SEGA Admits Betraying Fans, Game Announcement at TGS

SEGA Games CEO Haruki Satomi has admitted in an interview with Japanese magazine Famitsu that he feels the company has “betrayed” the trust of their fans with several titles released, and how the focus of the company will now shift to quality releases to “win back the customers’ trust”.


Highlighting the acquisition of Atlus, Satomi discusses how they’ve learned from the Japanese developers and how their North American and European markets have in the past primarily focused on “schedules”, which leads him to the conclusion they are better to release nothing at all if they continued down that path.

“As far as the Western market goes, we learned a lot from Atlus. If we can make a title with proper quality, I believe there’s a good chance for it to do well even in the West for players that like to play Japanese games.”

“I’ve been talking to the employees about how we should start putting serious consideration into quality from this point on. Especially in North America and Europe, where it’s always been more of a focus on schedules, I believe that if we can’t maintain quality, it would be better to not release anything at all.”

Satomi follows by admitting the company has “partially betrayed” their older fans with select games.

“We did our best to build a relationship of mutual trust with older fans of Sega, but looking back, there’ve been some titles that have partially betrayed that [trust] in the past 10 years.”

Satomi could of course be partially referring the recently released Sonic Boom titles on Wii U and 3DS, which shipped just 490,000 copies combined back when we reported in February, making it the worst selling major Sonic game in history. The Wii U version’s reception was especially negative, scoring just 32 from critic aggregator Metacritic – thus making it the worst reviewed Wii U title of the year.

It’s not all doom and gloom though, as Satomi says there could be a new home console game announced at the Tokyo Game Show 2015, which is in September. Could we get our first glimpse at the 25th Anniversary title?

“Since we’re seriously considering quality, I can’t make that promise for the time being, but I believe we will announce something for home console at Tokyo Game Show,”

“Sega in the ‘90s was known for its ‘brand, but after that, we’ve lost trust, and we were left with nothing but reputation. For this reason, we’d like to win back the customers’ trust, and become a ‘brand,’ once again.”

How do you feel about the comments made by SEGA’s CEO? Would you agree with him? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Siliconera

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  1. The best thing you can do with developing any game is to delay it. And this is something that Sega really needs to start doing.

    If those comments are any indication, it looks like that might be starting very soon.

    In the words of Shigeru Miyamoto: “A delayed game is eventually good. A rushed game is forever bad.”

    1. I wouldn’t always agree with this,there been a lot of delayed games that still suffer when they come out, and I hate to bring it up because It’s all over these days but 06 was delayed atleast twice before it came out,it will always be a gamble

      1. In fact, everything SEGA delayed came out awful. Shadow the Hedgehog, Sonic Unleashed (for the most part), ’06, I believe Sonic and the Black Knight was delayed…

        1. Sonic Unleashed was IMO a fantastic game, it’s just the Werehog levels dragged it down to just being decent.

        2. Wait what? In what AU do you live in where Shadow, Unleashed and Black Knight was delayed? They all came in the standard Sonic time to develop games, in 2 years top (some even made it to 1 and half). Generations was the last title to really delay itself for quality and there hasn’t been a Sonic that was delayed for quality purposes in the past other than SA1.

          1. Considering how polished Sonic Generations was, I think they should probably consider giving their projects more time more often. And even if they can make a game as good as that in 1.5 to 2 years, they should at least still devote a good couple of months or a year getting the story, writing, and dialogue nailed down and refined. Plus it always helps to have gameplay experiences that last longer due to level length and number, rather than how many side missions you have.

          2. They were all delayed in the UK… I know for a fact because I followed all of them diligently from announcement. This was before I stopped giving that much of a crap about games before release.

  2. Sounds so good that almost feels like and April fools joke, I don’t always believe what any represetative of Sega says but they at least must be planning something big in the future to reckon their errors from the past 10 years, and after all I really hope they DO learn something from Atlus, I’m a big fan of Atlus and even if they products are “very japanese” they’re so good that they’re beloved worldwide.

    1. A shame it’s July. But hey, if it winds up just being in genuine as it always was, we can always take this statement and throw it back in their faces, and it’ll be funny.

