UPDATE: Sonic Boom Amy & Tails Official Mascot Costumes Spotted at BLE 2015


UPDATE: A new photo has been discovered.



Well we’ve had Sonic, so why not Tails & Amy too?

London’s Brand Licensing Europe 2015 is under way and Sega are attending the event and it would appear that they are trying to sell more Sonic Boom licenses. Well to aid them with this, it would appear that the Sonic Mascot is now joined by Tails and Amy.

In a picture posted to twitter by twitter user Ahrani of the show floor, the photo caught a glimpse of Sega’s booth, if you look closer (you may need to check the original tweet itself for the best quality), you can make out Amy & Tails mascot characters.

This would be the first time Amy & Tails have been seen in their Sonic Boom designs as mascot characters. In fact it might be the first time that Amy has ever appeared as an official costume and Tails’ last outing was way back in the mid 90’s.

So if you thought that Boom would be going away, better think again, you don’t spend a small fortune on costumes like this if you intend to shelf it soon within a year.

Odds are more information will come to light in the next few days, keep checking TSS for more information as and when we get it.

Source: Twitter

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    1. To be fair, those masks really fit well with the on again off again animation of the characters in the anime. X)

  1. “I knew you were coming, Rise of Lyric and Shattered Crystal… But you will never obliterate Sonic Boom! Because Sonic Boom is unoblit-unob-unobliterary-… You can’t kill it.”

    Ok, but in all seriousness, it is good to see Sega moving forward with Boom despite major setbacks. I hope more info comes out– a sneak peek at Season 2 would be highly unrealistic but also really cool. I also hope CN plans on doing more advertising for the show in the future…

    1. I imagine there’ll be a cast reading at some convention in the near future. We had one for Season 1.

        1. They FINALLY got to that Fuzzy Puppies thing! It was killing me for a whole year not knowing what the heck was going on with that plot! XD”

  2. Cool artwork over there of Sonic and Tails.

    And yeah, this definitely shows how Sonic Boom is moving forward. Good.

  3. Yay, Ames gets a costume! The only one missing is Knuckles…I can imagine that must be a “fun” costume to try and figure out. X)””

  4. I can now physically not live without owning the Tails costume. I don’t care if it fits, I just need to look at it.

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