Sonic Amiibo Racing Suit coming to Mario Kart 8


Ever since Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing came out in 2010, people have been clamouring for the blue blur to take to the track against his rival and undisputed king of the go-kart. Thanks to the wonders of Nintendo’s Amiibo figures, that fantasy is now one step closer to becoming a reality!


Announced in the most recent Nintendo Direct, an update for Mario Kart 8 on 23rd April will allow players to gain access to a brand new set of racing suits for their Mii character, provided they have the relevant Amiibo… and among them, Sonic the Hedgehog himself! It may not be the real deal, but that Sonic costume is looking pretty snazzy – and if nothing else, it adds a bit more value to your figure outside of Super Smash Bros.!


The question that arises now though… which blue spiky thing will be the most notorious on the circuit? Sonic or the Spiny Shell? If it’s anything like how Sonic treats Mega Man in the trailer above, we may have a new contender!

Will you be dressing up your Mii racers in the Sonic suit later this month, either for a leisurely lap or to pelt the residents of the Mushroom Kingdom with Koopa shells? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Rolling around at the speed of sound, got races to go to and buy my amiibo!

    This is unreal. O_o

    1. Can’t stick around, I gotta order it now! Guess what lies ahead for that ten dollar price tag!

          1. Dress up your mii, like the wind, stay free
            Mario Kart with Sonic, this is a sight to see

  2. Cannot wait for April 23……….. HYPE!!! I’m just imagining my Mii in the costume already!! Also since they announced Mii costume packs for Smash 4, I hope to see Sonic costumes. Maybe Tails, Knux, Shadow, and Amy costumes? Anyway, I’m PUMPED!!

    1. I do think Shadow should at least be an alternate skin for Sonic in Smash but having a Sonic racing suit is awesome.

  3. ROLLING AROUND AT THE SPEED OF SOUND GOT RACES TO WIN ON RAINBOW ROAD!Can’t stick around, have to keep movin’ on
    Guess what lies ahead, only one way to find out(Gets hit with blue shell)Must keep on movin’ ahead I’ll take my lead, I’ll get 1ssst-Follow me – set me free – trust me And I’ll will win this race, I’ll make it through, FASTER THAN MARIO!


  4. This is the awesomest thing. I swear. XD I am going to love blazing through 200cc with this on.

  5. Of course after they add a Sonic suit and they end up increasing the speed to 200cc

  6. Don’t forget about the Sonic Palico costume and Black Knight sword coming to Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate this friday!

  7. See this is the reason why Sonic The Hedgehog shouldn’t be in Mario Kart 8 before Nintendo get’s copyright strike by Sega but yeah I’m so glad Nintendo confirmed Sonic Amiibo Racing Suit in Mario Kart 8 so that they don’t get copyright strike because it’s Nintendo Amiibo!

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