Want 10% Off That New Sega Merchandise?


If you’ve not read our review on the new Sega merchandise by Numskull, you should really give it a read, the products are actually pretty good.

But you know what’s better than really good merchandise? Money off said merchandise, that’s why our friends at Rubber Road have provided TSS and it’s readers with a special discount code to use at Yellow Bulldog to get money off your order.

That code is: STADIUM10

If you enter that code during your checkout you’ll get 10% off your order, it seems to work with any item on their website (excluding sales items) and since they’ve just started to sell those Christmas Jumpers, you might find this code of use!

So if you were interested in the products before hand or our review has convinced you to buy them, have 10% off!

Remember, code is only valid at this website: YellowBulldog.co.uk

P.S. Yes they post outside the UK, but do check all the details before ordering.

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