      Aside from that, ATLUS is the best thing that SEGA has for them right now, so they stand to learn plenty of from ATLUS…as longas it doesn’t involve fanservice, THAT part could be ignored a bit (only a bit).

  3. This is awesome! The first step in the path to healing is admitting you have a problem. 🙂 Glad to see Sega is going to try to get its act together.

  4. Part of me is glad that they realize their botched game releases aren’t going to cut it any more, but the other part of me is scared once they find success again with their next release that they will actually work hard on, they will go right back to their old ways…

    That, or they are just going to release a piece of crap next year and this is a bunch of PR BS…

  5. “It may look rough if you look a it from a Japanese standpoint, but on a global scale the PlayStation 4 has a record-selling history, so I believe there’s a good opportunitythere,”

    Considering the Sonic movie is being developed by Sony I think is safe to say the next home console Sonic game will be heading to PS4, I don’t think it will be exclusive though.

    1. Sonic’s never been sony exclusive alone, generations was ps3 and xbox 360 only, but that was because the wii couldn’t handle a wii port. I think there will be a port for all 3 consoles this year. ps4, xbox one, and wii u

        1. Sonic Rivals 1 and 2 are for western only, made by SOA / Backbone Entertainment, not by SOJ.
          They were never released in Japan.

      1. I clearly stated that I don’t think it will be Sony exclusive but now that you bring that up both Sonic Rivals games were Sony exclusive.

    2. You know SEGA could really put the 25th anniversary on all consoles Wii U PS4 and XB1 so a lot of fans can enjoy them and also some people say that SEGA did not make sonic boom it was big red button company if the company is trying to kill sonic then people will have a very old crapy sonic game like sonic 06 SEGA needs to understand that people want modern sonic back and other characters as playable and other future Sonic the hedgehog Titles besides SEGA has gone to bad times in the past.

      1. The wii was the reason sonic 06 was bad. It could not handle it and they split the team to make the rings game for wii and 06 for xbox and ps3 which in xbox case hit bestseller status. People can defend nintendo all they want but fact is the system holds back the big two when games go multiplat and have to put something on it to these days. Thankfully not many third parties do it to much .

        1. Well the Wii system of sonic colors are OK but many fans wanted SEGA to make decent sonic game like they did with sonic unleashed I wonder if SEGA are manage enough to come up with a idea for the future sonic titles like combine those elements with Sonic adventure and sonic generations.

    1. Sega does have a lot of IPs and past games, so Satomi really could be talking about anything here. Either way, it would be good to see Sega’s console games get back on track. None of this can be bad for Sonic either, of course.

    2. Though it sounds like he thinks he “betrayed” fans with the underperformance of their latest games. most of them being Sonic games obviously.

    1. I prefer that they work on reinvigorating the franchise rather than keep relying on nostalgia to sell.

      1. So that’s why it isn’t happening.

        They learned something, at least.

      2. Well I would like to see it eventually, as well as Sonic 4 Ep. III, but for now I’m fine just waiting for some good new stuff that will make up for the last few disappointments.

  6. Oh my gosh, this is literally Sega saying that they’ve messed up and they’re gonna do better. If they’re actually going to admit that while still marketing the show & merchandise for Boom, I think F&I will be good. Same for the 25th anniversary game.

    1. Well the Wii system of sonic colors are OK but many fans wanted SEGA to make decent sonic game like they did with sonic unleashed I wonder if SEGA are manage enough to come up with a idea for the future sonic titles like combine those elements with Sonic adventure and sonic generations.

  7. OK…so it took Sega this long to realize their mistakes? OK now that’s out of the way but to be honest, if they are serious then I wish best luck of Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice and the 25th anniversary game. I hope the Sega we know and love will do right.

  8. Since he’s talking about the last 10 years, I don’t think we can pin this all on Boom, nor even just on Sonic….

    But in terms of Sonic, I feel like we’ve only seen one truly bad game since Sonic Generations… and I’m glad this man is at least claiming that the company will try and regain our trust. As far as what this means for Sonic… I really hope the Anniversary title is shown in September. Although, Aaron Webber has stated they won’t talk about it until early next year, plans may change.

