Will SEGA appear at E3 2015?


What could possibly spell bad news for Sonic the Hedgehog fans expecting a mainline Sonic title this year. SEGA has oddly not registered to show at E3 on the showfloor, and the deadline is fast approaching.

The Electronic Entertainment Expo announced their list of exhibitors who will be appearing to show off their latest titles – however, SEGA is nowhere to be found. The expo is commonly used for big announcements in the industry and giving journalists their first chance to try out some developing or announced video games.

Image from Sonic Boom's E3 2014 booth.
Image from Sonic Boom’s E3 2014 booth.

With the very real possibility SEGA’s absence, it could be seen¬†that Sonic Runners, the recently released mobile only game developed by Sonic Team, could be our only Sonic title this year. Sonic Team head Takashi Iizuka has confirmed that Sonic will still be coming to home consoles, but nothing has been revealed as of yet.

What do you think of these developments? Let us know in the comments below. Thanks to Ogilvie over at SSMB for the heads up!

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  1. Oh wow… Hm.
    I guess thats a bit unsettling.
    Imma just gonna hope Sega is working on something undercover.

  2. I imagine they would already have at this point, but SEGA could still register. And keep in mind that SEGA America recently restructured, so that also could have something to do with them not being on the list yet.

    Also, Atlus is going to be there, so technically SEGA will still be at E3 either way. :V

    1. To add on to that, SEGA not having a booth at E3 doesn’t mean that they won’t announce or show anything. It only means they won’t have their own booth with playable demos. And SEGA games can still be demoed at Sony’s, Microsoft’s, or Nintendo’s (if they’re releasing anything on Nintendo consoles) booths.

      1. well we dont know dude because we dont know if Sonic Runners will be the only game of the year i remember back in late 2014 SEGA said they are gonna put a new Sonic Game on Wii U PS4 & Xbox ONE but instead they decided to cut it off i mean really what hapoen to them for saying that i heard them saying that on twitter a few months but i can tell this new title is not gonna be on the Wii U i can tell about it and thomas whitehead from nintendo life is disappointed because sonic runners is not the Wii U title and i remember that gamezone from youtube said that it hope that sonic runners will not be the only title of the year instead they wishing for a game is similar to sonic adventure or sonic unleashed or sonic lost world.

        yeah and also we dont know if SEGA might appear at E-3 but they put some sonic games on PS3 Wii and xbox 360 back then yeah they developing such games back then because they go though alot of stuff with there games back then.

        i remember when SEGA stop making consoles after sonic adventure 2 Came out still they been having alot of financial issues with there games and there product.

        1. Firstly: Jesus christ, guy, do you even punctuate?

          Secondly: I seem to remember that multi-plat game turning into Sonic Boom.

  3. Oh man Sega is not coming to E3 2015 is shame right now but I am so glad Sega is showing some games on E3.

  4. If nothing will change and SEGA won’t appear in this year’s E3, then I’m not complaining. If anything, it probably means they’ll be on the next year’s E3 with a more polished Sonic game ready for Sonic’s 25th anniversary.

  5. Personally. I think this is a fantastic thing to do. Because it means that SEGA and Sonic Team are spending more time on making and producing the games with are working on, rather than announcing things to early. I have never liked the fact that Sonic gets a new game year in year out because it means that Sonic Team are spending a very short amount of time developing a game. It was Shigeru Miyamoto that said “A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad”. And I for one can very much agree with this statement and feel it needs to be used more for Sonic games.

    1. As much as I really really really want to believe that SEGA is FINALLY, after so many years, will start to follow some of Nintendo’s philosophies about taking time to perfect their game play and quality control, scientific evidence shows us that SEGA is just incapable of such a thing. They’re probably not in E3 because they have nothing to show and they’re embarrassed by their failures.

  6. This could either mean that SEGA’s not giving us a main Sonic game this year or that they simply haven’t registered yet.

    Still, I hope that Sonic Runners isn’t all what we get this year.

  7. still havent gotten sonic runners in the UK so at the moment its a year without sonic games.

  8. so i guess they are still putting sonic games on home consoles well thats a good thing for us but still like i said we dont know if Sonic Runners might be the only game of the year judging how sega is working hard on making these type of sonic games still we dont know if they are gonna show the trailer of the new sonic game features a real life music but i can tell they are gonna put a real life music in a new sonic game trailer and i will be the one who will upload that on youtube and people will know what it came from yep i can tell SEGA is gonna put it there mm maybe Takashi Iizuka will announce the title next month maybe because this news about this is gonna be a strange one.

    im not saying that sonic titles are bad im saying that the new game might be a huge success like sonic colors still i can tell that Takashi Iizuka and his team will post a real life music in a new sonic game trailer and i will be the one to post it on youtube about that real life music.

