Sonic Runners hits 4 Million Downloads, Free Red Rings for All

This is starting to become a bit of a regular thing now isn’t it? Sonic Runners has reached 4 million downloads worldwide, to celebrate this, players who login between September 19th – September 23rd will receive 10 red rings for each day that they log in.


Some may find this of use as Sonic Runners also changed the way you can unlock Amy Rose, no longer do you need Facebook referrals, now you can actually buy her similar to how you currently unlock ‘Team Easy’.

Or you could try the roulette trick and see if you get lucky.

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  1. You can also now get Standard Amy Rose for 300 Red Stars Rings which is useful for people like me who don’t really use Facebook and finds it hard looking for ten other people they know that also play Sonic Runners.

  2. I really hope the characters that left the roulette will be buy able with red rings in the future. The wheel is good for the buddies and items though. At least buddies stay on it.

  3. The word “annual” means yearly. A better word choice perhaps would have been, “common occurrence.”

  4. Oh my goodness this is dream come true in Sonic Runners giving us Red Star Rings for free until on September 23, 2015 it ends horray thank you Sega for this year!

  5. Yeah, now that I played it a lot, I realize Sega actually gives a LOT of free red rings. 5 or 10 for every time you complete an episode (5 for parts, 10 for the whole thing). 10 for every 7 days in a row you do the daily challenge. The collection events that come about once a month, and it seems once you buy the $40 Red Ring package, you’ll get enough items to get really good scores easily (namely the Golden Lamp and Skull chao. Gold Flickies with enough animal bonus can get you around 100,000 points per flicky!).

    Shame it’s all luck and getting repeats on the Premium wheel feels like a stab (Unless it’s a character, cause you get your Rings back AND several other things), but the game’s really not as bad as I initially thought. The start is slow, but get some good buddies and it starts to pick up.

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