Sonic 4 Episode 1 & 2 Removed From Mobile Markets

Well that didn’t take long, barely 24 hours after Sega said that they would be removing some mobile games which didn’t meet their ‘standards’ it appears that our first casualty is a Sonic game. In a move which has surprised pretty much no one, Sonic 4 Episode 1 & 2 have been removed from some mobile market places.


Multiple sources have confirmed to us that Sonic 4 Episode 1 & 2 (mobile), is no longer available to download, however the full rollout of this decision hasn’t yet impact, at the time of writing you can get both episodes from the UK Play Store and Episode 1 is still appearing for some people on the iOS store.

If you’re still after the mobile versions of this game, might want to hurry and get them before they vanish forever.

UPDATE: Episode 2 appears to have gone from the UK Play Store.

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  1. Really, Sega? Instead of fixing the compatibility problems of Sonic 4, you remove it altogether? Laaaaaame, ep 2 was pretty fun.

  2. This was likely a good business decision on SEGA’s part; all in all not a horrible casualty in my personal opinion.

  3. Is Sonic 4 Episode 1 HD still available for iPad? Although it had the same weird physics, it has pretty good graphics

  4. I think we’ll be expecting Spinball next. It still runs on the same engine as the old Sonic 1 & 2 iOS emulations (not the new ones.)

  5. Well, we called that one.

    It’s sad.. but I say, good one on SEGA. They’re really buckling down to ensure things go right. I’ll miss mobile Sonic 4, but to me, it isn’t that big a loss.

  6. it no surprise sonic 4 episode 1 and 2 have been removed from mobile devise (iOS, Google Play and Amazon Apps) it were bad overall 😛

  7. I remember Episode I having an update once. That updated deleted my save file. Then I remembered it would involve me replaying those god awful special stages again. You won’t be missed. I’ll be sad to see Episode II go though, that one was pretty decent on my phone.

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