1. Wow, forget E3, Vegas Licensing Expo is where its at! What I find most interesting is what appears to be a plush of Classic Sonic and a figure of a time-vault thing on that table, and some comics to the side of it. Is Classic coming back for the next game? Who/what is that time vault thing? Will there be a promotional comic for the 25th anniversary?

  2. oh man how badly do I want those big headed, small bodied plushies, and this is coming from a guy who doesn’t collect much plushies haha

  3. perfect 25th Anniversary
    Next Gen Sonic The Hedgehog game Ultimate Anniversary Edition:
    Disc 1 – Next gen Sonic game
    Disc 2 – Sonic Gen 1 (The Mega Drive/CD//32x/Arcade/Saturn years 1991-1998)
    Disc 3 – Sonic Gen 2 (The Dreamcast/Multi Platform years 1999-2005)
    Disc 4 – Sonic Gen 3 (The HD years 2006-2014)
    Disc 5 – Sonic Gen 4 (The Handheld years 1991-2014)
    All digitally remastered in full 1080p
    Includes bonus Blu Ray including
    ‘Gotta Go Fast’ a history of Sonic the hedgehog featuring interviews from various creators and fans & celebs.
    ‘The voice of Sonic’ – Interviews from past & present voice actors.
    ‘Speed of Sound’ – A look into the music of the Sonic franchise.
    ‘Level Up!’ – A look into the Levels of the Sonic franchise.
    ‘Power of Teamwork’ – A look into the characters of the Sonic franchise with interviews from creators.
    ‘I Hate That Hedgehog’ – A look at one of gamimg’s most iconic villains
    ‘Archie Time’ – A look into the longest running comic book series based on a video game character, includes a look at Archie/Fleetway & manga Sonic.
    ‘Sonic Toon’ – A look into the history og Sonic in animated form.
    4 separate episodes from 4 separate Sonic Cartoons
    ‘Night of the Werehog’ short film.
    An interview with Yuji Naka
    Special edition art book from conception to present inc never before seen designs.
    Certificate of authenticity from SEGA & Yuji Naka
    Exclusive DLC content voucher

    Thats my dream Anniversary bundle not that gave too much thought ha!

    1. I’d actually love that. But man, that would be A LOT of money… Still, it would be worth it! XD

  4. Well, I guess in a way we can say the 25th Anniversary celebration of Sonic has unofficially begun! Kind of brings me back to when the 20’th anniversary was like a year of anticipation and playthroughs of old games in anticipation for the anniversary title. It’s too bad that they might not do another Sonic Generations (but who knows, they’ve changed their minds before…) but something of the same love towards the series, only with 10 times the actual time and effort put into it’s story writing and gameplay length. I really hope that the 25th will be the year that turns things around back in a more positive direction for the series. Like Eggman said in the last milestone, it’s “TIME FOR A CHANGE OF PACE!” X3

  5. My, my. That logo looks so lovely. I just… really want next year to be special. I just want SOMETHING to make people stop complaining about Sonic Boom and the franchise as a whole… We need to move on, and I just want Sonic to have something deemed universally cool…

    But I’d prefer the next anniversary title to not resort to nostalgia. I know nostalgia sells, and I’m sure people may crack their teeth in rage if the next game doesn’t scream Classic or Dreamcast, but honestly… We’ve had lots of reused gimmicks lately, and I really want to see the same special feeling we got with each consecutive main game in the past. I want a celebration, but I want something guaranteed to be new, fresh, but not out of place.

    1. I would kind of like that too. But not too different, mind you. I’m thinking to build off the Adventure, Boost, or Parkour formula for the 3D games. Refine what refining, fix the problems of the formula, and add what feels right for the game rather than what will grab people’s attention or be “cool”. It should be the natural evolution of a previous established formula rather than the same thing again or yet another radically new thing.

      Maybe the game could kind of be an “offscreen events sort of thing”. Y’know, show what the characters of Sonic do when NOT fighting Eggman. It would be a good excuse to fix plot holes as well, such as explaining why the media mistook Sonic for Shadow or where the Master Emerald is.

      1. Exactly. Something fresh, but something refined. They can take another crack at Boost or Adventure gameplay, and make it something truly evolved. I want to see a true adventure for Sonic & friends, in celebration of the 25th Anniversary.

        1. Yeah, that would be perfect. Maybe get some of Sonic’s other friends involved too.

  6. I wouldn’t mind seeing a mega mashup of the last 25 years of sonic games, similar to Rare Replay recently revealed for XB1. Wouldn’t mind paying 50-60 for that.

  7. This looks very similar to fan-made Anniversary logos I have seen.

    Perhaps Sonic’s 25th Anniversary may bring…
    Sonic’s return to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade (if the movie wasnt announced this wouldn’t happen)
    That Sonic movie that has been announced by Sony Pictures.
    A decent game not made by BRB.
    A boatload of merchandise (mostly Sonic Boom stuff). Perhaps TOMY’s first non-Boom Sonic figure.
    A Collector’s Edition that will be available in Australia 🙂

    This is kinda blue sky thought, but this could happen. After all Sonic would have been around for 1/4 of a century

  8. SEGA rep – ” sir? sir! Sonic the hedgehog ..25th anniversary!”

    Trade show attendee – ” uh.. That’s great .. >.>*

    SEGA rep – ” ah! Ah! Guess who’s turning 25!”

    Trade show attendee – “um.. I have to go over there now”

    SEGA rep – ” Sonic the Hedgehog over here!”

    Trade show attendee – ” I remember Sonic, this, all this isn’t Sonic, you should be ashamed”

    SEGA rep – Y-Y

  9. That’s awesome Sonic 25th anniversary is gonna be located at Las Vegas sweet! To see the past of Sonic 20th Anniversary was perfect to release Sonic Generation is a most popular Sonic game in 2011! For Xbox 360 PS3 & 3DS which was the first new handheld Sonic game that they wanna see Sonic Generation for 3DS is that is different. From Xbox 360 PS3 of different acts for Sega Genesis Era Sega CD Era & Sega Dreamcast Era to in Sonic Generation for Sonic 20th Anniversary. But yeah I feel like where not getting Sonic Boom Fire & Ice for 3DS only & Mario & Sonic at the Ryo 2016 Olympic Games for Wii U & 3DS next year.

  10. If Sega has to do something small, I would at least want them to release SA1 & SA2 for the VC and port them to the PS4 and Xbox1 as well.

    1. Haven’t they been ported enough already? I’d prefer a vastly improved ’06 or a standalone chao garden game of some sort.

  11. The familiar style of the Sonic the Hedgehog title in that 25th anniversary logo gives me good feelings. (Sonic the Hedgehog logo)

    I should also mention that the Sonic the Hedgehog face in that 25th anniversary logo is also familiar. (Sonic Team logo)


    1. This comment is horrible with many spelling mistakes from auto correct. Making a new one.

  13. Silver anniversary….. YESSES!!! Hopefully THAT SOON IS THE VIDEO GAME SILVER THE HEDGEHOG!!!! I’m being very serious about this. #SilverTheHedgehog

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