New Sonic Toys Spotted At London Toy Fair

New Sonic Toys Spotted At London Toy Fair

UK Toy Fair 2015 TOMY Sonic the Hedgehog 016

Last week was London Toy Fair and with Tomy in attendance there was a lot of speculation as to if they would have the Sonic Boom toys, as well as ‘what toys would they bring?’ London Toy Fair is the place for toy makers to show off their products to retailers and perspective buyers for 2015. So with the toyline out in America, would Tomy bring the whole line over? Or just the best sellers?

With many merch collectors in the UK waiting to see, this is quite important news… well… they brought the lot over, including some new lines.

It looks like Tomy are willing to sell the entire line to potential retailers, this is very good news for collectors and fans of merchandise here in the UK. However if the whole line will make it to retailers remains to be seen. However more interesting are the new toys we’ve spotted including one very cool addition, what appears to be wearable power shoes!

UK Toy Fair 2015 TOMY Sonic the Hedgehog 029


Now this is obviously just a concept image, but the fact it’s on show suggests it is in development, don’t forget, Jazwares also had temporary boxes on display for their toys at these events, many of which did see a release.

Of the new toys on show, we spotted the following.

  • Sonic Power Sneakers.
  • Sonic Saves the Day pack – includes crystals and 3 figures (sonic, Tails & Eggman).
  • Sonic with a hover board.
  • A new mini plush with a grip.
  • Tails & Sticks wearing commando/camo paint.

There might also be a new Knuckles figure as well as a new sized figure but I’m unsure on that one.

No release dates yet for the toys either in America or the UK, but it looks like the toys are on their way to EU shores.

Source: Idle Hands.

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