  9. I definitely wasn’t expecting to see this announcement. This is very interesting, and after the past few years of SEGA’s activities, actually kind of refreshing to see.

    I don’t know where this is going to go yet, so I’m going to try taking this with a grain of salt in terms of whether they’ll follow through with it, but I can respect them for at least taking the time to break the silence and say this. The first step to solving a problem is to recognize you have a problem in the first place, after all. 🙂

  10. These guys better take a break from Sonic and do something with their other IP’s.

  11. I seriously hope this means the end of this “Nintendo Contract” bullshite. I’ve patiently awaiting a good, multi-console Sonic game for 5 years..

    1. Then God help us all.
      If a game was terrible, there is no reason to bring it back up. So there is definetely not going to be a Sonic 06 remastered.

      1. It was only so bad because of the glitches and loading times though. Honestly, if they fixed it up, it could easily pass as Sonic Adventure 3.

        1. No it wouldn’t. The game still has massive issues in control, structure, gameplay mechanics, story, and graphics.

          1. And the first two Sonic Adventures don’t? I’m sorry, I must be forgetting about the excellent Homing attack, one button does EVERYTHING, skiddy running. roll failures, clunky mechs and Rouge/Knuckles stages both Sonic Adventures had then. Not to mention the giant plot holes, bad voice acting and, quite frankly, terrible visuals and animations considering it was Dreamcast… I mean, I love the Sonic Adventure games as much as the next fan, they’re two of my all-time favourite Sonic games, but I’m in no way blind to their flaws which Sonic ’06 does share outside of the infamous glitches.

    2. I honestly wouldn’t mind that, so long as the graphics, gameplay, control, story, and bugs are fixed up.

  12. We’ll see. If SEGA a deeply ashamed of torturing their own mascot, their OWN creation, and hurting the feelings of Sonic fans who KNOW him… I’ll be waiting for that apology.

  13. Definitely good to hear. The fact that its coming from the CEO (aka somebody with the power to make big quick changes at Sega) as opposed to just a PR guy definitely lends it credence. Now Sega just needs to follow-up on this statement with better future output and we’re all good.

    Though I’d like to note that he’s just speaking generally. Didn’t confirm or deny anything regarding Sonic.

  14. Well damn…I never thought SEGA would outright admit yo their mistakes, let aobethe CEO. Hopefully this isn’t hot air and they are able to commit to this. This CEO guy seems to know wha t he’s talking about so I’ll trudt hin for now.

  15. Anyone who is thinking Sonic Boom is all that he’s talking about is wrong. He did say the last 10 years which includes Shadow the Hedgehog, Sonic 06, Secret Rings, and basically all Sonic games that were ever considered bad except Heroes and before. I’m really happy to be hearing this because SEGA has made some of the worst decisions any video game company he ever made and they are finally admitting to it. They are accepting the fact that they done goofed and have the goal of change and better games in mind. If he is telling the truth and isn’t just saying that to give us some false hope, then the games are no longer going to be rushed for the holiday so they can make money. It’s now about good games and not deadlines and I’m so thankful for that. Sonic Team cares about making good games even if they have a deadline, but now basically all games published by SEGA will be at least good because they aren’t forcing release dates and deadlines on their developers. This gives me a ton of hope for Sonic Boom Fire and Ice and the 25th Anniversary game which Aaron said we will get information on early next year! Here’s to a better future for our beloved hedgehog and all of SEGA’s other IPs

    1. I want Sonic Boom Fire & Ice to bomb as hard as it possibly can and the 25th anniversary game to succeed.

      Then they’ll get the message that Sonic Boom is worthless trash they’re trying to shove down people’s throats.

      1. Oh for gods sake…

        How does this help anything? How on earth does hoping a side project bombing help anything? Sega looses more money, looses more reputation and their partners also lose reputation and once again the franchise gets another black mark to it’s name.

        How on earth does hoping a game bomb help anyone?

