Sonic Talk 32: Sequential Sonic (Interview with Ian Flynn)


Welcome to the TSS premiere of Sonic Talk! We’ve moved our show from Segabits to here at the Sonic Stadium. Sadly this episode is very late but great and worth the wait! In this comic book heavy episode, we get a nice, long interview with Sonic comic book scribe Ian Flynn! We talk about the Sonic/Mega Man crossover,”World’s Unite”, the recent Sonic story arcs, writing comedy for Sonic Boom and a little behind the scenes on the reboot. Meanwhile, Alex gives his final two cents on a previous Sonic writer who shall remain nameless, but you can probably guess who. All this and more in the first Sonic Talk on Sonic Stadium!

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  1. See, hearing the stuff about Worlds Unite with the knowledge of the event is funny, hearing about how Ian may consider adding original characters to Boom if it reaches Universe issue number in the wake of it ending two weeks ago is just sad.

    Also just to clarify for guys for the con question, Ian won’t be able to make it to NYCC this year, he confirmed it a day ago.

    1. Any idea who WILL be making it. I’d like to talk to some of the guys regarding art feedback and say hi to Dubs.

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