on how he could of ended up Post-Shadow.

      I welcome him being silly and pompous. In my opinion it does add something that only David Humphrey gave to the character.

  5. I can understand why people wouldn’t like Silver but I love how big of a joke he is and he’s constantly getting beaten down like pathetic insect under someone’s boot.

    I’m totally am okay with it and hope to see it more in the future. I’m also just a jerk so you should all probably ignore my unwanted opinion.

  6. That was a Amazing New Christmas Sonic video by Balenaproductions & also I love the fact of opening senses colorful drawings he has of Sonic characters are actually animated is a bit familiar to Sonic X!

  7. Ah… I always love warming up every year and watching a really swell fan production with my favorite characters. Yes, I’d like Silver to be portrayed seriously, but I still love these. My heart always grows three sizes when I see them. 🙂 This one was no different.

    And oh hey, there’s Sore Ass.

  8. Love the Christmas with Sonic series. I look forward to them every year, and as always this year’s episode didn’t disappoint! Was great fun! 😀

    I still enjoy the fan version of the characters/universe of it… Tails feels far more like what I imagine him on here then he has in the games to me for ages, sweet and cute. Shadow being a elite chief is funny but still a bit random to me. And everybody is amusing overall… And the Silver torment never gets old. Yohooho hoo~

  9. Merry Christmas to you too! 🙂 I’ll be doing what I do every year I suppose. This is my last year living at home though since college awaits me next year so I guess that’s a thing. 😛

  10. I garuntee you. I promise you that absolutely no one would hate the Silver stuff if it was a more universally hated character. The internet is a lot more thickle then you’d all believe.

    So I enjoy it. It’s a good thing I’m not a Silver fan. At least when it comes to these videos because if it was in the real world I’d be treated a lot better and probably have a lot more privledge.

  11. Merry Christmas! I loved the first one, but I didn’t know there were sequels. Pretty happy about that. 😀

    1. Not sure why Silver’s such the hot button for insult material when there’s much more that’s far worse than him that can be shat on. Sonic Chronicles, most everything Pre-Genesis Wave in Archie, and the entire existence of Sonic Boom.

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