        1. Sega loses money they deserved to lose for wasting it on crap nobody cares about, hopefully that would make them finally come to their senses and stop being as persistent as they are with all this Sonic Boom atrocity.

          The 25th anniversary game being successful will probably make up for that anyway, especially if it’s an actual Sonic game, with the Sonic we all know and love, not this shitty Boom travesty pretending it’s Sonic.

          1. That makes no sense at all.

            Honestly, if you think the Boom series is such a travesty, then just… ignore it. Let the people who DO like it enjoy it. If the game succeeds, it gets more money, and more money equals more development in future main Sonic titles.

          2. The problem is that they won’t just keep Boom to toys and mobile, they even went as far as saying Boom Sonic is now “Modern Sonic” while Modern Sonic became Legacy Sonic. It’s obvious that they want Boom to be as important as the main series, if not more, but nobody even asked for Boom to begin with and now they’re trying to shove it down everyone’s throats

          3. @ Josh

            And how exactly do you expect that game to succeed if they LOOSE money from Sonic Boom? Look, we don’t all have to like every game, but you have to understand that any money that is made from one product is going to fund another. The money made from Sonic 2006 helped build Sonic Unleashed, the money from Unleashed helped build Sonic Colors, the money from Colors helped build Generations, etc. If you are purposely hoping that a Sonic Boom game fails, than you may as well be hoping for the 25th Anniversary title or any Sonic game to fail.

          4. @ Josh

            For the love of-

            Look, the whole “Legacy Sonic” thing was NOT an official rebranding of Sonic. Boom Sonic is still BOOM SONIC and Modern Sonic is still MODERN SONIC. The guy who said that wasn’t paying attention to marketing names, he was just referring to Boom Sonic as the most recent and current Sonic initiative they have and was referring to the 24+ years Sonic as that because he’s been around for 24+ freaking years, he has a LEGACY. People were really looking too far into this when they thought ” ‘Legacy’ Sonic? OH NUUUU, THAT MEANS SEGA SONIC IS ENDING!!!” No, it means that he’s a Sonic with history. And again, it was not an official rebranding. Arron Webber confirmed that there’s no change in names in place, Modern still refers to the Sonic we’ve known for the past 24 years while Boom will still be Sonic Boom.

            Now everybody, PLEASE, stop making the whole “Legacy” thing a bigger deal than it needs to be.

          5. They’re gaining money from Sonic Runners and other Sonic-related products, Fire & Ice bombing will probably have minimal effect on whatever they’re going to do next, and also it will reinforce that Sonic Boom is not wanted. If this garbage NEEDS to exist, at least keep it to the TV, toys or whatever, don’t tarnish the games with it.

        2. Exactly, Hogfather. If this Boom game becomes the bomb Josh is hoping for, it will hurt much more than it helped. It will cut into the sales that the next game has because the reputation of the series is lower.

          Really, what I want is for Fire and Ice to break even so it isn’t catastrophic and Sega can get its investment back, but at the same time make less of a profit than the 2016 anniversary game. That way, Sega can see that although Boom isn’t entirely dead in the water, it does benefit it more to focus on the mainline for games while keeping Boom to the cartoons and toys.

      2. So you want Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice to bomb so you get a worse Sonic 25th anniversary game? Because that’s the likely outcome. They lose money, meaning the 25th anniversary game will have a lower budget.

  16. This sounds promising, but for everyone’s sake you should focus on putting those words into action first. Then the praise will follow.

    Still, if this really IS any indication, then maybe things will finally start picking up again. I have to say though, if said announcement IS the 25th anniversary title, then for the sake of his statement I really hope that they have been working on this game ever since Generations or Lost World, because unless it was as tightly knit and nailed down as Unleashed was in just a few years time, then you may want to consider sticking with your word and delaying the game past the anniversary release for the sake of quality.

    1. I think a lot of people will be happier to get a proper sonic game in the future and it’s sad that all of the employees lost there jobs five months ago and they have to go though with a lot of crap that happen in the past with there charts.

  17. Sega shouldn’t have been rushing their titels and let the games get finnished in a better state. This is why they have their reputation.

