(Video) TSS Let’s Talk: A Sonic of Ice and Fire


Hey folks! This is just a little opinion piece VLOG I did yesterday for the reaction of Sonic Boom: Fire and Ice. I wanted to answer people’s question on why this game exists considering the last one didn’t do all that well and how they can easily make a profit off of this one without having to sell many units. Enjoy!

P.S. Yes, I’m well aware of how messy my room is. XP

“Fire and Ice” by Pat Benetar.

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  1. I didn’t actually know how much the community truly did erupt with this reveal until today. If the interviews are anything to go by, I’d say the staff have got their hearts and minds in the right place this time, but one could have said that about the previous two Sonic Boom Games as well. If there is anything else I can say right now, it is that Runners really should get over here to calm at least a portion of the fanbase down.

  2. Just going to repeat what I said in that video’s comments…

    Nice to see someone looking at this with a level head. Hell, it’s nice to see a level head in this fanbase in general. :p

    Aaron Webber has said that they’re taking the feedback from fans and critics to heart for this game, and it sounds like they’re doing away with replaying levels multiple times just to continue, so that’s already a plus.

    Overall, I think this has some potential, especially if it fixes the problems Shattered Crystal had.

    1. Need I remind you of sonic 4 and how that was the same BS we are getting again. Sure, itll turn out better than the last title but doesnt mean it will stand close to the better handheld titles.

      As with Sonic 4 ep2, it was a decent game, but again, content half assed, things removed and the release was nothing but a beta version and canned the S4 series along with it yet we were promised it would be better, and boy did they campaign well with that fixation and generally fixed most of the mechanics though sadly, just another quick cash cow.

      Ill give this title the benefit of the doubt, but personally, considering Sonic is such an outdated concept yet all we want is a decent pace flow and exploration balance, Its hard to Base it in demos as it never reflects the entire game like we hope it would :/

      1. Sonic isn’t really outdated just because they haven’t put as much into it. xD If anything, it means the day they finally care to put effort into every element of the game again, it’ll be new, cool and very fitting I think. c:

  3. Excellent video – puts the whole thing into perspective.

    Shattered Crystal was the worst Sonic game I’ve ever played (and I thank my lucky stars that my lack of Wii U spared me from the horrors of Rise of Lyric) and this one just looks like more of the same. It’s not really a matter of “don’t like it, don’t buy it” to me, it’s the fact that they went ahead with this despite the controversy the previous games caused. SEGA have made many stupid decisions before, but they’ve never followed up on a bad idea until this game.

    And even if it is just licensed shovelware to promote the cartoon – which is odd in itself ‘cos the Sonic franchise has never done that before – that doesn’t exempt it from needing to be a quality product in and of itself (see, “Goldeneye 64”). If anything, it’s even more vital for the sake of the brand that its merchandise, regardless of its relevance to the main product, is of a high standard.

    So no, as evident by my hysterical bitching in the other comments sections, I have no hope for this game. Unless it ends up some kind of surprise masterpiece, for then I will gladly eat some humble pie.

    Now about Sonic Team…

  4. That’s actually a very well put opinion, very well made, also the effort is very well appreciated!

    Though I’m still VERY skeptical about this game, mainly because how bad the previous one was, I’m glad they aknowledged some of the issues but even if they fix those is not enough, they need to step up their game at least to the caliber that Dimps had in the Sonic Rush and Advance series, I want to have faith in this but these guys are releasing the sequel only a year after Shattered Crystals, also including one more character and a kind of different formula, I don’t really think this could make a great game in this circumstances, to me this feels like another train wreck.

    1. I just wonder if japan handles the main series will they do good so the fanbase can calm down

    2. I don’t think it’ll necessarily be a trainwreck, but perhaps not the gigantic Colors-esque comeback that some are envisioning for the game. It does look like some changes have been made– more bosses besides Lyric, no obligatory object collecting, trimming of padding. And I recall it being a rather common request that Sega not just abandon everything from bad games but rather take what’s good about them and build off of that– so by implication, fans did sorta ask for a sequel to Shattered Crystal. At best, it’ll probably be a cute, fun little title. At worst, it’ll be just another cheap tie-in game for a TV show.

      Will people treat it that way? Probably not. If the game is anything less than perfect, the fans are going to blow it completely out of proportion, assuming they haven’t already.

  5. I still find it interesting how Webber revealed the ways they were going to fix Fire and Ice. It’s one thing to say that you’ve listened to your fans and will be taking notes. It’s another when they make a specific bulletin of the improvements from Shattered Crystal to Fire and Ice. Gives a bit more hope and credibility, in my opinion.

  6. I feel like this video was a great way of stating your opinion, Jason. I personally am pretty optimistic for the game, but I don’t think it’ll be ground-breaking or anything. I also am still worried about sales, but with how SEGA has been this year, I’d say they’ve got it under control.

    P.S., I WISH my room was like yours, dude. You have some rad merchandise.

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