  9. this could be good. A time is what Sonic needs it, just because Sonic Boom has been “failure” in game questions, so… i think it’s time to something big, even if a new game it’s annouced in e3 or pre-e3, i really hope that something big’s out this and in next years. I don’t know why, but its like they are developing Sonic Adventure 3… I KNOW IT’S NOT, but this is the first time i have this strange feeling… Anyway, a new game is coming this or next year, and i think is something big or like SA, or anyway, boosh?.

  10. Maybe it’s time to put the series on a break, take some time to make a really good game instead of an ok game ( or worse another Sonic Boom )

  11. I don’t know, I feel like we’re going to see SEGA, we just don’t know what they are planning yet. We still have quite a bit of time for SEGA to even announce their appearance there.

    In fact, speaking primarily about Sonic as a brand, normally SEGA reveals their annual Sonic games during Spring or February.. I wouldn’t doubt that they may save their reveals for E3, to wow more consumers, as opposed to some random day, or during an ordinary stream. With Sonic Boom’s video games setting them back a bit (though I truly still believe that people are overreacting by saying one game spells doomsday forever), it’s going to be quite tough for Sonic this year, but I have a feeling we will see at least something from SEGA at E3… Even if it’s not Sonic we see, I highly doubt that SEGA would miss it this year.

  12. Does anyone on this site actually care of they release a main stream? Honestly? cause every single title that has came out in the 5 years you shat all over. So if at all this should be good news right?

  13. Hmmm…well, if it turns out that they aren’t showing anything this year and Sonic Runners really is all we’re getting for now, then that might mean that they’re still working on the 25th Anniversary title and are trying to keep it under wraps until next year’s E3 where they’ll likely have more of a hype train going. So long as an absence this year means that they are harder at work on the next big console title and are putting more time and effort into it like they have been with the last few games, then I’m fine with missing Sega for one year. Just bring the goods this time SEGA, emphasis on the “GOOD” part!

  14. The answer to that question is NO! After the shame of Sonic Boom, I think they just need to focus on a game for next year to mark his 25th!

    1. Completely agreed, I’d rather have a game delayed and improved upon than rushed and released half done *cough* ’06.

  15. I know this is a Sonic site but I’m more concerned that the potential lack of SEGA means still no Hatsune Miku Project Mirai or new Phantasy Star for the West since that’s really the only two franchises that’s still keeping them afloat at this point.

  16. I think we’ll get something around the holidays, Sega’s gotta make them christmas moneyz. Even if it’s just a spin-off

  17. A year without a major Sonic game, I can live with that, as long as the next game, whenever it comes isn’t another Sonic Lost World nor another Boom.

    Also I think there is still that high possibility that the next Sonic game will tie-in with the movie or at least will take place after the events of it.

  18. you know it might be hard to say that sega is planning for something for the next sonic game next year but i can tell that its gonna be on the Wii U PS4 or Xbox ONE because last year in november they said that they are gonna put the next sonic game on next gen consoles but i doubt that it might be for everybody instead of just putting on One console see what i mean yeah and also gamezone on youtube wanted to see a sonic game on Wii U but i dont know if its gonna happen because i think SEGA are gonna create different versions of the game like in 3 consoles version and some stage will not be available its like how they did to Sonic Generations and Sonic Unleashed.

  19. i think they are skipping 2015 to give us a great game in 2016, the 25th aniversary of sonic

  20. Personally, I’m quite happy about this, in from a Sonic standpoint.
    I’m happy that they won’t be showing any Sonic game this year.
    They need a break, and they need to prepare something really big for the franchise, most likely for next year.

    At the same time…
    Whattabout your other products Sega?
    You’re a big company… Are you sure you have nothing to show?

  21. If Sega does nothing for E3 this year. I would not mind at all. They need to put all focus on making the 25th anniversary game rather than waste money and resources on teasing the fans with the concept” which they can simply do on the internet”. I doubt we’re gonna get a big Sonic Team game this year. We just need to be patient. You never know, we may get Sonic Adventure 3 or a Sonic 3 Remastered. We have to wait and see what Sonic Team has planned.

  22. SEGA deserves to disband and remain as a shit company since they can’t release an MMORPG that had been licensed since 2012.

  23. I have a feeling that SEGA are still working on the sonic movie along with the game for the movie (remember anyone?) and it is possible that sonic runners will be the sonic game for this year.. (my opinion)

  24. It might because SEGA are working on the sonic the hedgehog movie (remember) It is possible that Sonic Runners could be the sonic game for this year…

  25. It might because, the Sonic the hedgehog movie is still in development (remember Months back) and that SEGA might be planning for next years big event… *cough* Sonic’s 25th Anniversary *cough* Sonic Runners could be the only Sonic game, for this year…

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