  18. You’re not getting MY trust back until you scrap all that Sonic Boom garbage to begin with.

    1. That’s not going to happen. Sonic Boom is doing successful outside of the two games. The TV show is high in the charts, the comics sold well even though it is ending, and it is definitely bringing in a new audience of kids so Fire and Ice will do way better than the two prior games. You don’t have to like it and you don’t have to buy it, but facts are facts. Sonic Boom isn’t going anywhere.

      1. Except the comics were canned because of poor sales, so the only arguably successful thing about Boom is the TV series.

        1. And the toys…

          And the other license deals…

          And the international TV rights sales…

          And the international license deals…

          All of which are doing VERY well.

          1. but the question is, are they doing better than modern/legacy sonic?
            say counting sonic x as the tv series, and all the sonic merch?
            I am like %100 sure if sonic boom and sonic x where on at the same time of day and people had to choose which one to watch i’m pretty sure sonic x would of been the more popular of the two for a very good reason.

            heck my friends niece who is young saw sonic boom on tv and said “thats not sonic” if kids can tell that boom sonic is so off and not anything like sonic then that says something to me.

        2. Yeah, no they weren’t. They were selling as well as Universe and Mega Man (Which also was put on Hiatus despite being loved by fans and Critically Acclaimed)

          Archie seriously just up and stopped publishing Boom. Hate to your hearts content if you want but at least get your facts straight before you start claiming crap that isn’t true.

        3. They never issued a statement as to why the Boom comics are ending. It’s just speculation at this point. If anything, I’m willing to bet that it’s because Ian Flynn was working on FOUR FREAKING COMICS AT THE SAME TIME and needed a break. This is likely why the Mega Man comic series is taking a hiatus as well. Do we even have a comics sales chart anyway?

    2. Can we at least get the sonic boom DVD’s announced and released in the future before any scrapping is considered of the cartoon at the very least. I love the cartoon and have been hoping for DVD’s. I’ll be very disappointed if this ends up the only sonic series I can’t get on DVD.=(

      I don’t care how much some of you guys hate this franchise based on the games. I’ve been collecting all the different cartoons of sonic and the boom cartoon is my second favourite with SATAM being my number 1 favourite.

  19. My god! Is this Sega finally agreeing with what everyone have been saying all these years? I hope so. It takes a special kind of moron to take a company like Sega and a brand like Sonic and run it into the ground like they did.

  20. after hearing this news about Sega, I REALLY hope the anniversary game for sonic will be on all platforms. i can’t afford a PS4 🙁

    1. i am hoping for you .
      i already have a PS4 and been waiting for something to happen hopefully we will hear something to make us happy me and you .

      1. I think there’s no chance of a new game on last gen consoles anymore. My money would be on Xbox One and PS4.

    2. Well if it is the case, they would have to make a Wii U version from scratch, since I don’t see a port working so well, unless PS4 and XBone want PS3 and 360 graphics. I don’t have a PS4, but I plan on getting one, so I hope that it is available for PS4 as well and that they do a good job on that version AT LEAST.

      1. They would have to either way, graphics problem or not because the WiiU architecture is so vastly different.

  21. Shadow, Sonic 06, Unleashed (kinda, mostly the werehog stages), Boom (3DS and Wii U

  22. inb4/new ‘arcade’ level game for the consoles.

    Gotta’ appease the grumpy old school fans, how dare they make new characters etc. :^)

  23. Actions speak louder than Words Sega! We all appreciate you coming forth with this information and sharing it but you will have to prove to us that you actually give a damn!

  24. You know SEGA could really put the 25th anniversary on all consoles Wii U PS4 and XB1 so a lot of fans can enjoy them and also some people say that SEGA did not make sonic boom it was big red button company if the company is trying to kill sonic then people will have a very old crapy sonic game like sonic 06 SEGA needs to understand that people modern sonic back and other characters as playable and other future Sonic the hedgehog Titles besides SEGA has gone to bad times in the past.

