Preview: Sonic Universe #79

Let’s literally do the the time warp again!


There’s a new arc to behold in Sonic Universe #79, and Comic Book Resources has the preview for it. Silver’s future may not be haunted by a fire god any more, but an Orwellian future isn’t so peachy either. Especially not when he’s pulled into the thick of a conspiracy going on that’ll prove perilous to our hero! See how Silver first got involved with the Genesis Portal shenanigans that were so pivotal to Worlds Unite in “The Silver Age”: part 1.

STORY BY: Evan Stanley
ART BY: Tracy Yardley, Jim Amash
COLORS BY: Matt Herms
LETTERS BY: Jack Morelli
COVER BY: Evan Stanley
PUBLISHER: Archie Comics
RELEASE DATE: Aug 26th, 2015
SILVER THE HEDGEHOG RETURNS in an ALL-NEW adventure! Enter: ”The Silver Age”: Part One – Silver the Hedgehog’s future may no longer be a terrible burning ruin, but it certainly is far from safe! Mystery and danger abounds as Silver is dragged into a dangerous conspiracy linked to the reality-warping menaces known as the Genesis Portals! Featuring cover art by Sonic comic extraordinaire Evan Stanley plus a “HERO” variant with art provided by SEGA!

Sonic Universe #79 is due to be released this Wednesday. If there’s one thing you can guarantee, it’ll be ahead of our time!

Source: Comic Book Resources

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  1. Silver is one of my favorite characters so I’m very excited for this arc! I’m also curious to see how Silver’s time is now in the post-genesis world (you know, without the whole future ruined by a freedom fighter member’s betrayal). I’ll try to fight the temptation to look at the preview and wait till Wednesday to read the whole thing.

  2. This is AWESOME! 😀 I wish Silver had his own game that started like this. Archie’s really doing a good job.

  3. Silver age is looking good. It’s interesting that even though both 06 and the pre-SGW continuity have restored it, things still kinda suck.

    Evan Stanley is writing this, so let’s all make sure to catch as many references to Ghosts of the Future as we can.

  4. This looks awesome! Let’s just hope they don’t fall back into the pattern of bad and predictable endings the new comics seem to have fallen into. T_T

    1. I’m so glad they made Silver such a badass too, he’s among my favourite characters! Never did get the hate towards him, not his fault he was in a massively flawed game and a badly broken boss fight, the character himself was really good (by SEGAs standards) and he easily has one of the best backstories in the games, or did before SEGA did away with him for whatever reason. T_T I did, however hate the whole “YOU MUST BE THE TRAITOR!” thing he did pre-reboot in the comics, that was just plain annoying.

      1. Silver is basically Trunks. I don’t like Trunks, so yeah. I won’t be getting this arc, I like Blaze though 🙂

        1. Basically hit the nail on the head there, Melvin. A general rule of thumb is that basing your characters on the archetypes established by DBZ is always a stupid idea (and one that I though hurt the fanbase a lot), but when you base your character on Trunks, then it’s very likely that character would become a disappointment.Both characters where basically created with the purposes of being plot devices: they come from the future to give off exposition, do ONE cool thing, and then go back of the line to wank off about something or whatever (MUH FATHER! MUH IBLIZ TRIGGUR!).

          to be fair to Silver, he’s actually an improvement over Trunks: you get the obvious trade-off from a half-alien bishonen swordsman with a daddy complex to a naive jedi hedgehog whose judgement is dubious and his hair looks like marijuana. However, he also has more interesting abilities, a slightly more interesting personality (keyword: SLIGHTLY) and he doesn’t have to suffer the embarrassment of being replaced by a younger, dumber version of yourself. Finally, Silver actually f$%^ing contributes to the solution to his particular time anomaly: he did his job and SAVED THE FUTURE.

          Trunks just got shot and then cried to his daddy some more.

          1. Still has one of the best backstories among the characters in the games though. Like, everyone else aside from Shadow and Knuckles just kinda exists as far as the games are concerned, even Sonic himself since his original backstory disappeared after the Japanese launch of Sonic 1 (Megadrive) and outside of the Fleetway comics or had a vague backstory to start with which either got ditched or screwed up (I’m looking at you, Blaze!) after their first appearance.

  5. I gotta say man.. Evan Stanley needs to keep writing Silver, i have alot of faith in her because of her Ghosts to the future comic, and so far im just hyped up and can’t wait for part 2.. The Archie comics for Silver treat him so well than sega does in the games and its almost a crying shame that Silver does not get this kind of development as a character let alone exposure to the fanbase. Im still wishing for a game that is either featured on Silver or a game that has Silver being a part of the story (hint sonic 06 where it was Sonic,then Shadow and Silver)

  6. I really can’t stand Silver. He made his debut in one of the worst sonic games ever made, and was easily tricked to do a villain’s bidding during most of his campaign. He was just whiny the whole way.

    Sonic Generations did him a little good, but it was nowhere near redemption. I’d be surprised if Sega did much of anything with him in the future.

    We’ll see how things go in this comic arc, but I’ve already read the preview of the last comic in this arc. The enemy is too powerful for Silver.

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