Dr. Eggman Takes Over Sonic The Hedgehog’s Twitter


Dr. Eggman. Evil super genius, Grammy award winner and Fuzzy Puppy gaming pro has taken over Sonic’s Twitter account. The menacing mustachioed mastermind hacked his way onto Twitter and into our hearts with several replies and tweets to Archie comics and Roger Craig Smith,  all the way to our own Adam Tuff with a shoutout to our site! So head on over to Son-er…I mean, Dr. Eggman’s Twitter account and ask him a question. He may even leave an audio reply! All hail the great Eggman Empire!!

Hee! Hee! Eggman’s burst through the image gave Tails a mustache. How apropo.

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  1. “Hee! Hee! Eggman’s burst through the image gave Tails a mustache.”
    I thought I was the only one who thought of that XD.

  2. I don’t think menacing or mastermind are even close to being good adjectives for Boom Eggman.

      1. What? Main Eggman is serious shit! He has unleashed 3 gods, one of them being a multidimensional dimension eater, destroyed the moon and earth, enslaved millions, and the list goes on. All Boom Eggman has done is invade Sonic’s house.

        1. He’s also made 2 robots that destroys themselves without Sonic even needing to do anything in Sonic and Knuckles, he’s destroyed his own Flying Battery Zone by shooting lasers into it, he’s made a slot machine robot that aids the enemy more than it does him, he has a swimming pool and an arcade room aboard his Egg Carrier, and he’s used two of the aforementioned gods to try and build his own theme park.

          I take the villains in My Little Pony more seriously than Eggman.

          1. And don’t forget:

            *building a Death Star rip-off with his goofy looking face on it, had it fail twice, and never did anything of significance with it.

            *thinks slow, clunky mechs are appropriate for fighting speedy, nimble opponents

            *his badniks look like they came out of a Happy Meal

            *threw a Yosemite Sam style hissy fit in the good endings of Sonic 1 and Sonic 2 taxman/stealth edition.

            *and finally, if you count the Game Gear games, saved Sonic from falling in a lava pit. You could argue that he wants the pleasure of killing Sonic himself, but he still wasted a good opportunity to get rid of his biggest obstacle for world domination.

          2. @Andrew Tuell

            1. First off, I feel like your calling the Death Egg’s face “goofy” for the sake of trying to insult it rather than making a valid point. There’s nothing about the face that makes it legitimately laughable.

            Second, why are you complaining that Eggman lost? By this logic, pretty much every single villian that has ever created some doomsday device and have it fail should not be taken seriously. Ever.

            Doing something “of significance with” the Death Egg would likely result in a very grim ending. If that’s really what you want, then you have quite a twisted image of Sonic.

            2. You have to keep in mind when you add a lot of ammunition, weaponry, titanium plates, etcetra…it’s gonna get pretty heavy. Also, it’s very hard to catch up with Sonic’s speed and agility. If it wasn’t, we would see an army of Metal Sonics by now.

            3. In the classic era, this is true. But you have to keep in mind that it was aimed for ALL audiences, including young children.

            Also, Mecha Sonic still exists, y’know.

            4. Not sure why this is even a point.

            5. Because we’d have Tails Adventure 2, Tails Unleashed, Tails Generations…

            …okay, point made. But it’s still a nitpick in my book.


            I feel like a lot of these points are just a bunch of pointless cherry picking, even from TheHumbleFellow. If you’re going to make fun of Eggman’s reputation by nitpicking short and pointless events, AND try to use these as legitimate statements, I have no faith in you. Eggman summoned a water god, held the world hostage, and made an entire Egg Fleet singlehandedly.

            You see why I’m ticked off at Boom yet? He’s pretty much the reincarnation of Dr. Doofenshmirtz.

  3. I gotta say, having an official Twitter account this freeform was a risky move, but it completely worked to their advantage. Imagine if other accounts were run by madmen.

  4. The difference:

    Eggman: Bumbling idiot who, despite being a ‘genius’ can’t get anything right. He’s constantly making a fool of himself and bickering with equally ineffective robot imbeciles and the whole thing just ends up being nonsensical and childish comic relief (except, no comedy).

    Robotnik: Evil Genius, proved his power (and madness) by taking over the planet, enslaving most of it’s populous and turning them into cyborg minions. Consistently created machines that actually did damage (instead of goofing around).

    The first’s lack of any sense of real villainy has been one of the major reasons for sonic’s downfall. Sonic doesn’t seem that impressive anymore since his biggest enemy is a fat jack***.

    Yet, back in the 90s, when he was taking on someone that was visibly evil (Do you REMEMBER the SatAM Robotnik?!) and actually was a force to be reckoned with, it made Sonic seem a lot cooler that he could take that on.

    Granted, it’s not the only reason by a long shot, but it’s in the top 3 easy.

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