  25. You know, I think they may apologise not just to sonic fans, but sega fans in general, witch means we will probably see some old sega ip coming back, new jet set radio please

  26. I applaud SEGA for admitting to their mistakes, but it’s still not enough. They have to own up to them as well. How do they do that? Make Sonic’s 25th anniversary game the best game we’ve gotten since Generations. And keep Boom as far away from it as possible.

  27. There have been LOTS of things SEGA has missed the mark that isn’t even Sonic-related, such as the Phantasy Star Online 2 deal and recently Shenmue 3, which even SEGA of Japan is turning a blind eye after granting Yu Suzuki the IP to make a third installment. If they have to learn from an acquisition (that even its Westward branches don’t even bother to recognize) on how to improve itself then let it be.

    I always found SEGA of Japan to be much much more better than SEGA West with everything it has done (theme parks, anime, partnerships, etc.) and if its CEO vows to gain back the trust with disheartened fans, the its HAS to relay that same message to its other branches.

  28. All I have are Nintendo consoles… All my life I couldn’t afford any Playstation or Xbox. I’ve always lived in small houses and don’t get enough money every now and then. Luck came when the Wii U arrived in stores but as for others, I don’t have any room for another console in my living room.
    So, for people who have the same problem, Sonic games for every platforms will bring fairness to all.

    1. i am huge sonic fan even huge cant describe it but i dont like nintendo i am sony guy so a multiplat is a must .
      it was stupid to ignore the best selling console anyway i hope they realize how dumb they were , even rayman legends sold better than others on it and PS3 followed by the wiiu .

    2. I’m in the same boat. Hopefully it’ll be multi-platform because if it isn’t I’ll probably have to move onto the next franchise. Wouldn’t be a first time I missed out on a game due to lack of money and room. Stares at Sonic free riders.>_>

      I’m glad sega seems to be getting the idea but there’s a difference between saying it and actually doing it. We’ll see what they do.

      1. EDIT: Just want to add I’m in the same boat for mainly this gen. I did own multiple systems in the past. Just this gen I’m stuck with the 3ds and wiiU and I doubt my computer will be able to handle a new next gen sonic game. My current computer barely handled generations.

        1. Instead of buying a new console why don’t you use the money to upgrade your computer ?

    3. i wanted SEGA to make the best 25th anniversary next year and to be in all consoles and they did the same for sonic generations on 3DS and PCs why not they do the same for the 25th anniversary on Wii U PS4 & XB1 and also lets not forget they were gonna make a Wii U and PS4 and XB1 title but it fail because of the whole downsizing problem and also i hope SEGA realize and give the fans what they wanted just this once and i want them to created a decent sonic game in the future :/ and i know some fans hate the crappy sonic boom designs and levels for the same reasons.

  29. I hope the home console title includes PC too. I absolutely loved Generations on my PC!

  30. This is certainly a very good start to getting things back on track with SEGA. Admitting that what you have done is great for showing that you are starting to mean business. But now that you have finally admitted it, people are now going to expect this from you. I look forward to TGS this year.

    1. Sonic Mach 2 was confirmed to just be Sonic Boom Fire and Ice. Mach 2 is supposed to be faster than the speed of sound, hence “Sonic Boom”.

  31. Although I wouldn’t put all the blame on Sega they are far from saints and you got alot of rebuilding of trust about 15 years worth and that’s not even including some additional years you mess up when you were in the console business

  32. I’m not sure why this is saying all of SEGA is admitting to this when it’s just this CEO. I’m sure he means well but there’s other people behind this nonsense that need to step forward too.

    1. yeah i understand what you mean .
      but maaan no one is bigger than the CEO ( chief executive officer ) add president to it and boooom you got the main figure at the company .
      he is the person who runs everything at Sega from financial affairs to deals budgets everything .
      but also as you said sega needs to start hiring big talents you know games wont make themselves unless those at the company right now are talented but not given enough budget or resources to work with .

  33. to tell the truth, I have never had a problem with the Sonic games in the past 10 years I have had a lot of fun on them as much as I did to the ones back in the day. You don’t see me complaining, However I think it’s nice how SEGA are trying to address its concerns to all kinds of fans and I am really excited about the upcoming Sonic game being announced in the upcoming months.

    1. Same I really enjoy the games now as much as the past as well. I wouldn’t be here otherwise.

      I have a habit of dropping franchises cold turkey when I lose interest in them. I’m not the type to stick around and complain if I dislike the franchise. So if I didn’t like the direction or lost interest I would have left by now and not be posting here.

      I’m excited about the future games as well.

    2. Personally, I’ve had almost no problems at all with Sonic lately. Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric wasn’t good, but aside from that, I can’t say I really disliked anything past Sonic Generations except for Sonic Lost World (3DS.) I would say that I don’t like Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games on 3DS as well, but I don’t really count Mario & Sonic.

      1. Yeah, I’m the same really. I still enjoy every game aside from Chronicles, Shadow the Hedgehog, Sonic 4 episode I and Sonic ’06 (for obvious reasons), I’m just not blind to the assorted problems the games have and don’t mind admitting them as well as defending the good points of the games, yes, even ’06 and Shadow the Hedgehog have some. I don’t like to be biased just because I do or don’t enjoy something, I prefer to be as fair as possible so I don’t come off as a jerk at either end of the spectrum.

  34. Man, sometimes I just wanna cry when I go on the Internet and I read a recent sonic article

  35. I’m glad they admitted that they betrayed us fans. I’m too optimistic and positive for my own good, I hope SEGA does an amazing and outstanding thing. They need to capitalize on this and they need to be successful. Please do something awesome, SEGA. I wish all at SEGA the best of luck with this! 😀

  36. Then again, maybe they’re also talking about super recent disappointments and betrayals too, like Sonic Runners. Seriously, this game has finally broken me. How could something so fun be so greedy, unreasonable, broken, and heartless when it comes to trying to have a full and enjoyable experience? If this announcement has any truth or power behind it, it better result in an update that just massively retools the game to be more fair to the player and stop trying to extort so much money from everyone! At the very least stop making the characters roulette only and just make a shop for us to use red star rings to buy them instantly, like Sonic Dash, THEN we’ll give you money for red star rings!


      …in Runners, I’m not asking for the franchise as a whole.

      1. I hate to say it, but.. the roulette honestly almost ruins Sonic Runners for me. I STILL have nobody except Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles…. Would a character shop be too much to ask?

        It sucks because not only is every character better than Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles…. but you can’t even get them unless you pay to win. I have to spend days just to get 50 Red Star Rings, and then, when I spin the wheel, I get a lame partner instead of Omega or Rouge. Maybe I’d be more happy if they didn’t expect you to have so many Red Star Rings for a 6% chance to get a character…. which, by the way, has a time limit. I REALLY just wish there was a shop like the other mobile games.

        1. Why? Just WHY? Why did it have to be any different from Sonic Dash!? You use real money to buy red star rings. You put up a character shop that takes red star rings. You pay for the character you want WITH Red Star Rings!! We’ve clearly seen it done better before, why try to piss us off now with something that by all means should be a better experience than Sonic Dash!?

          1. If they NEED to have the roulette for whatever reason, could they at least lower the cost of spinning it, and raise the character percentage? 6% is absolutely RIDICULOUS. I shouldn’t need to gamble just to get Omega. Just make him like…. (E)123 Red Star Rings in a store.

  37. That’s real nice and all but the man didnt even say he was talknig about Sonic at all.

    For what do we know he could be talking about all the other sega IPs left behind to collect dust/picked up with terrible sequels (i.e: Samba de Amigo, NiGHTS) in the last 10 years. That’s not to say they should stop making Sonic games, but they should shift their focus on other stuff.

  38. So ignoring World War 3 above me I hope this means at least a few good games in the future.

  39. im a diehard sonic fan & i would enjoy more games like the gamecube sonic games. like sonic adventure 1 or 2. or heroes. or colors, generations & maybe unleashed. they had me invested in story. the games like the storybook series, & lost world, & 06, were not interesting enough. if u take time on the story. make sure its great,& please never change the image of any of the characters again. i think u’ll have more than trust. thanku

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